Give These A Second Look

Happy first day of spring!! Anyone have spring cleaning on the brain? I do, and I started a little decluttering over the weekend. I can't wait to have time to really get in there and get rid of stuff.

But it got me to thinking about spring cleaning the blog--I've posted hundreds and hundreds of blog posts on here over the years. And sometimes things happen and sometimes posts slip under the radar. So I'm dusting them off, spring-cleaning style, and sharing those posts that deserve a little more love and a second look:

7 Tips for Refresh Makeup (Without Having to Reapply)
Because who has time to redo their makeup during the day?

Pro Makeup That You Can Buy
Get what the pros use--very inexpensively

Phases of the Moon Nails
These were too cute and require no artistic skill

DIY Shower Jelly Gummy Bears
These little guys make bath and shower fun!

I don't think people got what this post was about--not eye masks,
but facial cream masks you wear while sleeping.

Best Gel Polishes From the Drugstore
Lots of fun testing went into this one!

5 Ways to Apply False Lashes
For those of us who just aren't good with lashes

My number one beauty product.

10 Ways to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes
Because life happens doesn't mean puffy eyes have to

Zodiac Constellation Sparkle Nails
I thought these were adorable, and easy, thanks to the use of paint pen

How To: Blow Out At Home
Because getting your hair done can be pricey, y'all

You'll never guess what I use dry shampoo for! Hint: not just hair

I don't think people got this one either--solid lotion in the shape of makeup!

Because it's spring cleaning!

Which of these caught your eye?


  1. These posts all look great. I need to read that last one about cleaning your tools. This is something I haven't been doing. Thanks for sharing Elle!


  2. It's great to be able to re-visit some of your old posts, Elle:) You always are so generous with your makeup/beauty tips!

  3. The eye lash one & blow out... totally grabbed my eye & speaking to me.

  4. I think I need to read about Beauty Tools you should be cleaning, I bet I will find something that I have no idea about.

  5. Awesome round up! Still loving those darling jelly bears! And I definitely need to learn how to refresh makeup without reapplying. Happy Spring <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. I've been wanting to do this with my blog as well! I feel like I have a few older posts that could really use a revamp!

  7. So many great posts that I need to check out! Definitely interested in the gel polish one! Thanks Elle! :)

  8. I'm totally in spring cleaning mode at the moment! Thanks for bringing these back again! I def. need help with false lashes.

  9. This is such a great idea for a post and I definitely need to try out that moon manicure, it's so pretty! I'll also be trying out your DIY Jelly Gummy Bears :) x

  10. I haven't read some of these, so need to check them out! Refreshing your makeup without reapplying is such a useful time saver! And I'd love to read more about sleep masks! I only have one and would love to get another few.

  11. With my allergies on the rise, I am going to go read your depuff post again! Have a great week!

  12. I need to check out the 5 ways to apply false lashes, since I need to learn how to put them on my daughter for her dance team AND I've been wanting to learn how to put them on myself, too!


  13. a great post.. so much information. thanks

  14. I remember when you did the moon phase nail designs! I loved those!

  15. Loved your post on the different lip balm uses!


  16. I just did a zodiac manicure this weekend! Great minds! I need to look at that refresh makeup up post!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  17. I love this idea for a post! It made me think of which posts of yours have stuck out most to me and one instantly came to mind. I think it was beauty products that deserve a second chance or something like that and the beautyblender and an eyelash curler were featured. They were 2 products that I tried and set aside, but once I read that post, I picked them back up and now I can't do my makeup without either one.

  18. Great idea to share these popular posts. I never thought of spring cleaning my blog but I just may. You've had some really great posts.


  19. This is a great idea, Elle!
    I need to do this too!

  20. Very good idea to show these posts again! I remember the 20 uses for lip balm and the bears, and now, the ones that I really loved were the constellation nails and the phases of the moon!!! I want to try them!

  21. I've totally checked out a few!! And I remember some of them as well!

  22. I love your phases of the moon nails! SO cute!

  23. Can't wait to check out the solid lotion DIY!


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