How To: DIY Pumpkin Spice Macaron Bath Bombs

diy pumpkin spice macaron bath bombs
It's currently 78 degrees as I write this.

I have the a/c on.

I might be wearing a scarf as a sort of incantation to encourage fall.

And it's the first day of October!

I am a huge fan of pumpkin things, which I think is due to my birthday being later this month.

But y'all, I like the scent of pumpkin spice more than actually consuming it.

So today's DIY is a happy compromise: Pumpkin Spice Macaron Bath Bombs!

bath bombs recipe

You'll Need:
  • macaron mold (look online)
  • 3/4 c baking soda
  • 1 c cornstarch
  • 1/2 c citric acid (try online or the canning aisle)
  • food coloring or soap colorant
  • pinch of pumpkin pie spice OR 5 drops body-safe pumpkin spice oil mixed with a little melted coconut oil
  • 1/2 c water
  • mixing supplies

macaron bath bombs
You'll Do:
  • Mix the dry ingredients and add the color. Keep mixing. This goes faster in a mixer, but you can do it by hand. I ran out of colorant, so mine aren't as orange as I usually make them.
  • Slowly add a bit of water at a time, like a teaspoon, and keep mixing. If you dump it all in, the mixture will begin fizzing and you'll have to start over. It will foam up and multiply.
  • Mix until it looks like wet orange sand.
  • Place into mold. I like to have some of the mixture spill over to make it look more macaron-like. Save the unused mix and keep it covered.
  • Allow to dry. This takes 30 min-1 hour for this tiny size.
  • Pop out of mold and apply a little of the left over mixture on top of one macaron and add the other on top to seal it. Mine hadn't yet dried when I took this picture. Sometimes I will make a tiny meringue and add that instead.
pumpkin spice bath bombs recipe
Since these are small, pop a few into the bath and watch them fizz (I like these in a foot bath too). Enjoy the yummy smell of pumpkin spice. You can even pretend it's fall, and wear a scarf if you'd like and sip coffee. I won't tell. ;)

  • These can last up to a year in a sealed container.
  • If you or your gift recipient are allergic/sensitive to pumpkin pie spice, go with a body-safe oil instead.
  • Feel free to double the recipe.
  • Not a fan of pumpkin? Try these Macaron Bath Bombs.

diy pumpkin spice bath bombs

Want more pumpkin goodies?
  • I unexpectedly have tomorrow off, so I'll be back Monday with a date night tutorial! Happy weekend!


FabFitFun FALL Unboxing + Ipsy September Bag

Yesterday was an "off" day.

Maybe it was the rain or something, but all day I felt off. Today's post was going to be my September Favorites video. I filmed it 3 times in a row and it didn't feel right. It felt off. 

It bothered me all day at work. I'm a bit of a perfectionist sometimes. Anyway, last night after work I came home to find my FabFitFun box on the doorstep. I turned on the lights, threw on some lipstick, and filmed this video. My off day finally felt right.

If you've ever wondered what I'm like in real life, watch this video. I sing. I dance with my annoyed dog. Good times. I hope it makes you laugh:

Here's a peek of some of the items (more details below):

FabFitFun Fall:
  • Gold Radiance Mask--I cannot wait to try this! A gold mask? Count me in. $65
  • Tappan Collective Umbrella--$32
  • Lucky Lip Stain by Manna Kadar Cosmetics--$24
  • Flawless Skin Fluid--Moisturizer $39
  • 3D White Brillance 2 Step System by Crest--sample
  • Purple Purse Charm--In honor of Domestic Violence Month in Oct, this charm brings awareness to domestic violence and financial abuse.
  • HISY Battery Pack--I always can use these! $24.99
  • Strength Tubing Ankle & Total Body Tone with Tubing + DVD--$33
  • Glass Crystal Bead Bracelet by Tribe Alive--Handmade to emply impoverished women all over the world by giving them sustainable jobs. $49
  • Gift Card to Jeweler's Wife--I was disappointed since all of the items are very expensive (to me) and this was $15 off.
  • Picture It on Canvas--Your best pics can be turned into almost anything, like coasters, psters, phone cases, prints, etc. $75
    • GRAND TOTAL: $357 value for $49.99
    • boxes are seasonal, order at fabfitfun.com

Taken straight from my Instagram, I present this September's Ipsy! This month's theme was Face Fashion.
  • First Aid Ultra Repair Cream--great moisturizer for dry skin, but not a life-changer for me. I already own this.
  • NYX shadow trio--great neutral palette
  • Octavio Molina Hair--another month, another sample of argan oil. I haven't tried this since I have so many!
  • Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill Tinted Brow Gel--I can always use brow gel. I like her mascara too.
  • City Color Cosmetics City Chic Lipstick--loved this. Beautiful shade.
Did you get anything good in your sub boxes this month?
What item interested you the most from what I shared today?

Extra Elle:
  • Sometimes it's the simple things that thrill me most. I got one of the fall cups from Starbucks over the weekend. Who cares what was in it--I just love the design. It made me happy.


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