Elle Entertains: NYE Celebration

HAPPY NEW YEARS! When it comes to hosting a NYE party, there are two options: dress up or casual. Because I love any excuse to dress up (I still love looking at Prom dresses and I'm in my 30s!) my party is going to be just that! So pop open the bubbly and see how I'm hosting NYE at Casa Sees:

Mood: As I mentioned in yesterday's makeup post, I decided on black, gold, and fuchsia. I was inspired by the sparkling, golden champagne; the dark, glittery night; and pink because it's a color I usually don't use!
Decor:  I'm using a lot of glasses not only for drinking, but for decor. I'm putting gold and fuchsia balls in glasses and in my glass vase. Use what you have already--I'm using martini, wine, and champagne flutes. These can be purchased for cheap at discount and dollar stores.
I'll also have glasses with gold tinsel with sparklers in them, ready to be lit at midnight.
this plus this
Food will be served on the bar in the kitchen, and I'll use my color scheme to decorate with a black table runner, gold tinsel and ribbons.

And balloons because I love balloons.
inspirations for balloons
Lighting: I'm using my twinkly lights from Christmas as well as fuchsia votive holders.
Food: As I mentioned earlier, this isn't a sit-down dinner. Food will be served at the bar, so guests can mingle. Don't stress if you can't/don't have time to cook. There are some great options at the grocery. I'm attempting making pizza roll ups.
I'm also serving cheddar popcorn, meatballs, hummus and pitas, various dips, a veggie tray, Chicken Chunks, and cheese sticks. 
For dessert, how cute are these cupcakes? I wonder if I can talk Amy into making me some!
Cocktails: It's BYOB, but I will offer Sofia champagne and a "signature cocktail," the Champagne Pomegranate Cocktail (which can be made non-alc).

Music: I wanted an upbeat, danceable playlist. I also added the traditional Auld Lang Syne for after midnight as well as a couple of tunes to slow things down for when people start to leave. Enjoy!

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Are you attending or having a NYE party?
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  1. Your party sounds great! Happy New Year!

  2. Sounds like the party is going to be awesome! I'm having a laid-back dinner party at home tonight. :)

  3. ooh that's going to be a blast! we're going to a big party in a restaurant, can't wait to test out your sparkly makeup! :)

  4. Have a Happy New Year....

  5. Great inspiration for NYE! I'll be celebrating with my family and friends...for a 2011 full of dreams fulfilled...Happy 2011!

  6. have a wonderful NYE!! the appetizers sound delic. xoxo jcd http://cornflakedreams.blogspot.com/

  7. Sounds like a pretty awesome party!!! I'm sadly not going to one (at least I don't think I am...haha)

  8. i love your mood board!!!! can't wait for pictures after the party. house parties are always my favorite for NYE. have a lovely time!happy 2011

  9. Now that looks like a fabulous party!!! I hope it's fantastic! And you know I would make cupcakes for you anytime!! ;)
    Happy New Year girl!!

  10. Oh yayyyy - sounds like so much fun! Enjoy your night and Happy New Year!


  11. Sounds like a fabulous party! Great color scheme and choice of cocktails. I had the Sofia cans at my wedding! Happy New Year!


  12. Happy New Year! I am in San Diego to celebrate and it will be a Mexican fiesta. Can't wait! Have a great time at your party. Take lots of pictures.
    :) kb

  13. Wow! It sounds like you are going to have an awesome party! I wish I could go to a party like that! Haha. We might go to my aunts but just for a little get together. Im going to dress up though, of course. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  14. wow, you are going all out for your party--as you should! have fun!

    happy new year!

  15. Sounds like my kind of party! Hope you have a wonderful New Years!

    <3 kris&kel

  16. Wow do I wish I was coming to your party! Happy NYE!

  17. looks like a great party! i love sofia champagne its my favorite :)

    happy new year!

  18. Sounds like a lovely evening! C and I are on our way ;) Enjoy the last night of 2010!

  19. This looks amazing! I hope you have an awesome new year's party!


  20. I pray that 2011 brings you many blessings!! Happy New Year, Friend! Much Love, Daphne

  21. Sounds like a fabulous party! Hope you had a happy new year!


  22. what a fun party!! hope it was a fun, memorable night for you :)

  23. This sounds like it was a very classy little shindig! I hope it was as much fun as it sounds! Happy New Year!

    xo, Ashley

  24. Happy new year! These decorations look so much fun and festive.


  25. sounds like such an amazing party!! would love to see some pictures!!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  26. Hi Elle-

    Sound like you are in in for a very festive evening. Did you have a fun time? I went to a low key gathering at my neighbors. It was quiet, but just what I needed. I love your hangover helpers and will have to save it for future use. Always good to have. Thanks
    My best- Diane

  27. Happy 2011. Hope your party was rockin'. I had a death grip on a can of Sofia blanc...

    Love the updates on the blog & new look.

  28. Fuschia. thats what makes the design EPIC. :D Happy new year!

  29. Happy New Year!!
    I love this post and your blog so much!

  30. Your party sound AMAZING!!!

    Happy New Year dear


  31. Your party sounds like a good idea!!! If you have the pictures you need to post them, i would love to see them

  32. Happy 2011! Black, gold, fuchsia looks like a glammed out affair!

  33. Wow sounds like you went all out! Hope you had a great NYE!


  34. Sounds amazing, Elle. What I want to know is... (what I want to see, rather) WHAT DID YOU WEAR!

    Happy Happy!

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  35. you did so much better than us in the food department! we had big plans but ran out of time. maybe nexy year!

    going to check out the hangover helpers now!


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