Wanderlust Week--DIY: Instant Ice Pack

DIY: Instant Ice Gel Pack

Welcome to Wanderlust Week

Welcome to Wanderlust Week! Wanderlust= a strong desire to travel or see the world. Traveling is one of my passions. I've been all over the States and the world, and I want to share my best tips with you! I'll have posts on traveling deals, how to pack, travel beauty, outfits, road trips, etiquette abroad, and tons of links that you'll definitely want to bookmark. Enjoy! Love, Elle

I bet you're wondering what this has to do with traveling? Read on! This could also be considered a Quick Tip, because it’s so easy and useful. Have you ever run out of or suddenly needed ice freezer packs? Now you can make your own! They're easy, cheap, and safe (who knows what are in the commercial ones?). All you need are Ziploc bags—any size/brand and dish detergent. Oh, and a freezer. You’ll love all of the uses for these DIY Instant Ice Gel Packs. I’ve used mine to soothe injuries, road trips, picnics, or for those times when you leave a family reunion or party with extra food & no way to keep it cool.


  • Dish Detergent (I’ve used different colors/brands)
  • Freezer Bags

  • Open Ziploc bag & squeeze contents of dish detergent into bag.
  • Remove air & seal tightly.
  • Put pack inside of another freezer bag. Seal tightly.
  • Keep in freezer. The contents should become slushy & icy, but never solid.

  • If you are concerned your bag will tear, simply double-bag. I've never had this happen though.
  • I DON'T use water because water isn't pliable like the detergent and it always leaks or drips.
  • Use any size bag you'd like.
  • You can use vacuum-seal bags or Space Saver bags too!


  1. Must try this tip. Sounds like it should work well

  2. That is a great tip. I had no idea! Going to try this soon.


  3. I've read a few blogs now that mention to use the original green palmolive formula because it stays pliable and doesn't freeze.. I tried this last night and today they're frozen solid.. what went wrong?



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