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best sephora products

You never forget your first Sephora purchase, or at least this beauty fanatic doesn't! It was Bobbi Brown stick foundation, Benetint, and a Sephora lip gloss that smelled like coconut (typical). I've had a serious love affair with them for at least 15 years. So yeah, we all love Sephora, but what about the Sephora brand? They now feature over 400 products just for the Sephora brand, and I've got reviews over the ones I've purchased over the years. Let me know what you've tried!

sephora reviews
Face Scrubber--These are great for travel, but L'Oreal has its own version that comes with a cleanser for the same price, around $5. Not a necessity, but a gentle scrubber, and easy to keep clean. I tend to use it for cleaning my brushes.

Eyebrow Touch Up Razor Set--One of the best small razors I've ever, ever tried. Very sharp.

Pro-Contour Blender Brush--Excellent quality but a little hard to work with. I'd skip it, but Sephora brushes are of amazing quality.

Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter--One of the best I've ever used.

False Lashes--I have had success every time I've used these. Very easy to apply. See a tutorial where I apply false lashes here.

new makeup reviews sephora
Gel Blush--One of their newer products, this looked ridiculous on me. Sometimes it wouldn't blend. Sometimes it would disappear. Sometimes it was blotchy. Skip.

Classic Eyeliner--I love the easy application for this felt tip liner. Will be buying more.

Bubble Mask--I gave a sneak peek of this on Snapchat last night (ellesees). This is a gel that turns to foam, bubbles, and disappears within five minutes. Fun to play with, but the only thing it did was irritate my skin.

Tinted Self-Tanning Body Mist--This definitely gives a bronzed look, which I love sometimes for an instant effect in the summer on my legs.

Triple Action Cleansing Water--Recently shared here, I didn't really like this one. I wouldn't repurchase.

Pore Perfecting Primer Mist--I don't know what I was thinking when I bought this. Yes, I do. I bought it because it sounded crazy, and it definitely delivered on that. It's basically a primer in aerosol form. Maybe I had a bad can, but it looked very odd no matter how I applied it.  Skip.

Masks--I reviewed several of them here, but these are truly hit and miss.
sephora lipstick gloss mascara liner tools brushes review

Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer--This is another new release! If you're looking for a non-drying, brightening concealer, give this one a shot.

Rouge Infusion Lip Stains--I bought these for my lip stains post, and was disappointed in them.  They didn't last long at all! I would suggest the oil infusion version or cream stain instead.

Ultra Shine Lip Gloss-I really liked these since they aren't sticky.

Rouge Cream Lipstick--Thanks to my swap with LaNae, I was able to try these! I've really been impressed with the formula for the price.

Kiss Me Balm--Nice, moisturizing and pigmented lip balms

What are your favorite Sephora brand products?
Have you tried any of these?

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  1. Thanks for the reviews!

    Do you have a post for saturated lip color that doesn't try out your lips? I love bold colors, but hate that I have to rely on tons of balm the next day.


  2. I didn't know they made an eyebrow/face razor--I'll have to check that out. I'm also now intrigued by the concealer. I've always wanted to try their airbrush foundation. It gets such good reviews.

  3. Oh cool, I'm gonna save this somewhere, this is good to know!

  4. I have never tried a Sephora brand product but now I need to! That Kiss Me Balm sounds great for every day!
    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. I was disappointed in the lipstains too, glad to hear I wasn't the only one. But I do love their foundation, baked blush, and makeup brushes. Oooh Sephora how I love thee, I remember my first purchase there was back when Jessica Simpson had her dessert line and I picked up some of it there. Now I'm working my way up to Rouge Status <3

    Green Fashionista

  6. I have never shopped Shephora own brand but its nice to know what is worth getting and what's maybe worth skipping x

    Zoe Mountford x

  7. this is an awesome review! i haven't been in a sephora in a while as i usually hit up ulta but some of these look like great choices :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  8. I'm always so overwhelmed when I go into Saphora! There's just so many products and I never know what's worth it and what's not! Thanks for breaking it all down! The lip stains look like so much fun! Happy national coffe day!

    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  9. I've never heard of an eye brow razor, sounds scary!

  10. I don't think I've ever purchased a sephora brand product! I've been in a number of times, but I actually rarely purchase anything from there.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I haven't tried too many of Sephoras make up products but I LOVE their brushes!!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  13. I had wanted to try the lipstains/ thanks for the review. I think I will stick with current. Great review!!

  14. Love this round-up, Elle! I especially love the review of the lipsticks. I've been searching for a non-sticky lip gloss so I will definitely be checking this out! Happy Tuesday!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  15. good to know!! You are full of so much good information! If I were to get my makeup done, would you suggest sephora or somewhere else?

  16. I really need to try more Sephora products, my friends love them but I always get distracted by all the other brands and products. Great list here, Elle!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  17. I will have to look back at this post next time I go to Sephora! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I tried the Sephora brand anti-aging face care and I absolutely hated it but I loooove their cuticle oil!!


  19. I´ve just try the kiss me balm, it was good but not my favorite ;)

  20. Marking my calendar right now for the next link up - I loved the first one!

  21. I love Sephora's make up brushes!!! I haven't tried a ton of their other stuff. A polish and a few eye shadow's is really all. Oh and one of their moisturizers which I really liked!!! I might pick up that liner next time I am there :)

    I had so much fun with your first link up, totally marking my calendar!

  22. I've bought that little face scrubber, but never use it! It was one of those impulse purchases as I was checking out. I need to put it next to my face wash so I actually remember to use it.

    xo, Carly | carly blogs

  23. That nail polish remover is the best!!


  24. I haven't been to Sephora in years. Nice! I want to go now lol. That rose mask sounds great to me!

  25. I'll have to try that nail polish remover. I've been looking for a stronger one.

    Xo Ally


  26. Their eye makeup remover is one of my absolute favs!

  27. Great rundown, lady! Ahh, Sephora, aka my church. I love the Kiss Me balms + the sheets masks (only tried the rose + the pearl so far; need to grab the linghizi!).

    Le Stylo Rouge

  28. I have quite a few brushes, but nothing on this list! A friend of mine sent me the Sephora Colorful blush in Tranquil and it's amazing as contour powder for fair skin! Looks like I have a few more things to keep in mind next time I'm there! (:

  29. Happy National Coffee Day to you! I haven't tried many of Sephora's products, but I did just pick up some foundation. I'm so mad because I realized that the color is off for my skin...my bad! Thanks for these reviews. I will have to try some of them out!

  30. I haven't tried many Sephora branded products but now I know which ones to try and to stay away from! I really want to try the masks and that eye brightening concealer sounds nice!

  31. I always seem to overlook the house brand when I shop at Sephora. Thanks for sharing what's good and what to pass on Elle!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  32. I heard good things about the blender brush, bummer it didn't pan out. I love the deep rich colors for fall so I will be looking for that color.

  33. So obsessed with Sephora!!! I get a 25% discount there since I work at JCPenney's corporate office...so dangerous. Just picked up the Naked Smoky pallet. Ready to play!!

  34. I have only try sephora eyeshadow. So happy your going to do the link up again.


  35. I have a love hate with Sephora brand. I do tend to like their lip products but I can usually find something better around the same price point!

  36. I had been wondering about the spray primer so I was most excited to see a review on that. Last time I was in Sephora, the brightening concealer caught my eye and it's on my to try list. I have so many concealers open right now that I need to use up first. Their liquid lipsticks are also really good!

  37. I need to try lashes one day. I'm curious.

  38. The lip stains worked quite good on me, other than that I haven't tried much from Sephora.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  39. Branded products are so hit or miss. I feel the same way about Ulta. Lip products always win over skincare I find.

  40. I am always looking for a nice tinted balm. I will have to try the Kiss Me Balm!

  41. Thanks so much for joining Kristin and I for Tutu Tuesday. I love Sephora and ANY excuse to try new products. I'm interested in learning more about your Story Behind the Pic linkup, sounds like so much fun (:

  42. Can you believe I've never bought anything from Sephora?! I hope we can still be friends :) I do want to try that concealer, the eyeliner, and the lip gloss though! Thanks for the reviews!

  43. Sadly the only thing I've tried from the Sephora brand is a primer. I liked it and I've wanted to try some of their blushes! That bubble mask sounds interesting!

  44. I've tried one of the sheet masks so far & I liked the results I got from it, but I definitely want to try some of the different ones they offer! I also really want to try the sheet eye masks they offer! Thanks for linking up :)!

    The Blush Blonde

  45. I didn't know they made falsies! Nice article!!

  46. THANK YOU for this list. So good to know. I always wonder if the Sephora brand products will be worth it. I will definitely be trying the eyeliner and lipstick now!

  47. What a great rundown, I love this list! I have always found great luck with their lashes, eyeliners, and the new lipsticks - so glad we agree!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  48. Great review Elle, I always wondered about several of these so it's good to know. I really love their compact powder to it's my staple.

  49. Great reviews, very useful!
    I was very curious about many products you selected here!

  50. That glitter nail polish remover has been on my mind for a couple of days, and seeing it here again just reaffirms that I need to get it! There was a Rouge Infusion in my Play! box, and I wasn't overly impressed with it either. Good to know it wasn't just me!

  51. I like the Sephora brand products since they're cheaper, but I'm never really sure if they're good, so this was great! I have that pink face scrubber and it's pretty good!
    Sincerely, Sara

  52. I love this "best & worst" of a brand series!! Super helpful! I usually don't buy that many Sephora brand products, I believe I have a couple of their brushes and I got a mini size Sephora Outrageous Curl mascara in the Lash Stash last year. I really like the mascara---easy to apply, makes lashes pop! The only negative is that it has a tendency to smudge a little on me, but I do touch/rub my eyes a lot so maybe it might work better on others. Either way, I am thinking about repurchasing.

  53. Totally useful post! I never know which Sephora products are good or not.

  54. I think I saw a video of a Bubble Mask on Facebook or somewhere recently! It sounds fun but I'm worried it would irritate my skin, too.


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