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Remember yesterday's post where I compared MAC Strobe Cream to one by NYX? So many of y'all are a fan of NYX like I am! Well, today I've got even more NYX to share. Over the past couple of months, I've purchased some of the newest NYX and I've got reviews for you. They have been killing it lately with their latest releases. Check NYX online or ULTA to find these.

Let's see which of these I love and which you can skip (plus I made you a video where I go into MORE detail):

NYX Whipped Lip & Cheek Souffle--Apply this creamy product to lips or cheeks. This reminds me of a regular NYX cream, and the color didn't last long on cheeks. But I like it on my lips.

NYX Lingerie in 2 and 12--I love these liquid lipsticks. You've seen before in my liquid lipsticks post. I want to get more shades!

NYX Ombre Lip Duo--This double-ended lip crayon allows you to easily create the ombre lip effect. Be careful, as the crayons (see the video to see them up close) easily break with a heavy hand. I liked it but wouldn't repurchase.

NYX First Base Primer Spray--Apply this before makeup as an alternative to a traditional primer. I'll be doing a This or That soon with this!

NYX Soft Focus--I shared this in January, but essentially this primer is supposed to blur out pores and fine lines. If you tried the YSL one from Influenster, this is similar. It's creamy with that silicone slip that has a powdery feel when it settles. It didn't do anything for me, not matter how I tried it.

NYX Ombre Blush--Very pigmented and pretty--think NARS Orgasm but a little more shimmery coral than peach.

Here's the blush and the Soft Focus up close.

I went a little contour/highlight crazy. HUGE post next week coming with ALL of the c&h palettes from the drugstore, so stay tuned!

NYX Cream Highlight and Contour Palette in Light--This features a glowy highlight as well. I thought this was okay, but wouldn't repurchase. The contour was my favorite part, but it did look muddy anywhere other than my cheek bones.

NYX Sculpt Face Duo--This was in the lightest shade. I like the concept here of a liquid c&h, but this just faded to nothing once blended.

NYX Cheek Contour Duo Palette in Wine and Dine--I accidentally bought this shade, which is the darkest! I can't use it as intended, but I have used it as eyeshadow. So many of you loved my makeup on this post--this was what I used!! I would be interested in purchasing the light shade and trying out that one.

NYX Pro Foundation Mixer--This comes in 6 shades, including this luminous one, which I purchased on accident. The idea is to be able to mix to any foundation to adjust tone and shade. While I liked the luminous one (think instant glow to any liquid foundation), I wouldn't repurchase. I do want to try a tinted one.

NYX Hydra Touch Primer--Full of good-for-your-skin items (green tea! ginseng!) this goes on like a cream and fades to a gel. It didn't really do anything for my dry skin, but combo might like it in the winter.

NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer--I really liked this super thick concealer. It is waterproof and didn't crease on me, but be sure to set as it stays tacky the entire day. Think Tarte Maracuja Concealer but for MUCH less.

NYX Born to Glow--This Illuminator can be worn before makeup as a primer or on top of foundation for an extra glow. See the review here.

Here I am wearing the Hydra Touch, Soft Focus, the NYX Ombre Lip and Blush (I didn't apply it heavily at all, plus the light kinda zaps away the pigmentation),  and cream c&h.

Swatches? I got your swatches right here!

Better yet, a video for you! 
I love making videos because it allows you to see more of my personality, something that doesn't always come through in the posts:

Which of these would you try?
What did you think of the video?

Extra Elle:
  • Getting my hair done today! Those rascally roots!
  • No bigs plans, just relaxing and enjoying a weekend at home after a few weeks of traveling.


  1. I've been using a few Nyx products lately and have been loving them! It's also one of my favourite product line names (there was a time as a child when I legitimately thought about naming a child Nyx...I'm not joking!).

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. NYX is definitely the first places I visit when in Ulta! You just can't beat their lip liners and lip glosses! I will have to check out all of these new items!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  3. We finally got the full line of NYX in our local drugstores! So happy, but the bad news... the few times I've gone, almost everything is sold out...sigh....I want to try the Lingerie ones for sure, and that primer spray. So cool it's exactly like Skindinavia.

  4. I am so DYING to try the Lip Lingerie - the color range is incredible!


  5. I LOVE NYX products. I really haven't been disappointed by one yet. I definitely want to try one of their liquid lipsticks next!

    Fizz and Frosting

  6. Yay! I love NYX! So glad that you did this mini review :)

  7. The foundation mixer sounds like a great product! I'm so loving that coral blush! What a great shade for spring and summer! Too bad about the contour colors, but they do look good as eye shadow!

  8. NYX is my favorite!! I just bought one of the Lingerie shades this past weekend and I definitely want another one. The Tarte concealer is holy grail for me for covering up blemishes so I'll have to give that concealer a try. I don't have any plans this weekend either and I'm looking forward to doing nothing!

  9. I can never find half of these NYX products and it drives me crazy. Every time I go to Utla, they never have anything. Everything is always out of stock. I really want to get my hands on some of these products.

  10. Enjoy that hair appointment today - I always walk out feeling 110% better!

  11. I giggled over "Swatches? I got your swatches..." I do like NYX stuff and I'm definitely going to try that cream blush and the concealer. Maybe those lingerie lipsticks too!

  12. I definitely want to try one of their ombre blushes! The ombre lip duo looks nice too!

  13. Oh how I love NYX! Those lingerie shades are gorgeous, and I need to pick up that concealer! Happy Friday and yay for getting your hair done <3
    Green Fashionista

  14. I just love your accent. I need to try those lipsticks. Enjoy your hair appointment, always the best!

  15. I really want to try the Nyx Lingerie Liquid Lipstick. I looked at my Ulta last time I was there and they didn't have it. Thanks for doing a review of all of these. The Ombre BLush looks so pretty!

  16. Ohhh I cant wait for your This or That!!! I love that series! You changed up your beginning on your video...I like it! I need to grab those lingerie ones, they sound fabulous! So does the concealer since you said it doesn't crease!! I have the biggest creasing issues with a lot of concealers even when I set them.

  17. Watched the video this morning! So many new NYX products, I want to try the ombre blush.

  18. The Gotcha Covered Concealer sounds fantastic. And, I wish I was getting my hair done... I always wait 8 weeks and sometimes it feels like way too long!


  19. I need to get in on NYX - I don't think I have any products from the line!

  20. I see NYX products all the time but I'm not really familiar with them so this was a really great overview of the brand. The blush looks so pretty on you.

  21. I am dying to try the new Nyx Lingerie lipsticks for some unique colors. Its so tough to find them. The foundation mixer and hydration primer looks very tempting to try.

  22. NYX has some amazing new products out! I love their Ombre blush especially, it's beautiful!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  23. I've been really interested in the Nyx Lingerie Liquid Lipstick, so I'm glad you reviewed it here! I don't think I'll go with the Walking Dead Purple though! lol Love that description of it!

  24. Wow! NYX really has been killing it with their new products. I'm intrigued by the ombre blush and loving those new lip glosses. Sounds like I need to pay a visit to Ulta soon and check them out for myself.

  25. I so want to try that blush out. Have a great weekend.


  26. The ombre lip duo sounds so interesting, but looks like they aren't worth a re-buy!

    New Post: Cultural Appropriation: http://bit.ly/1oqoKC8

  27. Yay for getting your hair done! I had never even heard of this line, so if was interesting to hear your thoughts. The packaging is cute and it seems like most of the products get decent reviews from you!

  28. I didn't even know Nyx had all this stuff - I usually just grab my butter gloss and go. Next time I'll have to pay a little bit more attention!

  29. I was just at Target looking for items to review and I didn't see most of this stuff. I did almost buy the Liquid lipsticks but I read another review that they were horrible so I left them, wish I had picked up at least one now.

  30. Did you see where my teenager and I tried NYX Lingerie in Teddy...hilarious! Literally matched my skin tone and looked amazing on her!

  31. beautiful colors!
    Have a nice evening!
    Gil Zetbase

  32. I will have to try out the lipstick and primer!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  33. I need to try NYX products as well.

    Paula- www.livingpaula.com

  34. I love high end products, but I'm also a huge NYX fan! Such nice products for a very good price

  35. NYX seems to have a great balance between high end quality and affordable prices. I enjoy their lip products and think I might have to try the blush.

  36. I can never seem to master the application of liquid lipsticks but those shades are so pretty it's worth another try!

    Doused In Pink

  37. I was torn about the Lingerie liquid lipsticks. I actually removed them from my cart on my last order because I hadn't heard enough about them. Ok, ok, if YOU like them, I will love them. haha

  38. I've been eyeing a lot of the new stuff, but haven't got around to purchasing anything yet.

  39. The firts three lip products, the primers and illuminator all sound awesome. I cannot watch the video now, just read this post but I am really interested to see that ombre lip crayon applied. Sounds like NYX is a great brand. I am so far from an Ulta but I need to get there.


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