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More back to school fun things--in fact, I'm sharing a few more Back to School posts next week, too! But first up, I've got a few new beauty products I was sent you might want to add to your shopping cart (or buggy as we say in the South). Let me know your faves!

H a i r

KORRES Almond & Linseed Hair Mask is an ultra-nourishing hair mask with hydrating almond and nourishing linseed help prevent future breakage and split ends. Vitamin B3 and provitamin B5 help completely restore the appearance of hair by improving shine, feel, and flexibility. Love the way this smells and how it makes my hair feel. Great treatment. $22.50 Sephora.com

S k i  n

ACURE Brightening Facial Scrub, a fave of Kristin Cavallari, is a cell stimulating scrub with oceanic ingredients. Organic Sea Kelp gently exfoliates your skin while French Green Clay and Organic Lemon Peel remove impurities from your pores--a must in the summer. I've loved how this has helped brighten my skin. Total steal at $9.99 at acureorganics.com.

KP Elements Body Scrub and Exfoliating Skin Cream--Look at your arms-do you have lots of rough red bumps? If you do, you might have keratosis pilaris, something that affects half of the population. I have it and have been treating it with the KP Elements Exfoliating Skin Cream--I've written about them before. But the body scrub is new to me and I've loved the combo to make my skin smooth. $29-$35 kpelements.com

M a k e u p

Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder in Audrey--Channel your inner blonde bombshell, glam gal, or funny leading lady. Inspired by iconic Hollywood starlets, these lightweight powders (I use it as a highlighter) each add a hint of color and a whole lot of movie star shine. Shades include Lucy (rose gold), Marilyn (golden), and Audrey (champagne). We all know I love a good highlight! $29 whiteninglightning.com

Edward Bess Black Sea--A breakthrough lip-tint innovation that drenches the pout in a super-creamy wash of color. This is the most moisturizing lipstick I've ever tried--it's infused with shea butter, jojoba oil, aloe vera, and algae to help nourish your lips. Available in three (3) colors: Sunset Allure, Mystic Passion and Blushed Dune (pictured). An absolute luxury at $31 at qvc.com

N a i l s

SinfulColors Back to School Collection--You already know this is one of my fave drugstore nail polish brands--I've featured them many times here. So for the latest Back to School collection, there are 27 shades. Dusty pastels and pops of color come in a demi-matte finish. Denim blues shimmering silvers, purples and teals with eye catching 3D glitters look just as chic during a night out on the town as they do in class the next day. $1.99 at Walgreens

Let me know which ones you liked the best!

Extra Elle:
  • I picked up a tiny bouquet at Whole Foods (pic here on my Insta) and it instantly cheered me up. I know a lot of people are anti-flowers but I loved them!
  • Happy weekend--can't believe it's the last one in August!

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DIY Shower & Bath Jellies (LUSH Inspired)

I've got a DIY perfect for back to school and in fact, it is a tradition that I do. But let me back up a bit--after seeing this at LUSH a few years ago, I knew, in typical Elle Sees fashion, that I could make these myself. And after some trial and error, I've got a few variations.

Shower jellies are simply solidified versions of shower gel. You can rub them on your body, pinch off a piece and use in a loofah, sponge, or cloth. You can use them in a bath or shower. You can use them as hand soap and they lather well. If you use gel shampoo instead you can wash your hair with them.

Back to the story--when the 5 year old started pre-k at 3, she was very nervous. To ease her nerves, I gave her a mini-spa day, complete with the jellies (I used them in her mani-pedi and gave her some to keep for baths). She loved it so much, that it's become a tradition we do--we just had our third one!

Shower Jellies Method 1:
  • 1c boiling water
  • 1 packet of plain gelatin (I usually use agar--look online for it)
  • 1/2c clear body wash (you can use dish soap)
  • soap colorant or food coloring
  • spoon, fork, pot holders, microwave, fridge
  • container(s) to serve as mold for jellies
  • optional: body-safe essential oils if your body wash isn't scented

Shower Jellies Method 2:
  • same as above but leave out the colorant and use a body wash that has color. You can use dish soap as well--it seems to come in more colors but is a stronger cleaner than body wash, fyi.

To Do:
  • Add gelatin powder and body wash to 1c of boiling water. Add as much colorant as desired if your body wash isn't tinted. 
  • Mix well and pour into container of choice. I've used plastic cups, to closer resemble the Lush version, molds of different shapes, bowls, and ice trays, as pictured.
  • Allow to cool and form into jellies completely. This may take a few hours. Remove from mold and use or store in a cool, dry place.

  • These are not edible, so if you're making them for kids, make sure they are old enough to be aware of this.
  • Do not use regular Jello as it has sugar and no one wants to be sticky.
  • Agar (I use this a lot in my petri dishes I use for testing beauty products) is a great vegetarian alternative. You might have to play around with adding more agar and follow the directions on the packet. Some require salt.
  • These jellies will melt if left in hot areas, so I store mine in the fridge. If I'm in making these in a very hot climate, I'll add 2 packets of gelatin just in case.
  • I also freeze them for an extra cool treat.
  • Currently LUSH has a version that has sparkles--look for mica online to add.

  • I like using the ice trays (I picked some up at Goodwill that I use for crafting) to keep the shower jellies smaller. 
  • Just wanted to note that both methods turn out well, but the colored body wash is never as vibrant as the bottle and doesn't photograph as well.
  • I have tried creamy body washes and shampoos but the gel ones turned out much better. I've also tried adding exfoliants but it is not recommended.

Would you try these shower & bath jellies?

Extra Elle:
  • I shared a sneak peek of these on Snapchat--I'm ellesees on there if you'd like to follow.
  • Yesterday was jury duty for me, coincidentally the 95th anniversary of the 19th amendment that gave women the right to vote!
  • More LUSH-inspired products? Check out my DIY Sea Salt Shaving Scrub


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