Outfit of the Week: Wildflowers

Outfit of the Week: wildflowers

When: April 13
Where: blogiversary day!
Why: because it was inexplicably cold. And it's actually cold again here in Atl.
Heard Wild Flowers by Tom Petty on Grooveshark
Wildflowers, Tom Petty
  • Mustard cardigan from Target
  • Ruffled floral tank from Wet Seal...my Lil Sis has this same one. 
  • Coral lipstick from Rimmel (the Kate Moss line)...love all of these!
  • Rose earrings via my Lil Sis, who left them at my apt!
  • Mascara from Rimmel...Scandal Eyes
  • Hair was 2-day old velcro rollers
  • I'm probably wearing jeans, but cannot remember! Bad blogger.
Back by popular demand: THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK!
What's the fastest you've read a novel? I recently read The Hunger Games in 2 hours!


  1. Love the outfit! And I re-read The Giver today in 2 hours. So poignant as an adult!

  2. the colours go so well together :) good job! ;)

  3. Beautiful outfit! Hope you are having a good weekend!

  4. I love that colour of the top! One of my favs and it looks great on you! As for the novel...If it's good I'll finish it within the day basically shutting out the world. And I have not read nor seen hunger games but I have seen the length of the (French version) of the book and to finish it in 2 hours means it must be pretty darn good!

  5. I love the yellow sweater!! Perfect for this time of year :)

  6. i love mustard colored items... i just can't wear them because it makes me look too yellow and i'm yellow enough as it is! :D

  7. That flowered tank looks amazing on you:)

  8. I think I read Water for Elephants in 4 hours on a plane? I am burning through the new book by The Bloggess....but I can't find a large chunk of un-interupted time!

  9. Wow! Love the floral top... Great look!!!

  10. Great outfit! Really love the tank.


  11. Aw, you're so pretty :) I love that mustard cardi and tank top together.
    Wow, two hours! You go girl!

    No way!... I was that close to your house?! I should have stopped by for a visit! haha, thanks for your comment :)


  12. Check out that grill! haha gorgeous smile, lady!
    Also, I love your top! (the one you're wearing cause it seems like it has thicker straps than the one shown above)

  13. Lovely outfit! Kudos for you for reading The Hunger Games in two hours!

  14. I love this - the top is so pretty and the yellow cardigan just adds so much life! I once read Tolkien's Silmarillion in about 3 hours, I think that was my record.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  15. I love that top with the mustard cardigan. Great look! I think the fastest book I ever read was The Hunger Games or the last Harry Potter book.

  16. Love this outfit too cute! The Hunger Games is amazing! :)

  17. Gorgeous outfit! I love the color of the cardigan!

  18. Love the mustard colour. I also love that top. It's so pretty! Also I read The Hunger Games really quick too!

  19. your top is sooo pretty, love it! xx

  20. The buttons on that cardigan are really interesting. Looks great against the teal.

  21. Super cute! We're having one of those weekends here in Pittsburgh, too. Blah...

  22. That tanktop and cardigan are so adorable. They look amazing on you.

    We are having a giveaway for a personalized necklace, please stop by and enter.


  23. time out TI the rapper guy filmed at your house?!!?
    and pics of your house!
    how cool!!


  24. Lovey outfit. Diggin' the yellow (:

  25. I love these colors together! I just bought that ScandalEyes mascara, and I like it pretty well so far.

  26. Love that outfit, especially the cardigan color!

  27. Gorgeous color combination!


  28. What an amazing floral tank top! I would have never guessed that was from Wet Seal -- I figured Shopbop! xo style, she wrote

  29. it looks good on you. but i wish your photos are much more clearer :)

    xoxo, misskatv.com ❤

  30. I love my hair best at two and three days old. The fourth day is getting bad and the fifth is time. You look great as usual. i love the shirt and cardigan. I recently got some really cute maxi dresses from Target, I love them for this pregnancy. Take care,


  31. really cute. you look completely lovely in this and I LOVE your makeup you paired with it. That's a wet seal top?? I'm impressed. I used to always wear Wet Seal because my college town had one but Portland doesn't.

    Happy Blogiversary!

  32. I just love the floral top with that yellow cardigan, it's perfect for spring! And of course, I love all things Tom Petty!!!!

  33. What a cute pic. Love the mustard on green. I recently picked up a fuchsia cardigan for a pop of color. Now I am inspired to find something flouncy and feminine to go underneath.


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