Dupe? MAC Angel Vs. Maybelline Born With It

Y'all I'm going to be honest--I kind of don't go on Pinterest. I pin there daily, but I find a lot of the info I encounter to be false, like a ploy to get page views. So whenever I see a list of beauty "dupes" I tend to throw the 'ol side eye. But I get asked so often for drugstore dupes of popular expensive products, that I felt it necessary to test these "dupes" and see if they were legit or not.

And the most requested dupe request I get is for lipstick, specifically ones from MAC. Today I'm pitting MAC Angel (one of my favorite pinky-nude lipsticks) against a "dupe" I found online, Maybelline Born With It. So is it a dupe or not?

MAC Angel
  • Purchase where MAC is sold in stores and online
  • $17
  • "Frost" finish
  • Vanilla scent
And here it is swatched on the lips. I have a light-medium skin tone.
Overall, I love this lipstick--one of my faves.

Maybelline Born With It
  • Drugstores, box stores, and online
  • $7.49 (I've seen it cheaper and more expensive, so shop around)
  • Unscented--it does smell like lipstick to me. Idk how to describe the smell. 
  • It does have sparkles in it, noticeable when the lipstick wears off or when you use a makeup wipe
And here it is swatched.

So now that we've got some background on each, let's look at them side by side:

They do look similar in the tube, with MAC Angel being a little darker.

And here they are swatched, in natural and artificial lighting. You can tell MAC Angel looks a little different, but similar overall.

But how do they look on the lips? I swatched half of my lips with MAC and half with Maybelline:

On your left is MAC Angel. I took this pic with no flash (top) and flash (bottom).
On your right is Maybelline Born With It.

Can you tell a difference?

On my lips (which aren't very pigmented, to be honest) they look the same. MAC has a better scent, is a little creamier, and doesn't have the sparkles. But Maybelline has the excellent price. I think (on my lips) this is a dupe.

Do you think this is a dupe?
What dupes would you like to see next?

Extra Elle:
  • I took the day off blogging to get some deadlines met and finish up some product testing. I can't wait to share it all!
  • Last night I was up late (#bloggerproblems) and fell down the spiral of The Tonight Show #hashtag clips--viewers via Twitter submit funny/embarrassing/weird stories using a given hashtag. I was crying I was laughing so hard!


  1. Oh man I just bought that color from MAC a few weeks ago, but something about a MAC lipstick makes me happy! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I love Mac lipsticks but they are so pricy. The shade is so pretty! This is a great dupe! They really do look almost exact!

    Doused In Pink

  3. I love Mac Angel, so good to know there's a dupe out there just in case!!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  4. This is great, I was looking at the MAC Angel the other day but I did not buy it, I find MAC lipsticks so expensive and I prefer the more affordable dupes. I'll have a look at the Maybelline one :)


  5. Yay for a day off, but it sounds like you were still hard at work! I think this is a great dupe. I really can't tell the difference, although I know what you mean about that lipstick smell. I wonder what causes it?!

  6. TOTAL dupe - and I am now off to buy Born With It!


  7. Oh wow! This is one of the closest dupes I've seen. I do think they both look similar, and you can't beat that Maybelline price.

  8. As much as I love a good dupe I am too addicted to Mac lipsticks to go for the dupe version. But I can't believe how much these look alike! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  9. looks like a good dupe to me! but i can't help but always go for the MAC bc i know i'll be satisfied :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  10. Great spread! Thanks for sharing. Continue the good work.
    Best, MODENOVA I www.modenova.com

  11. I love a good dupe! But MAC lipsticks are worth it to me..they're still a good price and the whole scent and look of it makes the experience more special :) It's nice knowing there are dupes out there though!

  12. I think this is a dupe. you cant really tell a difference on your lips. I am not one to hunt for dupes, but when I find an affordable version I am pleased.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  13. I'll have to try out that Maybelline one because that's one of my favourite MAC shades as well!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  14. These are a pretty good dupe, I love the shades x

    Zoe Mountford x

  15. I always get swept up in the Hashtag thing from Jimmy Fallon. They are the best!!!!

  16. Thanks for the headsup and review - I am so looking for a great nude lipcolor! Don't forget to check out my latest collab with EXPRESS and let me know what you think about the romper! Have a lovely weekend!


  17. Thank you so much for pointing out that Pinterest dupes are usually false, I have found that to be the true which is why, I don't bother with it. This is such a pretty nude shade, Elle and I'll swatch the Maybelline one the next time I go shopping, hopefully it won't wash me out.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  18. They look so different (but similar) swatched, but on the lips they definitely look almost the same! Angel was one of my first ever lipsticks and I probably need to toss it because it's so old now, but this looks like it would be a good dupe- though the sparkles kind of make me nervous-- though you really can't see them from the photos.

  19. I love when Jimmy Fallon does hashtag bits. He's my favorite late night guy. These look super similar! I had forgotten about MAC Angel. I like nudes that are more pink toned, I need to grab one of these ASAP. This is a great color to keep in my purse and throw on with anything since it will match everything.

  20. These a both very pretty. I've had Angel on my wish list for a while. Maybe I'll checkout the maybelline one instead, since I think they are just as good as Mac lipsticks!

  21. I don't have Angel...I feel like it may not look good on me. It looks great on you, and definitely a dupe on your lips!

  22. A little too frosty for me. I swear I look so weird in anything with a frost to it. Always cool to see those Pinterest claims are legit though! (;

  23. I think they are both lovely, but I'd definitely go with Maybelline. It's just something easy, pretty and perfect for summer months. :)

  24. They look slightly different in the swatches. Angel looks more pinky peach but on your lips they look very similar.

  25. Ooo! Good to know. I wonder if it's still a dupe on my pigmented lips. I need to test this out. :) Love these dupe posts.

  26. Thank you so much for sharing this. I hate buy high end lipstick. Which I'm sure you could tell by my lipstick post this week.


  27. Omg this is a perfect dupe! You can't even tell on your lips! Such a pretty natural color too!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  28. Ooh these do look pretty much the same on your lips. I've actually been looking for a pink lipstick that isn't too bright (I already have some bright ones) so I'm going to try the Maybelline! Also, I'm the same way with Pinterest--especially recipes, so many aren't great. I prefer to pin or repin from food blogs!

  29. I can't tell a difference at all! Love the soft color and the price of Maybelline!

  30. I think they look exactly the same! Great, I love MAC lipsticks but now I can try out more shades under budget!

  31. I've actually never had a MAC lipstick, but I've heard of angel, I know it's super popular. I didn't know their lipsticks were scented??? I might have to pick up this Maybelline one though!

  32. That does look like a dupe! It's always nice to find a cheaper option :)

  33. Wow! I can't tell a difference on your lips at all! That's crazy! Awesome to have an actual dupe! :)

  34. Any difference between these two shades looks barely discernible on your lips. I really wish I could pull off light pinks like this.

  35. MAC lipsticks are some of my faves. I really can't tell a difference on these when they are on your lips, I can tell a difference on your arm, tho! These dup posts are so fun!


  36. love MAC lipsticks! pretty color!
    xx, lauren

  37. Love this! It really helps when deciding if to splurge or not! They both look great!

    Paula- www.livingpaula.com

  38. Pinterest bothers me these days, too! I never see any pins from the gals I follow and they continually show me the same, popular pins!

    But anyways, great dupe comparison! I totally think that this is a dupe! I don't own Maybelline Born with It, but now i think I need to! ;-)

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. I don't have Angel but I've tried it once in store and it's a beautiful lipstick. Born With It is indeed very similar. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  41. This looks like a really good dupe on your lips! I've owned the Born With It shade before, and used it all up. This reminds me that I need to get it again!

  42. Fun fact, Mac Angel is the first Mac product I ever purchased. Good to know there is a dupe out there for it!

  43. I've become a huge fan of MAC lipsticks after my friend gave me a couple for Christmas this past year, but you really can't tell the difference when they're on your lips! MAC lipstick does smell so good though!

  44. both colours are pretty on you, i personally wouldn't like this colour on myself, but if i did, i'd probably go for the mac. which i never thought i'd say haha. i love pinterest, i hate click bait type pins though, i stay away. i normally use it for travel, outfits, or recipes. i'm gonna have to check out the hashtag tonight show thing it sounds hilarious!

  45. I love MAC Angel. So good to know there's a dupe for it! Thanks for the info!

    Breakfast at Gracey's

  46. Wow, almost spot on! Angel looks a tad warmer :)


  47. Pretty colors!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  48. These are SUCH pretty shades! I never wear lipstick and you have me wanting to go buy the Maybelline one right now!


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