Allure Magazine Best of Beauty 2015--Hits and Misses

October is to beauty as September is to fashion. I say that because it's when Allure Magazine's Best of Beauty issues comes out! This is very exciting to this beauty blogger, y'all.

With coffee in hand, I poured over the magazine. I later discussed agreements and disagreements of the winners with my friends (my dog Charlie slept through the whole thing). And it hit me, that never in 5 years have I shared my thoughts on the blog. And thus...dramatic pause...this post was born.

I chose just 8 out of 260, but let me know if you'd like to see more thoughts!

1. Jergens BB Body--A lightly tinted lotion that airbrushes skin. See my original review here.

  • I love it and have repurchased.
2. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel--Provides the intense shine and impressive life span of a salon gel treatment but without the tiresome light cure or removal process.
  • I like the top coat from Essie better, but these are some great polishes and I LOVE the brush. I've purchased several of these.
3. Onomie Concealing Elixir--This concealer neutralizes even the most intractable shadows, while skin-care levels of antioxidants guard against the free radicals that can intensify darkness.
  • It's an expensive, tiny container, but it's a great concealer. I was impressed. I shared it here in a  haul recently.
4. Flower Glisten Up Highlighter Chubby--A shimmery highlight in creamy stick form. This can be purchased at Walmart.
  • This was ok, but I like ones from Sonia Kashuk better.

5. L'OrĂ©al Paris Colour Riche Collection Lipcolour in Blake's Red--A cherry matte at an affordable price.
  • I hauled it here, but I don't prefer cherry reds on myself, so I gave it to my sister. But I kept the shade and would repurchase.
6. Dolce & Gabbana Cleansing Oil--The most luxurious cleansing oil that leaves skin soft.
  • At $50, it is quite an indulgence, but it is lovely, and definitely wouldn't be repurchased. I just can't. But I shared my love for it here.
7. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara--The tiny hooks on the wand sculpt lashes and lifts them.
  • I love this mascara. I would and have repurchase when I'm in the mood to splurge. Cute packaging. See a review here.
8. Garnier Clean+ Lotion Cleanser--Melts away makeup—no scrubbing required.

  • I hauled it here. I really liked it and it didn't hurt my eyes. Gets everything off.
Which of these have you tried?
Which winners would you like to try?

Extra Elle:
  • I'm not really a big tv watcher--it's more of background noise for me. But when Botched comes on, I get sucked in. I also recently started watching The People's Couch. They crack me up! A couple of the stars favorited my tweets! Have you seen these shows?


  1. The people's couch is the one show on Bravo gary will watch with me - it cracks me up!! I haven't had the best luck with the sally hansen nail polish, but I'm excited to try that mascara! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I am in love with my Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. I always go back to it, after trying several other brands. It's definitely my go to, and you know I love the Jergens BB lotion!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  3. I'm going to have to give the Jergens BB Body a try. I haven't had much luck with the regular Jergens (I'm just way too fair!) but maybe this will be better! Thanks so much for sharing, Elle!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  4. the loreal reds collection is stunning!

    xoxo, Preeti

  5. oh i should try that mascara. i love everything by benefit. also i didn't know jergens made a BB lotion. adding to my shopping list!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. I still haven't tried any of the SH gel polishes but probably won't ever bother with the top coat, I don't think anyone really raves about it being all that great. And the Garnier remover sounds so good- love when you don't have to tug at your skin!

  7. I've been wondering about the Sally Hansen gel polishes! I definitely want to try them out!

    Ivy xx

  8. Thanks for these reviews! I may need to check out the new mascara!

  9. I was way too excited about this issue! I've been wanting to try out the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, so I'll have to throw that in my cart on my next Target trip and keep a look out for the Essie top coat too. And Benefit can do no wrong, I'll have to try that mascara too <3

    Green Fashionista

  10. I wasn't that crazy about the Sally Hansen gel polishes either. I use to do my nails myself all the time but now I just go get them done. Honestly, I just don't have the time to do it myself so it's a nice little treat. Plus, it takes less than 30 minutes to get it done. Time and money well spent.

  11. I haven't seen either of those shows but heard they were good! I want to try that Jergens BB Body and that mascara!

    Doused In Pink

  12. I want the Sally Hansen gel! But also the Garnier cleanser and the Benefit mascara... I missed that when it was launched and still didn't buy it because I am studying abroad and didn't find it locally, but as soon as I can I will buy it!

  13. Out of all of them, I only tried Blakes red, which I obviously love. I love almost any red lipstick I ever lay eyes on.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  14. Love this list! So helpful! I actually haven't tried any yet, definitely need to!


  15. I haven't tried any of those, but I've always thought about the roller mascara. I'm really just a sucker for Benefit packaging.

    xx, Carly | carly blogs

  16. I love the roller lash mascara! It's the best I've used, but you're right on that its a splurge and I won't always buy it everytime I run out!

  17. Benefit Roller Lash is pretty good but I do wish it gives my lashes more volume. I think it's better than Lash Sensational which can be a little too heavy on my lashes.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  18. I haven't tried any of these, but the Onomie Concealing Elixir sounds great!

  19. Do you think the new Maybelline Falsies Push Up is trying to be a dupe of Roller Girl? I haven't used Roller Girl but I love Falsies Push Up and it sounds similar!

  20. I love this post idea! Thanks for giving your own review on all these products. It's always great to hear a real point of view..I'm guessing some companies just pay to have their products in there, so it's nice to see what they're really like! I agree about the BB lotion and roller lash..two of my faves! Please do more reviews!

  21. The sally hansen miracle gels are really the only product on the market like that that DO what they claim!

  22. I love that you already tried all this stuff!! And now I'm excited to check it all out for myself!! Haha!!

  23. I meant to grab that Garnier make up stuff after your review and forgot. Thanks for the reminder!!! I love the Sally Hansen stuff. Haven't really tried anything else from this list.

  24. I would love to see more of this type of post! I LOVE reading these "best of" lists and often wonder what other bloggers and beauty junkies think of the items included. Some of them I use and love and others I disagree with! After reading your review I really want to try that body BB lotion. I like the idea of the D&G oil but I definitely couldn't justify plunking down that much cash for it, lol.

  25. The Peoples couch has been my favorite show for 3 seasons - they are HILARIOUS!!!! & the things they say, I've said before watching some of these shows.

    I love the brushes in the Sally gel polishes - the polishes.... meh... but love the wide brushes

  26. I have not tried any of these products. Thanks for sharing your review. I would like to try the roller mascara and get all the benefits! Have a nice day!


  27. I didn't even know that Dolce & Gabbana did a cleansing oil! So expensive but I must try! :-)

  28. Well i haven't tried any of these. The Jergens BB body is the most likely for me to try.

  29. Always love seeing what you think of these products!

    Xo Ally


  30. The only product of all of these that I have tried is the Jergens BB cream and I got sent some free tubes from Influenster. I would def. repurchase it. The roller mascara sounds interesting!


  31. The Garnier cleanser sounds awesome! I'm currently using their gentle face scrub and the moisturizer and Im really impressed with their products.

    Martinis & Bikinis

  32. Love this! I have been wanting to try that body bb cream and that garnier scrub sounds awesome!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  33. I love the Benefit Mascara too!

  34. I haven't tried any of these, but I do really want to try the Jergens BB Body Lotion! Tati (Glam Life Guru) on YouTube has raved about it in the past.

  35. The Garnier face wash sounds great! I really like face washes that can take off eye make up, too. And Botched is totally addictive! I love seeing the afters!

  36. I haven't seen (or heard of) those tv shows! i'm not a big tv watcher though. i am gonna look out for that garnier cleanser stuff, it sounds like exactly what i'm looking for!

  37. I have that Cherry Red lipstick in Freida and I love the matte finish. It has major staying power!

  38. The People's Couch looks amusing. I'm sure I'd like it.

    I like Jergen's stuff.

  39. Couldn't agree more about the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel brushes. I'm kind of obsessed with these. Totally underrated in my opinion. I haven't tried anything else on this list. I'd love to see what else you've tried from the best of beauty list. Of perhaps, products you're considering purchasing after reading the list?

  40. I loved to read your review of all these items :)
    follow each other?
    Instagram: @travelera.es

  41. The benefit mascara is perfect



  42. That Benefit mascara sounds awesome. I've been disappointed with higher end mascaras in the past so I might have to give this one a try soon!

  43. I used to order Allure magazine. It came in mail, but it was so many years ago. I did not know that October is a big beauty month. I have number eight and it works great. Garnier makes great cleansers. I also love Jergens' body lotions. I want to try the Sally Hensen miracle gel and the Benefit roll mascara.

  44. It's interesting to see what your thoughts are versus the magazine. You've definitely tried out a lot of products!

  45. Essie is my very favorite nail polish but I do like that Sally Hansen polish. Just this week I decided on trying new colors for my lip(because I've always just used one color) and I'm currently obsessed with red!

  46. I have my eye on the Jergens BB Body but I haven't heard to many people say much about it

  47. I can't say I have but how cool is it when stars favorite your tweets! Has never happened to me (yet), but it's not like I'm consistent on twitter lol. I'd love to indulge in that cleansing oil by Dolce & Gabbana, it sounds heavenly sans the price.


  48. Loved hearing your thoughts on these! The Onomie concealer sounds so interesting. I hadn't heard of it until I saw your haul. I would like to try that.

  49. Great idea for a post! I used to specially buy Allure every year for this issue, but I started being disappointed by some of their recommendations, so I stopped. Of course now I know not every product works for every person, but I've never gotten back into the swing of buying the issue again. I like hearing your recommendations on top of theirs!


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