Elle's Quick Tips: Stop That Spot!

Normally my Quick Tips are beauty-related, but with Thanksgiving happening in America this week, I decided to do something a little more appropriate. I forget where I heard about this tip years ago, but it's one of my faves. In fact, PS I Made This retweeted this tip I gave her!

Ok, here's the scene: you're devouring some yummy Thanksgiving goodies when you notice you've spilled a little something on your new outfit. You wipe away the food, but a grease spot remains. Your clothes are ruined! What to do? Don't panic & your clothes will be fine. I've got you "covered!" All it takes it something you might already have in your cabinet (even though it's unhealthy) or can always find in a restaurant. Read on:

This really works, but you must use artificial sweetener--Equal, Splenda, Sweet N Low, etc. Real sugar just doesn't absorb the oil. The tricks are pouring enough "sugar" on the spot and letting it soak in long enough. The texture of the "sugar" changes as it absorbs the oil, and that's usually when you can tell it's time to brush the "sugar" off. If the spot is really large/saturated, add more "sugar" and let it set overnight.


  1. You always have the most wonderful quick fixes!

  2. How interesting, I did try baby powder and it works wonders on greasy spot too, but your tip is even more handy, MUST MUST try!!!


  3. So interesting. I love this. thanks for sharing and for the wonderful tip.

    happy Monday!


  4. Great tip and a great reminder not to ingest artificial sweeteners. Can you imagine what they are doing to our bodies? LOL.

  5. that's a great/ easy idea! i will definitely be keeping this one in mind.


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