July Chit Chat!

Hey you! I've got my monthly Chit Chat video for you today. For those that want to learn more about me, see my awkward personality, or hear my accent, check out my video!

Here are some of the July Chit Chat highlights:
  • Drink of the Month
  • Mug of the Month (email me to send me a mug to promote your blog!)
  • July in Review:
    • Charlie
    • My 4th of July plans
    • Trips
    • First blogger conference! :)

Here's an outfit from my first event at the SBS conference! Again, I want to thank everyone for the support!
  • Most Popular Post for July
  • My Fave Post for July
  • Products I love and didn't like AT ALL!

Speaking of products I love, I'll give you a little teaser from the video:

I am LOVING this bag from I was sent from Gregory Sylvia! It has been my go-to bag this summer.

And here I am with the Luxi Crossbody Bag with one of the blogger conference outfits I wore. It's so durable and is of amazing quality. They have totes, satchels, bags, and more!

So here's the video! Check it out below:

What was your favorite part of the video?

PS: What should I do for my 100th video?


  1. Such a great video, Elle. :) Just finished my glass of water and am off to make a cup of green tea now. x

  2. For your 100th vid, I think the "summer faves" is a good one:) And seriously loving that purse. I've been looking for something like that in black!
    Anyhoo, another great vid, Elle:) MY fave part was hearing u talk about the conference. Yay you! And yeah....my blog is a one-woman show too:D

  3. My favorite part was hearing you talk about the conference and about what other fashion blogger do. I don't retouch my picture up. I just crop them. My husband takes most of my photos for my blog. I just can't see paying someone to take my pictures for my hobby.

    Also of course I love your bag.

  4. Nice bag.=) Really like the color.

  5. great video! and i loe that purse.


  6. I watch for the accent! And, of course, your personality. Nice monthly review. I believe you're shy. It's funny, when people see us blogging they assume we're not shy but I know in my own case that isn't true, so I believe you. Good to hear about your meeting other bloggers. I understand why fashion-bloggers photoshop their faces (I do) but it's wrong and self-defeating for beauty-bloggers to do that -- it impairs the integrity of what they're presenting. I present clothing outfits for review, not my face, and edit simply to avoid drawing distracting attention to my unfeminine features.

  7. That bag is super cute! Love the vlog idea!

  8. Ok, I love your Charlie koozie! I need one for my little fur baby! And totally love that bag, gorgeous!

    <3, Pamela

  9. I am surprised about the blogger conference! I have never been to one, so the photoshopping your face, having others edit your pics, no commenting, and only getting in to blogging for the free stuff is interesting! I try to comment back on every comment I receive and don't like to follow blogs that have no interaction with their audience. I respect you so much because of how involved you are with blogging and commenting! Please don't stop! P.S.-I adore that purse! So cute!

  10. I'm so proud of you for going to the blogger conference! I also love that bag. I'm at work, so I'll have to watch the video at home, but I love how you share snippets in the post. For your 100th video, I think a Q and A would be fun!

  11. Wow! The information about the blogger conference was interesting! I do all of my own photos, editing and I don't think I've ever photoshopped my face before, but I've probably considered it. I think the thing that surprised me the most was that they don't interact or read other blogs!!! Wow. I put a lot of time into that side of blogging and I find it interesting that they don't...Hope you had a great time at the conference! Was sad I had to miss that one!

  12. ahh you are awesome. Love the video and you, and the blog....love the whole package =) and that purse totally rocks. So glad to have met through our blogs! Keep up the great work.

  13. I love the cross body bag and the color of it is gorgeous!! The blogger conference was such a great step for you and sounds like it was so much fun!!

  14. Aww I love that mug! Hmm perhaps you could do an outtakes video or some types o favorites video?

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  15. I like the outtakes idea! Or maybe top 100 favorites of all time?

  16. I'm all for a huge product sharing session. I think that's a great idea! Love love love the bag!

  17. ok, now i need a pink purse - so cute!! and that charlie is one lucky dog - his own coozie?!! love love it.

  18. The pink handbag is so nice, love how you put the pieces together. Great video xx


  19. Love the bag it is such a pretty color. Love the Charlie koozie!

  20. Your hair is GORGEOUS! I wish mine would get that long already!!

    xo Denise

  21. Two things: a. I love your pineapple blouse b. your hair is so pretty straight!

  22. cute video! i cant believe you have filmed almost 100 videos! thats amazing. so glad that you went to the blogging conference! i know they can be totally intimidating but it's so fun to network with other bloggers! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  23. I just love listening to your accent- so cute!


  24. ooh girl you are 1 follower away from 1,500!! who will it be? and i love that purse

  25. [ Smiles ] Elle, I had no idea that you did vlogs too. I have to admit that I am impressed!

  26. Oh, that bag is amazing! And, it's pink--which you know I adore! :) T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  27. That bag wins the small purse award. Its so cute and the colour is perfect!

  28. I love that bag! Maybe if I had a smaller purse, I wouldn't stuff so much into it. :)

  29. Love the bag and this video was so fun to watch!

    xx 365hangers

  30. That bag is all sorts of adorable! Love the video!!!

  31. Glad you faced your fears and went to the conference. That's what I've experienced as well and it really saddens me about the future of blogging. Those of us who have been in it 5+ years got into it for passion and now bloggers pop on the scene for free perks. There are also many jokes/snickers about bloggers using their boyfriend to take pics. That is honestly the only way I can see how you can be a successful style blogger. So hard to maintain yourself.
    That bag is super cute! I'm still on the hunt for a summer bag. And Charlie is adorable, keep sharing photos :)


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