7 Tips to Refresh Makeup (Without Having to Reapply)

Y'all, last night was one of the best nights of my life for blogging. I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about it. Last night I got to speak on a panel about social media and being an influencer. I was SO nervous, but your thoughts and prayers gave me courage! The audience was SO nice and attentive. I might just be one step closer to being less shy in public. Maybe!

So I had to leave straight from work to make it to the event--that meant I had to do my makeup before 8 am and expect it to last 12 hours...with two little girls around as well. Luckily I had some tricks up my sleeve to keep my makeup refreshed, and I thought they might help y'all too! Grab your makeup bag and let's get into it, y'all:


1--For makeup creases under the eyes, take the tiniest amount of eyeshadow primer, rub between clean fingertips and gently press under the eyes.

2--For creasing eye makeup, take the brush you used to blend (or it can be clean) and buff out the crease.

3--Mascara starting to flake? Rub some plain lip balm (the brand is up to you) either onto lashes via clean fingertips or rub some on a spoolie (clean mascara wand) and brush through.



4--Out of oil blotting sheets? The best on-the-go solution I've found are napkins from Starbucks. Just press on the face to absorb oil. Another option would be toilet paper covers, but I've done bacteria tests on them (#beautynerd here) and trust me, those aren't going on my face.


5--Another option (and this is what I do for bridal or professional makeup) is take a beauty blender and wrap it in a tissue. About 1 layer is fine of tissue. Blot that on the skin to remove oil without disturbing makeup.

BONUS TIP: Store your beautyblender in a plastic toy egg for clean storage!

6--I don't really use powder that often on myself, and the rare times I do have powder the dang powder has exploded in my bag or some sort of disaster. So instead I use primer to refresh my makeup. Just like I did with the eye primer, I will take the tiniest amount between lean fingertips and press onto my face where needed. It helps mattify and helps to hide pores as well. Just a tiny amount, y'all.



7--Yes, I carry some dang dryer sheets in my bag! Straight up, sometimes I've have found them in my pants leg or shirt after putting my clothes on. Real life, y'all. But I have dozens of uses for them, such as using one to remove the frizzies from hair or to freshen it up scent-wise. Just a quick swipe is all you need.

I could go on and on, y'all, but I want to know:

How do you refresh your makeup?
Which tip was your fave?


Extra Elle

I thought I'd do a quick little post to catch y'all up on my life lately-- think of it as Extra Elle in expanded form. Let me know what you think:



I hope you had a good weekend! Mine was a short, sweet weekend because I got to visit back home and see my family for my nephew's birthday. I can't believe he's 7! It was HOT, y'all--heat index of 109 and humidity of 90 thousand %, give or take a few. ;)

I mention this because I brought a new brow product with me that I've been testing that I got from Maybelline. It's the new Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer. If you follow my Insta or Snapchat (ellesees on both) you saw a preview of it! Here's the packaging.

What is it?
Via Maybelline: Brows get a three-dimensional WOW effect. Maybelline’s fiber-infused gel formula adds volume and color for an instant brow boost. The tapered spoon brush delivers precise application from corner to corner.


How much?

Pictured: soft brown, blond, deep brown
How many shades?
5 (there's an auburn and a medium brown in addition to what's pictured above)

Let's talk about the wand--it is flat with a bit of an indention in the middle, for holding product, like a lip gloss wand. It has small teeth for helping dispense the product.

extreme closeup pic via Maybelline

I'm wearing soft brown, but would rather use the medium brown, which I need to get!
The formula is a little thick with fibers--similar to brow products from Benefit and Essence, but the fibers aren't as evident as with Benefit.

It is easy to use and I like it better than the Maybelline brow mascara.

Remember the 109 heat index I mentioned earlier? It lasted through that and the humidity easily.

So did it work? Yes. On your left are my brows with no product. On your right, you can tell they look more filled in. I really brushed them up here to show the product, but normally I wouldn't them look as untamed as they do in the pic on the right.

What didn't I like? I'm not a fan of the wand size. It's a little larger than I'd like, but I find it easier and smaller to use than the other Maybelline brow mascara though.

Overall, I really liked it and plan on purchasing another one. 

Have you heard of this new brow product?


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