Keep Warm, Look Snazzy Scarf Swap!

I participated in Krysten's blog swap this year and am super excited to share my goodies (um..wait...that sounds pervy). She writes for the awesome blog, Why Girls Are Weird. The rules were simple: include some autumnal things and a scarf. It's no secret I'm quite the Anglophile--so I was very pleased to swap with Laura, from the UK. Check out her blog Whimsical Nothings. I hope she likes what I got her! Here's my loot:

  • The scarf is the background, from H&M
  • Recipe cards full of fall faves
  • Socks from Top Shop
  • The ELLE note from Laura
  • Two wrapped packages, below:

  • Kate Lipstick, 03, by Rimmel, Limited Edition 
  • Nail Paint by Barry M, in Dusky Mauve
  • Scarf. H&M

  • Charlie, the scarf-wearing Wunderpup, not included

Do you participate/like blog swaps? Does you dog wear scarves? ;)

Bonus question: What are your weekend plans? I'll be recovering from this nasty cold. I've got some great cold remedies that I'll be sharing soon AND a celeb-inspired hair tutorial. What else what you like to see?

PS: My blog got over five thousand views yesterday--just in one day--that's a big deal to me--so thanks to everyone who stopped by and/or left a comment. YOU made my day.

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  1. Hope you enjoy the prezzies! The scarf looks very fetching on Charlie. I have to wait till tomorrow to see what you got me - I'm still on holiday!

    L x

  2. How fun, I would love to participate in a swap! And I'm so jealous of that lipstick...I assume it's either for Kate Moss or Kate Middleton. Both of whom I LOVE!!! I plan on taking it easy this weekend and baking some autumn treats! Feel better!

  3. Congratulations on your milestone viewing mark!! That is exciting :)

    I do wear scarves and I LOVE them. They are one of my favorite accessories. (I also love H&M. Cute stuff at a reasonable price!)

    My plans are very low key. Study, study, study. No hard core partying for me...at least that I know of yet. LOL

    Happy weekend!

  4. I really enjoyed this swap as well! I've taken part in three swaps and have had such great experiences so far. Rimmel make great products, what a great swap package!

  5. Barry M nail polish is my fave! Whenever I'm back in Dublin I stock up.
    Weekend plans... fondue party tonight and then off to Avignon tomorrow to meet up with some other expats... so excited to speak English for the day!
    Bon weekend!

  6. Awesome idea. Thanks for introducing the new cool blog. For weekend, I'll be booking hotels for my stay in Europe. xoxo


  7. Thanks for posting on my blog! I hope you'll be feeling better soon!

  8. What a fun gift! And an absolutely gorgeous scarf for this fall!

  9. Pretty scarf & fun goodies! Happy Friday!

  10. Pretty scarf & fun goodies! Happy Friday!

  11. congrats on the milestone. I also don't have much for my weekend, just work and chilling out

  12. I am going to the beach this weekend. I love the scarf!

    Id love for you to check out my blog and follow- let me know Ill follow back


  13. I love the idea of a swap. It's a great way for people to connect, and it is super fun. Scarves are the best.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. You are on fire! My dogs where nothing. They are my naked babies. ;)
    I plan to where tonight grey skinnys, combat boots, leg warmers, a black turtleneck, purple pashmina and a charcoal wool coat.

  15. Love love love that scarf. And I love blog swaps. My first one was with you! So fun!

    PS congrats on 5000 views!

  16. How fun! I used to do blog swaps and they are so great! I don't have time anymore but wish I could still do them, they're such a great way to get to know other bloggers!

    xo mary jo

  17. Yay, she did an awesome job! What a pretty scarf.

  18. Love that grey nail polish. Perfect for fall!

  19. That looks like such fun - and I love Barry M polishes!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  20. haha, i thought his little head was a wig at first!

    love the print on the scarf, super pretty.


  21. 5000 views!! That's awesome lady!!!

  22. love the color of your scarf!! it's soo pretty!! :D

  23. I've never swapped with other bloggers but I love to swap with my friends. Great idea!

  24. ha - my pup was also snuggled up in my new scarf! very nice.

  25. How fun. I love the scarf and other goodies you got. I love the Barry M Nailpolish.

  26. Love this!! That is such a fun idea, I've never done a blog swap.
    and congrats on reaching 5,000 hits!!! :D

  27. Such a fun swap and you got so many great goodies!!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  28. Oh wow, this sounds like so much fun! I've never done a blog swap. Hope you feel better! Congratulations on 5,000 hits (I wouldn't know what to do if I went about 100 - lol!) Have a great weekend!

  29. all of this looks so fabulous! lovin' that nail polish!
    what a great swap!
    xo TJ

  30. Beautiful nail polish, I love it.
    Im a new follower, check out my E.L.F giveaway & enter.

  31. Love H&M - I bought a pair of pants there last night for $3!!! Insane! Hope you're feeling better chica!!!

  32. Great swap items. I haven't participated in one, but this is such a great idea and I noticed that there are a lot going around as the weather is changing. Enjoy the great stuff.

  33. WOW Elle 5,000 views in a day? That is impressive, I would be happy if I can make it 700, as of right now I am lingering at mid 600s per day. What's your secret??? lol. Your blog swap haul looks awesome, I love the scarf and the nail polish!

  34. Hey Elle! I haven't participated in a blog swap, but think it's great. I think your puppy loves that scarf. HAHAHAHA Love that color lipstick and nail polish. Krysten sent some wonderful things. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. :D

  35. What a fabulous assortment of prezzies! I so loved the idea of this Swap! :)

  36. Congrats on the loot + the BIG day! Hope you're recovering nicely from coldapalooza. :)

  37. Love the scarf. And the pup.

    We've got a busy weekend coming up so I am hoping for a quieter one. Baking fall treats. Sprucing up the house for guests. Planning for the holidays.

    PS THANK YOU for guest posting on my blog. You are my STYLE GURU.

  38. Well done on the page views!! That's great :)

  39. Jeepers, cant wait to be a part of some blogger swapping haha. Looks like a tonne of fun and the PERFECT way to style some new stuff =) Too bad the pup isnt in the swapping action haha because wouldnt it be wonderfull to share his cuteness to everyone :P


  40. pretty fab giveaways! how i wish i can join!?

  41. What a fun swap! I was too far so didn't participate in the swap this time.
    Ooh and feel better - I got a little sick this weekend but am feeling better!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  42. This is such a cool scarf!!



  43. Too cute!! Yes, I have participated in three blog swaps :)

  44. I've wanted to blog swap forever and your post has definitely inspired me to do it sooooon!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  45. I've never done a blog swap before but this is AWESOME! Love the goodies you got!

  46. I love the scarf wearing pup and this gray nail polish :)

  47. Never participated in blog swaps but they sound fun!!

    I love scarfs too.

    <3 Marina

  48. What a fun idea! Looks like you got some great things.

  49. This is so cute! Id love to find a swap to join!


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