6 Blogger Things I Don't Do

I wanted to mix things up today, and not talk about beauty, but share something blogger-related. One of the best things about being a blogger is the general camaraderie--we just "get" it, you know? But sometimes I feel so left out, like I'm alone in the blogger world.

I read ALL types of blogs, and I've noticed patterns of things that bloggers do that I don't. You could almost make blogger memes on it! These are just a few of the things I see that I just don't do and I feel like everyone else does and blogs about often. I'm not making fun of anyone or anything like that--it's all in good fun. I love these and don't mind them! Let me know if you feel the same:

Friends (the one about a tv show)
I watched it when it first aired, found it funny, but that was it. I don't quote Friends on the regular. I don't still pine for there to be a reunion. I don't find the Pivot scene funny (what am I missing?). My sister Jess is a HUGE, HUGE fan. She has the DVDs, the game, and I even got her a Central perk mug as a gift once. I've tried to get her to explain it to me, like why it's still so funny, and she gave up, haha. Maybe it's just Ross I don't find funny? Can we still be Friends? ;)

Links Ups and Tags

I get tagged to do tags on Instagram. I get tagged for linkups. I forget to always do them. It is not personal, I promise. I make a mental note and then fail miserably. I also don't do link ups on my blog--I know this is popular with others. I love them, but I tried one for a few months and only 5 people participated. I wanted to crawl in a hole and hide. And it wasn't even beauty-related! I wish I had a cool link up for something! Contributing to more link ups is on my list for this spring. Leave your faves in the comments.

I love to read. I do. I swear. Three of my four college degrees are English Literature-related, but do I ever read? Rarely. I read on planes and when on vacation. I'm usually crazy busy otherwise. I want to read! I do! I feel like I'm not one of the cool bloggers because I never post about what I've read. I do listen to audiobooks on my commutes sometimes. And I know many of y'all are busy mamas, so how do you do it? I did read The Shack recently! By the way, I have no idea what this gif is from.

This is my biggest traffic source, and I Pin every day, but I never go on there and check it out and repin things. It's still a big thing, right? I've found a lot of the pins to be a bunch of bs--especially beauty stuff, so it discouraged me. I need to get better about it! Follow me here!

The Bachelor
I don't get the appeal of this show. Girls acting like hot messes or being b*tches in general or towards each other--I don't like that sort of thing. I like it when women support each other instead of always being in competition, but hey, that doesn't make good reality tv. I get it. And after falling for "the most dramatic rose ceremony" one too many times, I haven't watched one since. Maybe I should use that spare time to read? ;)

Gifs for Everything
I feel like an unpopular blogger because I don't put gifs on my posts every week. I like them, I don't mind them, but I don't put them on my blog. This is literally my second post ever with them in it. But I felt they kind of fit here for this post, right? As for this gif from Clueless, I just went to Giphy and copied the first one I saw--no hidden meaning behind it! Next time, I'll have to do a post on blogger things I DO, do.

What popular blogger things do you NOT do?


  1. Love this post! I do watch the Bachelor and do not not get really involved in Pinterest even though I know I should. I feel ya Elle!


  2. Ha ha. I love this. I don't do gifs. Maybe I should? Also Friends.... well, I watched it when it first came out. Yep I'm that old. It was funny at the time. I used to do link ups on my old blog. Again, maybe I need to do them now? Love Pinterest. Love reading books. Not really sure what The Batchelor is! xx

    ♥ Carly Susanne ~ A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Haha this is brilliant, I also dont do many of those things, but I do pinterest, I love it! If I am not following you yet, then I will now ;) xx


  4. This is such a fun post! I watch the Bachelor with my daughter - it's always good for a lesson on how not to act! I don't think I could manage without Pinterest - I have so many things pinned for references!

    Doused In Pink

  5. I never used to read, until I had a long commute for work! Now I finish tons of books just because I have to travel 45 minutes each way and it gets boring otherwise. This was hilarious, although I can't agree with you about Friends. I love that show and say PIVOT a lot :-X

  6. Teehee...I love that Pivot scene, but alas, I don't quote Friends much in my blog either:D

  7. Haha! I am guilty of some of these, but definitely not the Bachelor! I just don't understand how you can build a lasting relationship on a show like that!

  8. Noo Ross is my favorite, haha. Though I can totally see why you just can't get into it, I'm definitely that way about other shows that people seem to love.

  9. I think I overuse gifs, I have a problem... but sometimes they are just too perfect to pass up! I would probably get kicked out of the blogosphere because I really never got that into Friends to begin with!

  10. Haha this is awesome! I do LOVE Friends but I get why other people don't. I'm not a big link-up fan, the only ones I consistently participate in are the Friday Favorites ones!

  11. I dont do fashion or the pretty pictures... ironic with me being a photographer ;) ... I just dont have the time for all the set up for these pretty pictures.
    I wish I didnt do The Bachelor - but I sit in awe of the amazing stupidity of it all :) haha

  12. I don't typically use gifs either, unless it's from a show or movie I'm talking about. I can't take the time to sort through them all to get the meaning I'm looking for. I also don't understand The Bachelor! And the constant need to talk about it on Twitter!

  13. I cant do the bachelor. I have zero desire or interest for that type of show. But I do love Friends, and books and pinterest!!! And gifs. LOL The funny thing about Friends is a lot of the early 20 somethings rave about it now but I am like...weren't you in elementary school when it aired? I actually watched it when it aired so it is nostalgic for me. I am not huge in to snapchat and twitter. I love looking on Instagram though. And all my blog pictures are unfiltered iphone pictures. I dont have time to get out a fancy camera and edit them. SO no pretty pictures for me.

  14. haha I love this. I love that you are YOU! I feel so out of place in the blogging world because my niche is so unique :(

  15. I binged all of Friends on Netflix when my husband and I were long-distance for about six weeks. I just had a LOT of free time! It's funny, but I'm not obsessed with it. Although it was weird watching it and realizing I was about the same age as the characters!

    Link-ups can be really hit or miss. I host a monthly one that sometimes only has one other person participate! But other times, five people have participated. It's specific (an interview of yourself or anyone you want to interview), so I don't expect it to be huge. But I hope to grow it so at least a dozen bloggers participate each month.

    My month-long blogging challenge and link-up #LoveBlog is more popular. Not every day is popular, but over the entire month, I'm quite pleased by how many bloggers participate. This was my second year doing it, and I have lots of ideas to improve it next year.

    Finally, I have a permanent link-up for posts on feminism, that grew out of a monthly link-up started by two other bloggers. They had more feminist blogger readers than I do, so the monthly link-up lost popularity when they stopped hosting.

    I read a decent amount, but I usually don't blog about books because those posts get so few page views! I do the occasional listicle of books, but that's it.

    Most of my Pinterest stuff is automated because I don't have time to be on Pinterest. #sorrynotsorry

    I don't watch the Bachelor. I've watched exactly one episode in my entire life. And I don't do gifs either.

  16. i love friends but never a fan of ross. the pivot scene makes me want to drop a couch on his head. i also don't care for a reunion. i like the past to stay in the past most of the time.
    i think that gif is from my little pony and i only know that because my friend's kid turned 4 and is obsessed with mlp so she got a bunch of mlp related crap for her birthday.
    i hate the bachelor. well. that's unfair, because i've never actually watched it. seen clips and that's enough!
    super fun post Elle!

  17. I don't watch friends or the Bachelor either and I wish I could find the time to read again! I feel like there aren't enough hours in a day to do all that I want/need to!

  18. OMG the Pivot scene is my favorite Friend's episode. That and the Yetty, it's a tie.
    I agree with my on a lot of these! I love that you do your own thing and you have a great blog!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  19. Pinterest really is the best! It's so helpful in gaining traffic!


  20. I don't get the appeal of The Bachelor. It just seems so disingenuous at this point and most people seem to be on there looking for their 15 minutes of fame. And I can't deal with a show that took over 20 seasons to cast a person of color as the lead contestant.

  21. I lOVED this so much that I am featuring it as one of my LOVES for the week on The Blended Blog tomorrow!! Well said and so many things I do not do either. The Bachelor? Why, just why? lol

  22. Lol, I am so not with it when it comes to gifs and some really popular shows like the Bachelor. I would love to do linkups, but just am not organized about it. Maybe we can do one next time ;)

  23. ROFL~!!! this cracked me up!! i didnt like friends that much, i cant get into pintrest or twitter and also the bachelor? why do people watch that? its crazy to me they even have bachelor parties and buy roses ! i will never understand lol! have a great weekend!


  24. This is such a fun post! I always mean to participate in more link ups then forget about them. And, gifs. Some bloggers make gifs look so cool, but when I use them in a post, I feel like it's all wrong, lol.

  25. Haha! You're so right - these are things lots of bloggers talk about! I don't do any of these regularly, but I think I've done nearly all of them at least once! Sometimes I feel like I should blog more about the books that I read because I read so stinkin' much (I read while at the gym every day), but I just feel like unless people like the same genres that I do, they won't be interested. Lately I'm reading all the Baby & Parenting related books, haha!

  26. Ha! I relate to most of these myself. I watched Friends casually when it was on but I've seen it listed recently on TV and I never opt to watch it. I recall being mildly annoyed by everyone except Monica because I liked her type A perfectionist personality! I enjoy The Bachelor because for me it's like a soap opera of ridiculousness. I watch it for the laughs and it's my only cornball program; almost everything else I watch is about crime, aside from Golden Girls. ;) GIFs are ok, link ups and loop giveaways make my brain hurt, and I used to LOVE reading but now am lucky to finish more than 5 a year! Oh, another blogger thing: MARBLE! I can't wait to read about the blogger things you do do! I love these types of posts that you do, Elle!

  27. haha! This post was hilarious!! Have not watched friends-- don't intend to. My roommate is OBSESSED with the bachelor. I absolutely do not see any sense in that show either. as for giffs-- I posted one, once. And then it disappeared. Not really my thing. Pinterest-- haven't even properly activated mine tbh, and as for books-- well, I am a bookworm. I just have been reading since the day I learned how. Never stopped. Honestly, don't look at what other bloggers are doing-- that always gets me depressed. Also, why would you want to be like every boring blogger out there? What makes you unique and entertaining is the fact that you are different from anyone else. Its only the weirdos that get followers. the sheep just follow. (Thats my motto) ;)


  28. Love it! I don't do Friends - never seen a full episode, don't watch or even like The Bachelor, and while I do love some great gifs, I don't use them that often. I want to try putting them in more posts but I don't want to overdo it. I just started a new link up so hopefully it will gain some ground - I'm doing it with two other bloggers, so that helps too. It's all about what magazines "make" you do so I like that it fits various blogs - since I read and love so many different blogs. This year is the year of link ups for me, it seems, because I'm trying to use them more to help find other blogs and gain more traffic to my own! FINALLY - whew, long comment - I always post about books but that's a big part of my blog, so it's not a big deal for me. I don't know how some people find time to read either though!


  29. I don't get The Bachelor either, I confess I don't use Pinterest very much, but I think it's a nice thing and it's nice that you use it a lot - it inspires me to do so, too!. I barely use any link up and never used gifs... but I do read a lot. It's nice to know that three of your degrees are English--literature related! I loved this post, it's always good to know about each other, I feel!

  30. On Elle, you rock!! I don't do half of this stuff either. I blog for the fun of it. I know my blog isn't popular or very pretty but it doesn't bother me. What can I say, I'm not a good blogger. It's a fun outlet nothing more. Oh and I do not understand the love of the Bachelor. It's all fakery to me. I once helped "dress" someone for the show and they were all miserable cows to work with. Never watched the show after that. Going on a tv show to find true love is laughable to me. They just want to be famous for nothing.

  31. You are a funny girl, Elle!
    And there's probably more that I don't do than I do do (and speaking correct English is not my forte either-ha ha)

  32. With the exception of the books thing, I don't do any of these either! lol This is so funny! Just keep being you, Elle!

  33. Hmm...I don't think I do any of these either. Except a few link ups, when I remember, and book reviews on occasion. So glad to hop over to your blog today from The Blended Blog. I need SO much make up help!

  34. I love this post! I tried out doing Friday link ups for a while, but it didn't really go anywhere for me. I also don't watch the bachelor- I did when I was younger but I don't find it appealing anymore lol!

  35. This post made me chuckle and I can see where you are coming from with a lot of these :) I have become bad at tags too and I always just forget to use gifs and hashtags which I guess is really bad for a blogger! I just forget haha. Anyway, we are all different and what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another. x

  36. I didn't watch this season of the bachelor either. I love Friends and quote it on the reg. Love this post!

  37. Haha I loved these! I don't add Gifs to my blog either, but I think that's because I never know where to find them! And the only way that I actually read anymore is because I have my hour commute in the mornings and afternoons so I can generally make my way through books then.

  38. This post made me laugh!! Umm, I don't do any of these things?!?! I do read books, I just completely forget to blog about them...! And totally agree with you on The Bachelor. I think I watched the first season when I still lived in the US, but I just don't see the appeal anymore..?!?!

  39. I was never a huge Friends fan either but I'm not really the type to re-watch anything. Once I've seen it, I want to watch something new. What most shocks me is FOUR degrees???


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