How to: Pizzazz Your Patio on a Budget

An oft-neglected area of the house is the patio. When the weather’s just right, a balcony/porch/patio becomes another room. And it doesn’t matter the size of the space or budget—it’s easy to Pizzazz Your Patio! (Don’t you just kinda love the word “pizzazz?” It has 4 z’s! When do you get to use 4 z’s, other than Zzzzzz?) Click pic to learn more about each item.

patio furniture

  • Think of your space: what you'd like to include to make your patio comfortable, your budget, your style, and your needs. Will it just be a seating area? Or will there be dining in this space? How many people will, on average, be sitting there?
  • Let’s start with the basics: first, you’ll need somewhere to sit. Even if it’s just one chair, you can find a chair cheaply. Thrift store & Craiglist finds can easily be spruced up with paint. Other options: an outdoor couch, bean bag, rocking chair, hammock (I have one on my tiny patio but take down for entertaining), beach chair, or porch swing.
  • Next, you might want a table, ottoman, or something to set down a nice, cool drink. Bistro sets are so cute and perfect for small areas. Wooden TV trays can be used as small tables in a pinch. Add a cute tray to hold/serve drinks--an excellent way to add color too.
Now that we have the basics covered, let’s start accessorizing! What colors do you envision for your patio? Click the pic for more info.

pizzazz your patio

  • Pillows add punch to chairs and can be purchased for so cheap! Wanna make them yourself? Here is a link to no sew cushions.
  • An outdoor rug also adds some color and comfort to a space.
  • Add a bit of greenery to your patio. In the inspiration pic above, check out the balcony rail garden or even a tiny matchbox garden.
  • Living in the city, the only birds I see are pigeons. But I'm smitten by the idea of a bird feeder and the two shown above can be made for only a few dollars each! So easy. 
  • Candles, lanterns, and string lights add ambiance when the party continues into night. These solar lights in a jar can be made with materials from the Dollar Store!
  • Bring the beach or lake to you with a water feature.
  • Optional accessories: grill (many apartments allow a gas grill), fire pit, tiki torches, colorful napkins or place mats, a cooler to hold ice/drinks, or a drink dispenser.
Remember, to keep things on a budget, try to use objects with more than one function: an ottoman can be a seat or mini table. If the ottoman opens up, use as extra storage or line with a clean trash bag full of ice for an instant cooler. A charcoal grill can be used as a fire pit. Use a candle that also serves to ward off mosquitoes (try citronella or peppermint). And just because it's on your patio doesn't mean it has to stay there year-round. I often bring objects from inside, outside for entertaining/relaxing.
    Need more inspiration?


    1. oh what I wouldn't give to have a patio with a swinging bench... sigh.

    2. When we first moved into our home last summer, I was on a mission to pizzazz my patio. But somewhere along the way that mission died (or I ran out of money). Now I'm inspired to continue that project--I love your affordable picks!


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