How To: Sexy, Second-Day Hair

Love the look and feel of hair on the second day? Here's how to fake the look:


  • Spray heat protectant on hair and let dry
  • Divide hair in half. I don't brush my hair for this style. It makes it look a little bit messy and natural.
  • To give the style an even more natural look, use different-sized sections of hair. For example, curl a 2 in. section of hair. The next section might be a half inch, and another 1 inch. Mix it up!
  • The key to getting this look is to roll horizontally, right up the hair shaft. Pretend the curling iron barrel is a big roller.
  • Roll hair up the the roots and hold for 10 seconds. This helps give a little volume to the roots.
  • Release hair vertically and allow curls to cool completely.
  • Once all curls have cooled, take a small amount of wax and warm it up in your hands. Rub hands together so the wax is evenly distributed to fingers as well.
  • Using fingers as a big comb, rake through the curls. This will give curls texture, similar to the way second day hair has.
  • Flip your head over and rake through curls this way too.
  • Take random strands of hair and define them with the wax remaining on fingers.

The 1 1/2 inch Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron was sent to me for review from flatironexperts.com. It retails for $84.99 and comes in 4 sizes (see my review of the 3/4 in here). Tourmaline curling irons gives longer lasting curls. The Babyliss curling iron comes with 40 adjustable heats (up to 428 F). It has a 2 year warranty and is Dual Voltage. The benefits:
1. Eliminates static electricity                                      3. Neutralizes odors
2. Preserves more moisture within the hair shaft            4. Causes less damage to the hair cuticle


  1. I have to add in some dry shampoo if I'm doing 2nd day hair! I do like to switch to curls though, seems to help somehow.

  2. I have to brush through my hair...it gets knotted up if someone breathes on me. But if I can do that then I'm loving this look!

  3. I love how you perfect the wavy hair! Release vertical? I'll remember that. I'm also going to have to invest in hair wax now!! lol

  4. I wish I could get my hair to look this galmorous!

  5. Beautiful hair and I mainly noticed your nails in this post. I couldn't stop staring at them...how did you do that?

  6. You really do have the nicest hair!!

  7. Love the waves Elle! My hair always curls best after a couple days.

  8. wow, love your hair! great tips for when i blow dry/flat iron my mane of curls:-)

  9. I feel like this post was written just for me - its so useful, all i need now is a good curling iron.

  10. My second day hair never looks this good so maybe I just need to fake it. Love your tips!

  11. I so needed this post! Thanks. :)

  12. i usually curl my hair the night before and then sleep on it; the waves are more relaxed and i love the way it looks.

  13. I wish I could deal with second day hair but mine always feels so gross, even with dry shampoo.

  14. I love the idea of using wax to recreate second day hair. Luckily for me, my hair is often at the second-day stage naturally.

  15. You have beautiful hair and I especially love your nails in this post! You should do a blog on how to get that look soon!

  16. Looks great! I typically slap on a headband for the second day.

  17. Your hair looks stunning in these pictures. I recently got a large curling tong, so will try this style out with them.

  18. So pretty!! Enjoy your time at the beach! Lucky girl. ;)

    Mendi & Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  19. You have such beautiful hair.

  20. That gorgeous gorgeous, Elle! You have the most beautiful hair. :) xoxo

  21. Lovely hair! So beautiful!! I loved it :) Kisses <3
    xx Iza

  22. Your defiantly is pretty with those curls. I like that nail polish too!

  23. love the waves, elle! I can't wait to get my hair super long like yours!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

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