What's New at the Drugstore? Fall Haul! Video!

It's been a while since I've shared a haul, so here are some products I've picked up between September and November. I've thrown in some TJ Maxx and Sephora too, which obviously aren't drugstore, but I think you'll enjoy. So watch, enjoy, and stayed tuned until the end! You'll laugh :)

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A few of the items mentioned: 

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  1. Great video! Good job honey :)


  2. great haul. That Sally Hansen polish looks awesome. I have yet to find that brand of polish over here.

  3. Great video! Thank you for awesome comment on my blog, have a great weekend!

  4. Nice choices. Thank you for posting your reviews on the items you found at the drug store.

  5. oo love your scarf at the beginning and the navy polish! xo

  6. I just saw those Revlon polishes! I really like the new bottles.

  7. Great haul video! I love drugstore makeup! XOXO, Sissi http://www.beauty4free2u.com

  8. Great idea.... amzing haul video!!!
    Happy friday doll!

  9. Hahahaha...the vid with the gloves=priceless.:D

  10. there are some products i'd love to get reviews on, but methinks you are too young for them (the bb creams that are supposed to diffuse, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, etc. i think there is one by olay and one by loreal -- maybe one by garnier too)!

    i recently saw the most gorgeous ysl ad for rebel nude glossy stains. expensive. i bought two. MEH. lol. i am going back to my tried and true -- nars orgasm and super orgasm. i don't know why i even bother buying the (more) expensive stuff. generally it seems to be a waste of money!

  11. Loved it! I like your glasses in the funny clip--very cute. I'd love to know how long you'd been wearing the Revlon under eye concealer when you shot the video because your skin looked flawless and I'm always hunting for great concealer (especially if it isn't a fortune).

    Faerl Marie

  12. That is quite a haul! My daughter would love to go shopping with you! I might try the Revlon concealer. Do you have a favorite under-eye concealer you'd recommend?

  13. I would love to see a review on the L'Oreal Butterfly mascara! I thought about buying it in the drugstore, but the wand intimidated me a little bit...I would like to learn how to use such a novel wand.


  14. Where have you been all my life? Entertained and educated. Thank you!

  15. U know how much I love drugstores ;) Another great video!

  16. Great shopping haul Elle, I usually find some really great drugstore makeup here as well. Hope your week improves, hugs. Thanks for your insightful comment, have a splendid weekend doll!

  17. I love the Revlon balm crayons! I'm jealous of how many you have!!! I think I have 3 or 4. I don't like matte on myself but I'll try it out b/c you know your stuff! :) I got a Sally Hansen polish this week... a black shimmery one... I'm gonna be trying it tmrw! :) Yeah, the top of it SUX! I literally laughed out loud at the end! ;P

  18. So cool drogstore


  19. No more shopping for me, maybe just something as simple as the H&M eyeliner.

  20. Great post darling! love the video
    check my blog if you want too:)
    NEW POST -> tr3ndygirl.com

  21. cool video, i always went to drugstore for my beauty products!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  22. Love those nail polishes and that foil effect looks awesome! I didn't know there was such a thing!

  23. Oh there are a lot of new things! Can you please do a review on the Revlon products because I love Revlon products but im really wanting to see a review of the lip crayons because I've been eyeing them but i'm not sure if i want to buy one or not.



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