Summer Week!! How to: Get Feet Summer-Ready!

How to: Get feet summer ready

Yesterday we talked about Summer Hair Care, but what about your feet? If regular pedis just aren't in your time and/or budget, you can do it on your own.Click the pic to learn more about the products.
  • First, exfoliate feet with a file or pumice stone.
  • Rub feet in glycolic acid or salicylic acid cleanser (yes, the same stuff you use on your face) to further remove dead skin. I use the facial acne removal pads on my feet.
  • Wipe off and soak feet in milk 15 minutes. If you have a foot spa, even better!
  • Rinse and slather an aloe-based lotion on feet. 
  • Put on socks, leave on overnight (preferably), and dream of your summer destination. In the morning, your feet will be soft. Repeat nightly for best results. 
  • For an extra-special treat, invest in a paraffin wax foot kit.
How do you keep your feet summer ready?
PS--See my 5 min pedi here.


  1. pedicures are so fun, i just got one a few weeks ago for the first time in like two years!
    the socks overnight thing definitely works, too, i've done that a bunch of time.

  2. I love my foot spa!

  3. thanks for the tips! my feet could use some work currently.

  4. I've gotta try that salicylic acid pad idea. I agree that it is real important to have good looking feet in the summer. Nothing ruins a look like dry, cracked heels.

  5. Great tips!

    I hit up the sleeping-in-socks trick all the time; it really works. :)


  6. I love these tips. This looks easy enough to do whenever I need a foot pick-me-up


  7. I wonder if I could convince the hubs to do this for me? Haha!

  8. I love to scrub old skin away...sounds horrible, but is so true!!!! :)

  9. summer feet are the worst! Love these tips! :)


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