Summer Week! How to: Summer Hair Care

summer hair care

It's hot outside, and just like you need to protect your skin, the same goes for your hair. Here are my best tips on Summer Hair Care. Click the pic to learn more about each product.

  1. The first tip to keep your hair healthy during summer is to keep your hair moisturized. Even the oiliest of hair can benefit from a deep conditioning hair masque (just put a bit on the ends). Lush makes a great one, but there is something from every budget. I made my own here, but I often use Coconut Oil (it's cheaper than the name-brand stuff, is natural, and smells oh-so-good). Use weekly to quench your hair's "thirst" or every day if you're in the sun/water often.
  2. Ok, so you've mastered step 1, but your hair still has a case of the frizzies. What to do? Try a frizz serum or cream--John Frieda's line has several great options. While these work best with wet hair, some brands allow for dry hair too. I have a tip for fight frizz on the go here and another one here.  
  3. You're sweating and it causes your hair to get greasy. Fight the grease AND avoid heat damage by using a dry shampoo. Since I'm a frugal kinda girl, I like Suave's brand (smells so good) but since I have brown hair, Salon Grafix works the best.
  4. Summer is the time of year where you should avoid those heat tools, but of course you can't! Combat further damage by using a heat protectant. Ok, so you do probably do that anyway but for summer, avoid products with alcohol. MANY hair protectant products have this, so check the ingredients before you buy (I also spray a little on my fingers to test it out). Additionally, use a product (cream, spray or hairspray) that has a UV protectant if you're going to be in the sun.

There you have it! How do you keep your hair healthy during summer?
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  1. Heat protectant is a must! My Aveda one is my fave.

  2. great tips, i should get that heat protector stuff!! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. Ohhhh I've been needing this for years.

  4. I used dry shampoo when I get oily, too! I haven't tried Suave though...I will now!

  5. I am on the No 'Poo (i.e. no shampooing) movement), so my summer hair care consists of a diluted baking soda + Apple cider vinegar rinse once per week. Not so bad!

  6. Do you remember that shampoo called "Agree" or "White Rain" I quite loved the smell, it was on the cheaper end, my mother would buy this for me when we would go to summer camp... Gosh I love that smell.

  7. I need to try the coconut oil. I can just smell it now!

  8. I use the John Freida serum and love it. Neutrogena sunscreens are fantastic for the face and body too.


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