Easy, Quick NYE Hair, Makeup, Nail Ideas

How were your holidays? I'm safely home after visiting my family for the holidays. The worst part was sitting in traffic for hours and then deciding to take blog pics, hehe. Apologies in advance for looking so tired! Anyway, I think I enjoyed playing with the toys more than my nephews! Well, today I'm playing with my hair, makeup, and nails to give you some ideas for New Years Eve. These are easy and quick. Enjoy!

H a i r 
The easiest way to dress up any hairstyle (short or long) is to grab a sparkly headband. Instant glamour in seconds! Mine was on clearance at Ulta, but these can be found for any budget. Here are some easy and quick hairstyles for NYE:

Headband, clearance at Ulta//sparkly bun//top view

Side pony//updo//wavy hair + headband
Sparkly Bun
  • Place hair into a bun using your preferred method (I adore the donut bun since the sock bun doesn't work for me).
  • Add a headband on top.
  • Easier: Wrap the headband around just the bun.
Sparkly Pony
  • Straighten hair or curl it.
  • Pull into low side pony.
  • Add headband to finish the look.
Sparkly Updo
  • Curl/wave hair.
  • Collect hair as if you are going to put it in a ponytail.
  • Twist hair clockwise and bring the tail up.
  • Clip/bobby pin hair into place. I used Goody Spin Pins to hold my hair.
  • Add headband!
  • Easier: Put hair into ponytail and add headband or wrap headband around hair elastic.

E y e s
  • Place primer to the lid to avoid creasing and to allow shadow staying power.
  • Use NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and place on the lid.
  • Sweep an aubergine (or whatever color you'd like) shadow into the crease and blend inwards.
  • Apply the sparkly aubergine shade into the outer v and blend.
  • Dust a sparkly white shadow on top of the white lid.
    • Sparkly shadow pigment can be purchased cheaply, like NYC or Wet N Wild. NYX makes great pigments for $3 too.
  • Add liner, mascara, and false lashes to finish the look.
  • I used the LE Wet N Wild Lust palette for this look.
  • Tip: If sparkly shadows sound too young or intimidating for you, try dotting the sparkles just in the inner corners of your eyes.
  • Tip: Use a Post-It note or tape to capture errant sparkly shadow.
  • If you'd like a golden shimmery look, click here.

N a i l s
  • I originally was going to use these Sally Hansen nail strips, but for some reason, they wouldn't stay on my nails. I must've gotten a bad box or something? So I decided to recreate the same effect on my nails.
  • Sparkly black polish (Ulta's Little Black Dress)
  • Layer fine gold glitter and chunky silver glitter (didn't do this step).
  • Add chunky gold glitter (Milani's Gold) and clear top coat.
try these polishes or polish strips//my black and gold glitter nails//my recreation vs. inspiration

Check out these other polish ideas (just use the colors you'd like):
Have a great weekend! Be safe, behave, and be well. Love, Elle


  1. This is all so lovely and pretty.

  2. Love the updo with headband. You look gorgeous

  3. You always look pretty but you look absolutely gorgeous in these pictures! My friend has so many adorable sparkly headbands from Nordstrom BP, I might have to borrow one!

  4. aaaaahhhh, i am so loving the different hairstyles! :D

    <3, Mimi

  5. Holiday traffic sucks! But seeing family is really wonderful.

    Beautiful head band. Where'd you get it?

    Also, Love your eyes.

    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

  6. Side pony & wavy hair are the best :)

  7. Great tutorials as usual, Elle:) Do love that sparkly headband.

  8. Elle! great ideas here! Your eyes are so pretty. Thanks for the nice words and well wishes. You, too!!!

  9. You are too gorgeous, lady.

    Also, I LOVE the nails! I tried to do mine fancy last night, but it didn't work;)

    One day I will learn the ways and/or be more patient

  10. How about NYE plans? I still need to figure those out!

  11. Great pics! I love the sparkle for your hair!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  12. Absolutely love the sparkly head piece!

  13. Super cute headband !
    And the make up is so pretty.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  14. That side pony is my favorite, you always look so beautiful!

  15. Elle, that headband is gorgeous girl! Love it! Happy weekend to you!

  16. Love love these hair ideas, this is exactly what I would like to try out.
    Hi sweety, hope you had the most wonderful and memorable Christmas!

  17. Cute headband! For being so tired, your pics turned out great!

  18. Oh how Lovely! I just saw a contraption on a TV Ad for a Tool to make effortless Buns... and since I Enjoy wearing my hair up I might just spring for one because it always looks so Audrey Hepburn Elegant! This will be a Fabulous New Year's Look. Thanks for stopping by for a Blog Visit... Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  19. Aww I love the hair swept to one side! So cute! And the nails are great too :) xo


  20. I love the side pony. Gorgeous makeup and nails :-) xxxx Coco

  21. You look stunning!! Have a happy New Year!!

  22. thanks for the eye tips! i am always so clueless in this area. i learned something new! happy new year!
    oh and i just discovered i wasn't following your blog. i am now!
    fellow ga blogger,

  23. Fantastic tips! The headband idea is definitely an instant way to add some glamour and a touch of the special to your hair :) And sparkly eyeshadows/nails is a must for NYE!

  24. The lower middle photo reminds me of my "wedding hair"... loved it then, love it now!

  25. You have gorgeous eyes, Elle and the headband updo and side pony look gorgeous. Have a great New Year's Eve!



    Stay tuned for my NEW YEARS GIVEAWAY THIS WEEK!!!

  27. Love the gorgeous hair styles! Thanks for these great tips and posts...look forward to more in 2013.

    Happy New Year! x

  28. You always have the best ideas and your hair is flawless! xx

  29. Super cute hairstyles!


  30. OMG you have such beautiful and gorgeous hair!! I want!! ;))
    thanks for this cute ideas! <3 <3

  31. These NYE ideas are perfect. Really love the look of those nails.

  32. I love your hair! I can't wait until my hair grows out a few more inches - I'll have more looks to try out! Happy new year to you!


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