Long Live Skin Event Plus Q&A With Jaime King

When do you wear sunscreen? Is it just during the summer? Only at the beach or pool? This recap of a fab event for sun protection awareness and an interview with actress Jaime King has some great info that we all can find useful. Check it out:


Thursday, June 23, 2016, NEUTROGENA® Event Ambassador, Jaime King attended the fun and interactive Long Live Skin event in Philadelphia, PA.


To raise awareness of the need for sun protection regardless of the season, weather or geographical location and emphasize the importance of wearing daily SPF as well as protecting children from the dangers of the sun at a young age

Sought-after actress and mom of two Jaime King answered some questions on the importance of sun safety.


Why is sun safety important to you?

Sun safety was always engrained in me. My mother was ahead of the game in sun protection and making us wear sunscreen at a time when there really wasn’t the awareness there is today. If we were in the sun, we were always protected. Skin cancer runs in my family, my father has it, so for me it’s 
something that is very important to me especially since it’s the most preventable form of cancer. Also, sunscreen also prevents fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots and keeps your skin looking great. 

How do you fit sunscreen into your beauty routine?

People always ask me what my top beauty tips are and I always say sunscreen and water, so it’s easy to fit sunscreen into my beauty routine. Also, all of my makeup has sunscreen in it, but I always do double duty! You need to apply a sunscreen first and then apply your makeup with SPF.

Do you wear sunscreen every day?

I apply sunscreen every day. People think if it’s cloudy out you don’t have to apply sunscreen, but that is just not true and when the biggest mistakes happen. I also apply it to my kids every day. The minute they get up before they put their clothes on, we put on sunscreen. It’s a routine, just like brushing their teeth. I also think it’s important to lead by example. Not only do they see me applying it on them, but they see me applying it to myself.

Which NEUTROGENA® products would you recommend for a mom?

NEUTROGENA® Ultra Sheer® Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 100+ is perfect! When you’re a mom, you are running around with your head cut off half the time. The product is so easy and weightless, so you won’t look crazy with white streaks running down your face and you’ll stay protected. It’s one less thing to worry about.

What are your favorite NEUTROGENA® products for your kids?

I love NEUTROGENA® Pure & Free® Baby sunscreen because it protects them from the sun without harsh chemicals and it doesn’t run and sting their eyes.

What is your number one Sun Care Tip?

Consistency and reapplying throughout the day! Especially with my kids, I like to reapply every 30 minutes and there are such great products available now that make it easy to do.

How do you make applying sunscreen a fun activity for your kids?

My son loves putting on his sunscreen, he puts it on himself. He uses the NEUTROGENA® sunscreen sticks and it’s like a fun painting project.

What’s in Your Beach Bag?

First and foremost sunscreen – that’s a no brainer. I don’t carry much in my bag because I don’t love getting sand in it, but I always have books and headphones. I also always wear a hat and sunglasses to protect my scalp and behind my ears.

Neutrogena products can be purchased at CVS.

Still not convinced to wear sunscreen daily, regardless of the season/weather? Check out these statistics:


· On average, more than 350 Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every hour ­­- even though skin cancer is one of the most preventable cancers

· According to a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (JAAD), consumers often do not get the UV protection stated on the sunscreen label because they grossly under-apply, using less than half the recommended amount

· Just 1-2 severe sunburns can increase the risk of melanoma by 40%

· Only 40% of US households purchase sunscreen (only 37% women and 16% men use sunscreen regularly)

Do you wear sunscreen every day?
What statistic surprised you the most?

This post is sponsored by NEUTROGENA®. I only recommend products I use personally and believe my followers will also enjoy!

Extra Elle:
Getting my hair done today. It feels like it's been forever
Heading to my hometown this weekend to see my family. It's hot down there, so lots of sunscreen will be on hand!


Summer Ombre Nails: How To

"Hold up," I told my friend as I stopped in my tracks and got out my phone. I was standing in front of an outdoor equipment store and saw this gorgeous ombre surfboard displayed out front. It had purple, blue, and mint.

I took a pic of it. "Let me guess--for the blog?" my friend asked. "For my nails," I replied. But yeah, I decided to share it here on the blog. She was right. Anyway, I love a pretty pastel ombre and this one makes me think of the beginning of summer, and not sunset, like summer ombre nail designs usually are.

Here's how to recreate it at home:

Apply a white base coat and allow to dry. It's ok if it's streaky, since we are using this as a primer. Sometimes I'll use whatever the lightest color in my ombre is as my base coat.

Completely optional, but I used a liquid latex around my fingers to help with the clean up later. I got this one from BornPrettyStore, but eyelash glue or a glue base coat (NYC beauty has a cheap one) will work as well. I usually have reactions to latex, but it's never bothered my fingers.

Now, choose your polishes. I wanted to mimic the colors of the surfboard I saw, so I chose a lilac, a baby blue, and a soft mint. Leave the caps unscrewed as you do the next step.

Grab a clean makeup sponge. I like to dampen mine to prevent the polish from absorbing so quickly into the sponge, but that's up to you. Paint stripes of each color, as pictured above. Make sure the stripes aren't too big or it won't work on your nail. Then press and dab onto your nail. You might need to add more polish to your sponge after each nail; it depends on the brand of polish. Wait about a minute after your whole hand is done and then repeat with the sponge. You can repeat that step again if needed, to build up the intensity of the ombre.

If you used the liquid latex, be sure to peel that off and use polish remover to clean up around the edges as needed.

Once you're satisfied with your design, allow to dry and then use a top coat. I'm obsessed with this new one from Essie. The top coat kind of blurs the colors. And that's it!

Have you tried ombre nails before?

Extra Elle:
  • Saw the movie Love and Mercy, about Beach Boys singer Brian Wilson. A must if you're a BB fan.
  • I did a guest post for Coach Daddy on beauty, if you'd like to see.
  • Want more nail tutorials? Here are 10 nail tutorials to check out.


Beauty Find of the Week: Black Opal Color Splurge Lustre Gloss

Time for this week's Beauty Find (get caught up with week 1 and week 2)! And there's a story behind this one.

I was heading to member's wedding when I decided to change my lipstick. I thought I had packed a lip gloss or two and realized after I wiped it off I had none. I know, I'm in shock myself.

I ran into the nearest drugstore and grabbed the prettiest, most sparkly gloss I could find. The one I'm sharing today was it. During the reception, I was congratulating the couple when the bride asked me what gloss I had on. I gave it to her so she could wear it the rest of the night, but wished I had remembered the shade name before giving it away. Luckily, I was able to find it again. So what is this magical gloss?

Black Opal Color Splurge Lustre Gloss in Bliss...isn't she pretty? Have you ever shopped the Black Opal brand? You can find it at drugstores, Walmart, and Kmart. Black Opal was created for women of color, with the tagline For Every Shade of Beauty. I've used their products for years and they have some great matte shadows too.

I love this particular shade because it's what I call a "Topper" shade. It just works on everything. It's that finishing touch to a look or any lip product when you need a bit of sparkle. Above you see it on natural lips, with a pink liner, and then on a nude lip. 

You can find it for $6.95 here, or a little cheaper in stores. It is a dupe for LE MAC Cinderella Lip Glass in Glass Slipper (it is the top swatch in the pic above with Bliss underneath). Nice and soft, but not sticky, thanks to nourishing natural butters. It has a fruity scent. The brand is cruelty-free and this gloss is paraben-free. It has a brush applicator.

So if you're looking for a pretty pink sparkly gloss, give this one a try.

Have you tried Black Opal before?
Do you like this series?

Extra Elle:
So excited to hear I won Rolalaloves giveaway! Woo hoo!
If you follow me on Insta, you saw my dog Charlie had to get teeth removed. I was so nervous but he is fine! #littledogproblems


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