10 Best Mascaras Under $10

We made it to the weekend! I'm excited for a much-needed 3 day weekend. I'll probably be taking Monday off, but before I sign off, I wanted to pop in! Y'all know my favorite makeup item is mascara. It's easy to use, makes an impact...and...you can get it for CHEAP!

Here are 10 of the best mascaras under $10--let me know which ones you love! I based "the best" via reviews, sales, and personal use on myself and clients. Don't see your fave on here? This is just round one!

L'Oreal Voluminous--A classic loved by many (Kim K is a fan) for full lashes

Covergirl Clump Crusher--It doesn't irritate eyes and is one of those mascaras I can get anyone who hates mascara to wear.

Maybelline Lash Sensational--This is a new addition to my tried-and-true picks, and I've shared it a few times on the blog. It helps to define and lengthen so well!

L'Oreal Telescopic--For when you want extra long lashes

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara--This just makes the list at $9.99, but it's a nice organic mascara for everyday wear.

NYX Doll Eye--There are two versions of this: long lash and volume, and I really like them both--a rarity in a mascara series. The microfibers take this to another level.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator--Supposedly this makes lashes longer and such after using for 30 days. I don't know about that, BUT it is my trick for thicker-looking lashes. Did you know Rimmel invented mascara?

Essence Lash Princess--There are two versions of this, but this one I love for volume in my lashes. For $4.99 it's worth a try if you haven't. Some people have had clumping issues, but not for me.

Maybelline The Colossal Volum Express--Another great volumizing mascara. Love the waterproof version of this as well.

Jordana Best Lash Extreme---One of the cheapest mascaras that I love. It really delivers on volume. I find mine at Walgreens, Kmart, or online.

This is just volume 1! I have tons more to share! 
Which of these do you love?

Extra Elle:
No big plans this weekend--the first Memorial Weekend in over a decade I won't be on a beach. BUT I'm getting my hair done today, which is always a treat.



If you were to take a peek into my makeup collection, I hope you'd notice the variety of price ranges when it comes to products. Sure, I recently shared an Empties post where I mentioned some expensive mascara. But I also love some cheap treats from the drugstore! I love it all!

Recently I was back in my hometown, which is a small town in South Georgia--if you've ever heard me speak, this is where the accent comes from. I've told y'all this before, but I swear by the drugstores in small towns. I can always find the latest makeup or some new-to-me goodies--it's my little not-really-a-secret. An example of that is the L.A. Colors Matte Liquid Lip Color. I found this at the Dollar General, y'all.

For $3, I had to give it a shot. Y'all already know my obsession with all things matte liquid lipsticks, right? I've covered them many times on here.

These come in 18 shades and can be found in stores like Dollar General and Kmart. You just have to look for them or order them online.

The product comes in a standard tube, similar to the size of other matte liquid lipsticks. The formula is nice and is not too thick or mousse-y. I find while I like the mousse-like liquid lipsticks, the product tends to separate on me and luckily that is not the formula for this one.

The applicator is tapered on either side--a little harder for me to work with, but I was able to apply without having to use a lip liner--I usually do use one, but when testing I wanted to see how easy application was. Pictured is the shade Perfection. It is definitely darker than the picture. See the swatches below:

I found this to apply nicely as long as I only did one coat--it could get the slightest bit crumbly if I applied too much. It is not as drying as some are, like Wet N Wild is on me. I also like it better than ColourPop. It does require some effort to remove, but nothing unusual. It does have a slight sweet candy scent--nothing like Kylie Lip Kits. Speaking of, should I do a Dupe or Not with this?

Serious blogger face alert! Someone commented they got tired of me smiling, so here's a serious face, where I look into the distance, and have deep thoughts about how I'm really wanting a donut. ;)

I kept my makeup minimal on this day for pics--foundation, concealer, blush and lipstick. By the way, those are my lash extensions still going strong over here! YES you can wear eye makeup and mascara and all with them--I clearly mentioned that in my review here, but you know how some people skim before they comment. Rant over. ;) When I asked a 3 year old her opinion, she asked me why I had purple lips--ha! I liked the shade on me!

Anyway, back to the wear of this: it lasted for a few hours, but it definitely wears off the more you drink, etc. I was really impressed though for the price! I'm not sure if I would get any more shades since most of them are really dark and the nude shades look too concealer-ish on me. But for $3 and if you want to try a liquid lipstick, this is a great one to try.

Have you tried LA Colors Matte Liquid Lip Color?

Extra Elle: Anyone else watch the train wreck of the Dirty Dancing remake last night? I did off and on, and I tried to give it a real chance and not immediately hate on it, but it was so bad!


My Birthday Surprise For Charlie

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BarkBox for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey y'all! I've got something fun today, and it just happens to be about my little sidekick. If you've been around this space of mine, you've surely seen my dog, Charlie. I'm totally biased, but he is the CUTEST DOG EVER! He's a Morkie--half Maltese, half Yorkie. And he's a rescue. He was actually rescued on my birthday a few years ago. So his birthday is estimated to be somewhere in April. He just turned 8! For a special birthday treat, I decided to get him BarkBox. Y'all--this was the BEST idea!! He's so sweet and loving, plus he the most chill dog. He deserves the best, and I was so excited to give him this.

What is Barkbox? Barkbox is a monthly subscription box for all dogs! Each box comes with treats and toys, just for your pup! Yes, even though he is 8, I will always call him a pup. But back to Barkbox--have you heard of this before? If not, let me introduce you!

Here's Charlie checking out his box! Y'all--he gets SO excited whenever I come home with something for him. Because I'm a Crazy Dog Lady, I took him to the park for this, as a special birthday surprise! I happen to live by Piedmont Park, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Luckily, I took pics of everything inside before I let him have it--that's the Crazy Blogger Lady in me. Fellow bloggers, I know ya'll feel me. Gotta get those pics! Ok, enough chatter--here's what's inside:

Barkbox has different themes--this one is travel-themed. The Passport explains what comes in the box. I thought this was SO cute and such a great idea! 

Charlie got two toys--Squeakin on a Jet Plane  and the Toothpaste Rope Toy. Those totally go along with the travel theme.
Treats-wise, he got a pork roll chew, trail mix bone-shaped treats, and fish treats. What's cool is that Barkbox has special accommodations for allergies, heavy chewers, etc. It's for dogs of all sizes! Just reach out to the customer service team for that--they're great! I love that I can personalize this for him
I loved this too--the treats are made in the US and Canada and are all natural! You get two treats and one chew per box. 

Here he is checking out the toys--it was so much fun to let him play in the park, meet some new pups, and get attention from everyone--and then pull out the Barkbox from my bag! I had already opened it, so when I placed it on the ground, he immediately went crazy for it, sniffing to see what was inside. It was too cute. He likes to run off when he gets a new toy, so I'm glad I was able to snag this pic.
I opened one of the treats and gave him some to make him sit for pics, but I was too slow so this is an after shot, haha. I think you can tell he enjoyed it.

Loved this birthday surprise! He brings such joy to me that I loved doing this for him! If you're interested, plans start at $29 per month. BarkBox is billed monthly, and decreases in price if you commit to 6 or 12 month plan. For a 6 month commitment, it's $25 billed monthly and 12 months is $21. You can also get an extra toy club option for an additional $9/month. There's also BarkShop.com--they sell not only the goodies you get in your box but other items from the collection as well!, if you're interested. Charlie loved his BarkBox!

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