Holiday Party Week: Shimmery Golden Eyes

It's 12.12.12!  Let's have a party! No? How about some festive, shimmery eyes for a real holiday party instead? For today's look, I'm using the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2. I've done a few tutorials with the original NP and several of you requested a NP2 look, so I hope you like this one. However, feel free to use the shadows in your own collection. Put on that fancy dress (or fancy pants, or in my case, fancy pjs) and try out my Shimmery Golden Eyes!

Before you begin....Decide if you want to do your eyes first or your face. For this look, I did my eyes first, as the shimmery shadow can have fall out. I took a Post It note and creased it, to make a little holder to catch the fall out, and stuck it under my eyes. Weird, but it works!

Prep your lids with eyeshadow primer to make the shadow last all night.

Use a flat brush and pat Chopper all over the lid. Patting, as opposed to sweeping, will cause less fall out on the lid.

Dip a pencil brush into the same color and run it under the lower lash line.

Turn the flat brush over, and use the other side to pat Suspect onto the middle of the lid. Use a fluffy brush to gently blend the two colors.

Take a pencil brush and dip into Blackout. Drag shadow into the outer corner, into a sideways "V" shape. Use a fluffy brush to blend it out, meaning no harsh lines between the black and gold.

With a small brush, dip into Bootycall and run underneath the brows and the inner corners. Blend as needed.

Clean up any fall out from the shadows. I usually stop and apply foundation, concealer, and powder before  liner/mascara/etc, but complete in the order that works for you. Finish with mascara, eyeliner, and false lashes, as desired.

 PS: If you'd like me to list shadows for a drugstore version, please let me know and I'll be happy to update this post.

So tell me, are you into festive holiday makeup?
Tomorrow, I'm sharing an easy hair tutorial and putting the whole look together!


  1. Yes! Please do list drugstore products for this look. Love it, BTW

  2. Like I said, I wish you were here to do my eyes. I love it! And I missed the siver bell nails, I'm doing that, I love it. I am into festive makeup. I got this glitter shadow, and I love putting it on my eyes. Just a tad makes me look so festive. I wore it tonight to the ladies church party.

    Love you Elle,

    Shauna xoxoxoxox

  3. I have trouble seeing what I'm doing with makeup. I need a live in makeup artist instead of trying to do it in the car, at stoplights, on the way to work, because I'm running late and the light is better!
    The 12 12 12 date is pretty cool! x

  4. Beautiful! That little bit of Blackout adds a little mystery. :)


  5. I like this look. So perfect for a party. Nice post.

  6. Yay! I especially like this tutorial because I have the NP2 and needed some help with how to use it!

  7. I love that look!

    Hey, I noticed you were up for a blog post award at Karen's blog. I voted for you. If you visit my blog, Gone Gardening, and click on Karen's link, you'll see it. Congratulations!

  8. love love love the makeup look! xx

  9. This is so pretty, and I've been trying to figure out how to do the outer corners thing for so long!

  10. woahhh.... you look gorgeous. Love this.

  11. The blending at the end is perfect. What a stellar job on these shimmer eyes!

  12. I love shimmery makeup, also the case with nail polish..

  13. SO pretty! Thank you for sharing! Love this :)

  14. Wow this holiday makeup looks georgeus! I want try!


    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page

  15. Thanks for your reply! I have a Maybelline black shadow and Bottega Verde golden shadow, so I'll definitely try this look!

  16. Love the Naked2 palette and this look! Gold really looks great on us blue eyed ladies.

  17. Ohmygosh Elle, this is one smouldering look, i think it needs to be saved for a special date or new years party, stunning!

  18. Another great tutorial Elle! I am all about good eyeshadow looks. Truth is, I wake up so late in the mornings I don't have time to be creative and when I'm on time I'm just too lazy to do my make-up. Sad, but True Story!

  19. I'm considering investing on a Naked Palette2. You look gorgeous! I'll try this with a Chanel gold eyeshadow and some Sephora nude shades for the time being.

  20. Beautiful application. I'm gonna steal this look.

  21. This is beautiful and definitely works for the holidays!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  22. I love both Naked palettes! I've mastered the black/gray/silver smoky eye but I haven't managed to do a gold/bronzy one. I think I can actually pull this one off though. Can't wait to try it

  23. I love this pretty, shimmery look!! I put the UD Naked Palette on my Christmas list, here's hoping I get it :)

  24. This is gorgeous. My word I love a sparkly eye! I need this palette!


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