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Dear The World--I'm obsessed with facial masks. Are you? I think they are one of the easiest ways to do self-care. You can see and feel instant results, plus there's the whole affordable aspect.

I am so obsessed with masks that I have a whole shelf devoted to them. One brand that has been in heavy rotation around Casa Sees is Formula 10.0.6. Literally the second I saw the bright colors of the packaging in ULTA, I was drawn to them and ended up loving everything I bought. And they are VERY AFFORDABLE. $6.99!! Consider me SOLD.

Well, recently I was able to try masks from their berry line and I LOVE them. This post took a while to do because somehow, mysteriously these masks disappear when my friends come over, and I had to get them all back. So if they are loved by me and my friends, y'all know they are good. And I've got one for Check 'em out:

Be Berry Awake Energizing Peel Mask

  • Berry boosted, antioxidant-rich peel mask
  • Yumberry boosts circulation while pomegranate awakens and energizes skin
  • USE FOR: Monday mornings, or any time you need that extra something to wake you up!

Be Berry Bright Exfoliating Mud Mask
  • This 3-in-1 formula is antioxidant-rich with goji berry partnered with green coffee beans to gently exfoliate
  • Wash, scrub and mask away impurities to reveal a bright and beautiful complexion
  • USE FOR: When you're on limited time and need to multi-task. 3-in-1, y'all

Be Berry Clear Illuminating Peel Mask
  • skin-brightening peel mask
  • Raspberry and acai deliver powerful antioxidants to help minimize pores, calm flare-ups and smooth skin
  • USE FOR: You need to put your best face forward, whether it's for a first date, job interview, or just because

Be Berry Sassy Exfoliating Face Scrub
  • This deep-cleansing face scrub
  • Packed with cranberries and bamboo to repair and restore, gives you a vibrant and sassy glow
Be Berry Ready Daily Foaming Cleanser
  • daily-use foaming cleanser 
  • moisturizes while washing away impurities
  • Blackberry detoxifies while coconut milk soothes and nourishes leaving you clean, soft and ready for the day

Be Berry Fresh Balancing Mud Mask
  • packed with bilberry and neroli to balance, calm and detox the most stubborn pores
  • Skin will be noticeably rejuvenated and feel refreshed!
  • USE FOR: Undoing the damage of the weekend

Be Berry Smooth Moisturizing Peel Mask

  • antioxidant richness of blueberries along with the invigorating power of pineapple
  • Peel and reveal super-soft berry smooth skin
  • USE FOR: When you're super stressed and you need clarity (and a vacation...and maybe a smoothie or something stronger!)

    Which masks would you try?

Extra Elle:
I don't watch tv very often, but found the revamped Love Connection with Andy Cohen so good! I loved it and I guessed wrong on who the person would pick every time. Have you seen it?

I was really surprised at yesterday's post when majority of the comments were about the eye cream. Should I share more eye care products or was it because it was the last pic of the post before you commented? Let me know! I want to share more of what you like!

Giving away the new L'Oreal mascara! Enter here.


      1. I would love to try the moisturizing peel one. Love the packaging on these!


      2. The raspberry and acai peel mask sounds amazing!! But these all do :)

        Kendal // Life With Kendal

      3. I haven't tried this brand before, but I think I need to! These masks sound great!

        xo, Liz

      4. I have never heard of this brand. I usually just do a moisturizing mask, but now that it is summer I need to try maybe the awake one. As for yesterday's post, that was the one you elaborated the most on and sounded the most useful. I need to check out Love Connection!

      5. Can I DRINK that energy mask? ;) haha... I need all the help I can get.

      6. These sound so dreamy, Elle! And you already know that I am a face mask addict so these are right up my alley.

      7. Gimme all that moisture! I love these- need to try this brand!

        Le Stylo Rouge

      8. I need a new mask to try, so definitely getting one of these! Definitely in need of some moisture right now.


      9. I think I might have seen these at Target? I need to get that clear one and one of the mud ones and add them to my rotation. Yes, please!!! I liked the melting cleanser and the cream you said you liked to use on your hands from yesterdays post but I think that we are all looking for the holy grail eye cream, no? I still haven't found mine.

      10. I've actually never done a face mask, but the packaging on these are so cute! Since they are so reasonably priced, they'd also make a fun little gift for friends!

      11. i need to try the green one! im allll about 3-in-1 products :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

      12. Aahh, I love fun bright packaging, too!
        These masks all sound amazing; how funny that they seem to disappear when your friends come over lol.
        I think I'd want to try the green one, Be Berry Bright =)

      13. Which would I try?! Um all of them! These sound amazing and I love the price point! I don't have any peel masks but I need to change that! The Be Berry Bright Energizing Mask sounds fabulous because I am feeling and looking super tired lately!

      14. I need to try these! I love face masks :)

      15. I'm obsessed with face masks as well. I do one daily! Looks like there is one to address every skin issue in this range. I could sure use the Energizing Peel Mask on some days! Need to get that!

      16. I would try them all! The packaging is so pretty and I love all of the colors... heck, even the masks are beautiful! I am so addicted to face masks right now.


      17. I have their peel mask in their glow line the papaya and citrus. It's a brightening mask and I love it, it's a new product to Canada so slowly we are getting their stuff. I hope we get these I would love to try them!

        Katie | https://ktmcgworld.blogspot.ca

      18. Yess, there is always something so satisfying about doing a face mask! I've never tried this brand, but I've wanted to try a peel off mask.

      19. I think eye cream is popular because that's where we see so many wrinkles starting!!
        As for masks, I just don't use them---should I?

      20. That awake mask needs to be with me at all times on Mun-days <3
        Green Fashionista

      21. What a great selection of masks! i'd simply go with the daily cleanser and the peel mask.
        I have a giveaway for designer home decor and furniture - enter if you'd like to get some fab stuff for your home!

      22. I never take the time to do a face mask... maybe I should. The idea of a peel mask sounds kind of fun, so maybe I should try one of those. I bet they smell wonderful!

      23. I've almost bought these so many times in Ulta, but I always end up putting them back. Next time, I'm for real getting one to try. You can't beat the price!

      24. Elle I really love Elle Sees, I feel like you write it just for me and I don’t even wear make up, but somehow some way you always find products for me. I am also obsessed with facial masks, how could I not be. I can’t believe they are only $6.99 what a steal.

      25. I don't use masks very often shame on me but the bold color would attract me to this one too.


      26. I really need to start doing more masks. These look so fun! Yes, eye creams are always a good idea and I feel like I am always on a hunt for a good one. So bring it on!

        Whitney & Blaire
        Peaches In A Pod

      27. now I want to try it! thanks for review and have a fab day Elle!

        Inside and Outside Blog

      28. I love face masks too! These all sound so good! I think I've actually seen them at Ulta.

      29. I want to try them all! especially the two mud masks. The exfoliator sounds nice too. And as for commenting on the eye cream from the last post, I usually comment about which product interests me the most from a post. I don't know much about kbeauty, and the eye cream seemed like the one I'd try out of the other products mentioned.

      30. I've never heard of these before and want to try them all! I've been using so many sheet masks lately, it'd be nice to do a mud mask for a change.

      31. I used to use face masks all the time but recently it's something I have slacked on. I hope I can find these in the UK and they sound really good and won't break the bank. I especially like the sound of the Smooth Moisturising Peel Mask so I think that would be first on my list to try :) x

      32. Ah, I need to try all of these!!

        Xx Taylor

      33. I have not heard of this brand but these masks seem very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

      34. I love masks, yet I always forget to put them on! So, this post was a great reminder of what I need to do tonight! I've never heard of this brand, but looks good, dare I say, even delicious looking? hehe


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