Elle Entertains: Super Bowl Party

Just in time for the weekend, I thought I'd share my ideas for my Super Bowl party. Enjoy my mood boards and tips below!
When it came to the theme of my party, I decided to be a neutral fan and not center the whole party around one team. I instead decided to split the table in half (half Steelers, half Packers) and focus on colors that make me think of football: the green field and the brown footballs. The decorations are light since the focus is on the television. Let's see how I'll put it all together.
  1. Source I decided to create mini-bleachers using food risers that I already have. It creates some visual interest and makes me think of a football stadium. I'll cover mine in green wrapping paper. I'll have one set of bleachers on each side for each team. The bleachers will be used to display my desserts. Here's another option:
Don't have risers? If you'd like to purchase, Google "food risers" for plenty of merchants. If you'd like to fake 'em, simply stack heavy books, bricks or food containers until you reach they look like cascading bleachers. Hide under another tablecloth or wrap up and no one will know the difference.
     2. Source Instead of throwing snack mix into a bowl, I'm using these football dispensers instead. Guests can get the amount they want and it's less germy than everyone digging into the same bowl! is that weird?
     3. Source Around the edge of my green tablecloth I'll add this football banner. It's a nice alternative to hanging it on the wall and it dresses up the table. TIP: Make your own HERE.
     4. Source I know there are cute football tablecloths out there but I'm using a plain green one to save money. I can use it over & over (think St. Pats, Easter, Soccer party, etc). I'll add a white divider down the middle like a yard line to divide the food. More on that below.
Favors: I saw these mini air horns at the dollar tree, so I'll use these as favors and for guests to vent frustrations/celebrations over the game.

I wanted to have food that was themed around both teams, so each side of the table has food that (sort of) goes with each team. 
  1. Source For the Packers, I started off with this Nacho bar, because what goes better with a football game than nachos? Guests will fill up bowls with nachos and assorted toppings (think cheese, olives, salsas, lettuce, beans, guacamole, meat, etc).
                                      • Source
                                      •  Since Packer fans are called Cheeseheads, I wanted to add another cheese dish and opted for these mini cheese pizzas (sorry about the formatting coming up!)
          1. Source For the Pittsburgh Steelers, I'm cooking some Pepperoni Poppers.
  2. Source Pigs-in-blanket are always a crowd fave.
  3. Source On each set of my mini bleachers, I'll have sugar cookies decorated in each of the team's colors.
  4. Additional food includes snack mix (in the football dispensers), hot wings, and chicken fingers, and of course beer will be served.

Party Tips:
  • Buy food in bulk from Sam's/Costco to cut down on costs/preparation time if dealing with a large group.
  • Save more money and have the party be potluck or BYOB!
  • Rent a projector to show the game! Hang up a white sheet to create a screen.
  • Need more decorations? Think banner, drink labels, and more? Click here for a great printable resource.
Leave your party tips in the comments!


  1. Love your bleacher idea! That is so creative and so cute--although the guys probably wouldn't like to hear me say that their superbowl party is "cute." hehe, the food sounds delicious! Hope you have an awesome time!

  2. The mini bleachers are SUCH a great idea. I'm excited about the Superbowl!

  3. Those are so cute! It will make the perfect party!

  4. Love the food bleacher ideas and many of the others! It seems like a lot of work goes into hosting a Superbowl party. We mostly stick to takeout :)

  5. Wow, these are all such great ideas...I'm starting to think I should throw a party after all!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. Wow, great ideas for the party! Very creative!

  7. I love super bowl food...more than the super bowl! haha! The bleachers are adorable!! I'm loving your blog and am following you now!

  8. LOVE this! I haven't gotten a single thing together for the big game. My husband is totally sick and we've had to put any plans on hold!! The game is in my home town of Dallas and I'll be watching for sure :) XO

  9. I was just telling E today that I need to be invited to a Superbowl party as I know I would suck at hosting it!

    You're like Martha Stewart but the chic and pretty version!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  10. oh man, the best thing about the superbowl is it's permission to eat awesomely bad food! pepperoni poppers sound great.


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