5 Under $5--Eyes Edition

5 under $5: eyes

Hey you! I'm back with another edition of 5 Under $5! And this week, I'm focusing on products for the eyes. Enjoy!
  1. ELF Individual Lashes--False lashes can be a little intimidating, but individual lashes are easy to use and can provide fullness to sparse lashes without looking over the top. If you would like a tutorial or a video tutorial, please let me know. $1
  2. Revlon Lash Adhesive--I have reactions to latex, which is commonly found in lash glue, but this one from Revlon is latex-free. It comes in clear and dark, but I love the dark best. It has a brush applicator, making it easy to adhere to false or individual lashes. $3.99+
  3. ELF Brow Kit--This is one of the best kits I've found at a great price for filling in brows. It comes in 4 colors. It has a powder side to naturally fill them in and then a wax side to set brows. ELF also has a clear brow gel, but I usually only see that on their website. $3
  4. Equate Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover--This is the Wal-Mart version of the L'Oreal version, but for much cheaper. If you're someone who loves lots of liner and shadows, then give this a try. It says it's oil-free, but it still feels like there's a little oil, which is good since oil works best at breaking down eye makeup. $3.97
  5. Jordana Best Lash Extreme--If you want big lashes, give this a try. It is a thick formula that can clump, but I brush out the clumps with a spoolie. I've found this brand at Walgreens and some Kmarts. $2.99
What cheap products do you love?

Thanks so much for the support! xo


  1. I'm always up for trying a new mascara - thanks for the recommendation!
    I just voted again dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. The ELF browkit looks great. I love buying essence makeup and nailpolish. It is so cheap but the quality us great as well.

  3. I am dying to get my hands on Jordana mascara but we don't have it here...no Walgreens in Malaysia

  4. Love the shades of the brow kit - could easily pick the same colours for the eye shadows. :)

  5. I love a bargain! I haven't tried any of these products, yet; but they look like goodies. Hugs & joy, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  6. The precision lash is my favorite glue on the planet! It's amazing. I sometimes have a difficult time finding it, though.

  7. I really do wish Elf is easier to find around here. Argh! Will see if our local Target has this in stock.
    I love Essence products myself, and none of the items are over $5:)

  8. Ooo I'm definitely looking out for that mascara!

  9. Really great finds and good bargain buys!Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me hun :)

  10. I had no idea the elf brow kit was so cheap. Will definitely be trying that. Thanks, Elle x

  11. Good product leads. I was curious why makeup-removers are so expensive and then found some much, much cheaper that do the same job. Seems like sellers inflate the price of them.

  12. Ooh I'll have to try out that brow kit! You can't beat the price.

    The Tiny Heart

  13. The Equate Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover sounds great! I love Mary Kay's eye makeup formula, but it's more expensive than this one.

  14. under $5! holy smokes! pretty incredible that so many items are under $5!

    i can only think of one that i use: burt's bees lip balm. love it! i put it on constantly throughout the night, because i am a freak and i hate having lips that aren't moisturized! constantly!

  15. Oh I love this because it's great finding about new products and especially if they are $5 under! Can you please do a tutorial for the individual lashes, those things scare me but I always hear that they are easy. But I have a hard time just putting on regular lashes so I would love to see how you do the individual ones! :) Oh and I've been looking for a new brow powder so I gotta check out the elf one! :)


  16. Great post! Who doesn't love a good beauty bargain? I know I sure do. I've tried the Elf products, but nothing else. I'll have to add them to my list now.

  17. I wanna try the brow kit!
    Of cheap products I have to say ELF products. Not a lot of cosmetics is so inexpensive where I live, but other than that I love Rimmel for the price x

  18. I love a beauty steal! Great post!

    Just voted for you- good luck! :)


  19. Brow kit under 5? Love and need.

  20. i've never tried individual lashes before! would love to, though!!

    $150 Target Giveaway!

  21. Please make a tutorial on using false lashes! Those things look so intimidating. I'm afraid I'll glue my eyelid shut.


  22. girly, I've been looking for a better eye make up remover! I switched to waterproof mascara because the skin around my eyes is so oily it always smudges everywhere and I've been feeling like I have to tug hard to remove it. Gonna give this a try!

  23. Voted again for you! <3 I'd love a video tutorial on applying the individual lashes. I need to pick up some ELF ones--who can resist at that price?

  24. #3 looks totally promising. I'm almost out of my current brow powder-- time to search this one!

  25. Please keep this series coming! I love seeing affordable makeup options. I had no idea that the Walmart brand of makeup remover was good! I'll have to get some.


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