February Lust List

What am I not-so-secretly lusting after this month? Read on:

  • The Pop Art edition of Marc Jacob's Daisy is just the ticket.
  • I love Eos lip balms. This Summer Fruit would be perfect, even in chilly February.
  • Perhaps my biggest lust is this Judith Leiber Satin Valeria Clutch. Only  $935. Only. 
  • It's no secret I love candles. This teeny tiny teacup tealight (say that 3xs fast) is adorable.
  • I already have a wall calendar, but wish I'd seen this one that has each month with a famous lyric!
  • Not exactly cupid, but a little more fierce--the Diana the Huntress necklace.
  • I've been lusting after this snow globe from West Elm for months. Simple and calming.
  • How can you improve the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment? Make it rose-tinted!
  • I'm not a big ring-wearer but lately I've been craving big, statement pieces like this one.
  • These faux coral pieces would just pop on my white bookcase.
  • I had to include something for Valentine's right? Here's a LOVE silicone cake pan.
What are YOU lusting after this month?


  1. Love the EOS balms and the Sugar lip treatments!

  2. i definitely tried saying that 3x fast, i admit.

  3. Coral is a lovely pick for Feb and V Day.

  4. I need a new perfume! I've been using my Vicktor and Rolf for awhile, but I'm ready for something different !

  5. I want that snow globe!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. I am loving this list!!


  7. that eos lipbalm is so cool! I love the packaging!

    I have really been dying to get a pair of wooden heeled cloggy platforms. with a strap on the back, so I am not sure if they are techincally clogs. I have been looking all over the internets and only finding pairs that are $300. :( Target will have some soon, though, I'm sure.

  8. I love that necklace but it's $225 :(
    Maybe I'll drop a V-day hint to the husband :)

  9. Love this!! Everything looks so girly and fun!! Would love the cake pan and the Sugar lip treatment :)

  10. Great list!

    LOVE the Fresh lip treatment! Amazing.


  11. Only $935? That's pocket change! ;) It's super cute though. I love the necklace too.

  12. I am thinkin' that cake pan is adorable.

  13. I adore the bow and arrow necklace. Very cute valentine's inspired list. x

  14. I'm a big fan of BIG rings-such a fun and easy statement piece!! And that Daisy perfume bottle is to die for, hope it smells as pretty:-)

  15. I would like that red ring, puh-lease and thank you.


  16. Oh, I love the clutch! Too bad it is waaaaay out of my price range! I'm following you on twitter :)

  17. Ooh, what fun, pretty things. I love big, statement rings, too. If you're going to wear a ring you might as well wear a ring! :)


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