How to Hide Dark Roots For Blondes

I've shared plenty of times on how to hide roots for brunettes, but what about blondes?

Today I'm doing just that, and with a special guest, my sister Jessica! We knew we had to take pictures at my Grandmother's house, since she is the main reason I got into all things beauty. And we specifically took them in her now sunroom, which was used to be her salon. When the family gets together, this is where we all hang out. My Grandmother's art she's painted is there too. Lots and lots of good memories are in this room.

So the product that we used is Back 2 Blonde--have you tried this before? It's a temporary spray for dark roots that gives instant results. It comes in 3 shades--light, medium, and dark. You can get it at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid or online at Back2Blonde.com. My sis chose light blonde.

Here's my sister Jessica before Back 2 Blonde with her naturally curly hair. She's a busy mama to two (Cam 6 and Stella 2) and therefore hasn't had the chance to get her roots done.

And here are her roots--sorry Jess! ;)

She had a few concerns before we started: would it work? She had on a white tank top and had to go school shopping with the kids after--would this get all over her shirt? And what about the heat? It was 106 that day--would this last? Is this easy to use?

All of the questions were answered!

After going over the directions and demonstrating how to use Back 2 Blonde on her hair, she was instant pro.

Bye bye roots!

And here's the after! It turned out SO well and it looks natural!

And here are her roots! It looks great, right? As you can see, she didn't get it on her clothes, it was easy and quick to use, and it ended up lasting until her next shampoo.

But who didn't last? My blogging assistant Stella:

It's not easy being cute, y'all.

Let's check out the before/after one more time:

Don't you love how it turned out?  Gorgeous shine, too. She is officially a fan!

And guess what? I've got a deal for you--If you join Ibotta, you earn $4! Check out the details here.

Have you heard of Back 2 Blonde?

In partnership with Back 2 Blonde.


  1. Wow! That works so well! I am impressed :)


  2. Wow - this works great! I had to reschedule my highlights because of a work trip and can't get in now for a few weeks so it's perfect timing to try it!

    Doused In Pink

  3. I need to try this soon! What a difference! Thanks for helping us blondes out. :)


  4. That is really impressive!!!
    I love all these new sprays for roots. My roots are HORRIBLE by the time hair appointments come around. I LIVE for these sorts of sprays about 2 weeks before my day.

  5. This looks super easy and so natural! I'll have to tell my fair haired friends about this product!

  6. Holy Cow that is amazing! I am even rootier right now and I am picking this up! Stella is so cute!

  7. Wow! The before and after is incredible!!! I'm going to have to check this out!

  8. I LOVE these temporary sprays that help extend the time between salon visits! Your sister is so cute and her hair looks amazing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. It looks like that stuff works great!!!

  10. Aaaaawwww....your guests are too cute today:D And I haven't tried this yet, but as someone who constantly has to bleach my roots, I should give this a go!

  11. I did NOT think these things work until I saw these photos. Now I am a believer! What a difference! It takes me forever to get my highlights redone so I think I need a can of this!

  12. OMG i need this in my life like right now... I'm a total Rooty Booty as I like to call it... :)

    Ps- Your sis is gorgeous just like u and your niece is adorable!!!!

  13. Sounds like a great product. I actually love the dark root look right now.

  14. Wonderful that it worked so well for your sister, what a great product! :) And your napping niece is just so cute :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  15. Love the result and the difference it made, so good! Am brunette though, but this was informative nonetheless! Xx


  16. I am so amazed, this product really works! I liked that you shared memories with us, like the room for the family now, the ex-salon of your grandmother. Your sister has gorgeous hair and such a smile, I am glad she showed the product! I like her hair before, too! I've started posting on Fridays too, so please forgive me for the "signature" :) It's automatic and for non-Bloglovin bloggers :)
    DenisesPlanet.com - new post: The Power of a Smile

  17. Wow, that looks amazing. Your sister's hair looks great. I like how kids can sleep through anything:)

  18. Your sister is so pretty! Clearly it runs in the family :) I don't color my hair, but that stuff looks amazing. You have the cutest blogging assistants (can't forget all of Charlie's hard work)!

  19. Thanks for your review of this! Would you say it has similar properties to dry shampoo, also? Would you say you could layer this with dry shampoo? Reason I ask is because being blonde, I am a religious dry shampoo user to extend my color. Thanks!

  20. Oh wow, that is seriously impressive and your sister is so sweet and gorgeous!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  21. Oh wow, this looks fantastic! I'll keep this in mind for if I ever get back to dyeing/highlighting my hair. And how gorgeous is your sister?! :)

  22. Cool post! Wish I was blonde, haha.. - http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  23. Cool post! Wish I was blonde, haha.. - http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  24. Wow the results of this is amazing!! That's so crazy, her hair looks freshly done from a salon. I wish I knew about this product back when I was blonde a few years ago, it would have been a life saver!

  25. aww you two are so cute! didn't know you had a sister!

  26. That's pretty neat...! Luckily, no root issues for me yet. I'm waiting for when I go gray... Ha


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