DIY Orange Crush Salt Scrub--Dry Skin NEEDS This!

"I need your help," my friend panted breathlessly, dramatically waving a glass container around as she walked into my house. My heart skipped a beat, what could be wrong? Charlie waited at her feet for her to pat his head and so he could give kisses.

"It's this salt scrub. I need you to recreate it. I got it at this resort, they make it. It's like $50 or something. I'm almost out. It's the only thing that works on my hands so they don't look like a crocodile."

I started giggling, and let my heart calm down. I was worried for nothing--no more scary movies for me before bed. I handed Charlie over in exchange for the salt scrub. His tail wagged in appreciation. A salt scrub? That, now that, I could do.

After some trial and error, I was able to recreate it, minus the fact that I added color to make it cuter. What? I had to. And now I'm sharing it with you. If you have dry skin, especially after winter, you'll want to try this on your hands and/or body.

Here's what you'll need:
  • 2 c salt
  • 5 drops orange soap colorant (optional)
  • 3 drops orange essential oil
  • 1/4 c sunflower oil
  • almost 1/2 c cottonseed oil
  • 2 drops litsea cubeba oil
  • bowl for mixing, fork for mixing
  • resealable container for storage
You can find all of these items online, like Amazon.com.

Mix in a large bowl until blended. It should be the consistency above. Store in an air tight container. Use on body and hands, but not face. Scrub and rinse off. Your skin will be soft and very moisturized. You'll rub in the oil and pat dry. This stuff is VERY moisturizing, so please, please exercise caution if using in the tub. I only use it on my feet if I'm using a foot spa or sitting on the edge of the tub. I prefer it on the backs of my hands or legs.

If the consistency is too oily, add a little more salt. Over time, you'll find the scrub will need to be stirred to get it back to the original consistency.  I like the litsea cubeba because of its citrus smell and antifungal properties, but it is not needed. If you are pregnant or have sensitivities, please be sure to check with your doctor before creating/using the scrub. Make sure to use a sunscreen on your skin to protect it from the sun, since orange is acidic. Feel free to make a smaller batch. This should keep for several months.

Do you use salt scrubs?

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  1. I need to make this ASAP! My skin is so dry in the winter and my hands look horrible! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  2. I bet this smells amazing! I love anything with a clean citrus scent. Have a great time in the mountains this weekend!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  3. Look at you. Its like your some sort of skin care dealer, people coming up freaking out because they're running out. I see a version of Breaking Bad about you :) haha

  4. My skin has been SO dry lately! Gotta try this :)

  5. Girl you are so talented in creating all these amazing scrubs! One day we'll walk into a store and see your own line of cosmetics :)

  6. oh this looks amazing! orange is such a refreshing amazing scent too. have fun in the mountains!!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. This sounds so good. You should totally set up your own shop!

  8. I love orange and orange essential oil so YES I need to try this! Pinning now to make later ;)

  9. I'm only familiar with sunflower oil and never even heard/seen the other two! Bookmarking this for sure and have a great mini vacation, Elle!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  10. Ooooh this looks amazing! Almost good enough to eat <3
    Green Fashionista

  11. I bet this smells so good! I'm about due for some exfoliating!

  12. You're like the queen of beauty DIYs! Enjoy your mini vacation Elle!

  13. This sounds amazing. I love orange scents!! I hope you enjoy your vacation!

  14. OMG thank you! I had some similar scrub everywhere we went in Key West and I bought some and just ran out! I am pinning! Have a great vacation! Heading that way in May and I cannot wait!

  15. My hands and feet are SO dry in the winter! This sounds great and that's so cool that you were able to recreate this for your friend.

  16. Oh my gosh I really need to make this. My feet get so dry! Not even in the winter, they are just always dry! Thank you!!

    Breakfast at Gracey's

  17. I bet this smells amazing, and it would be perfect for preparing for spring-bare leg/arm weather!

  18. I bet this smells heavenly! You always make the best scrubs! I definitely need to give this a try, especially with the warmer weather coming up!

  19. This sounds so amazing! I am excited to try this out! Perfect for an at-home pedicure for spring!

  20. Ooooh, I think I need this for my feet! I'll definitely be pinning it and trying it sometime later! I love the scent of oranges! Have a fun mini-vacay! :)

  21. This sounds great! My hands have been very crocodile-like lately, and I think I actually have most of these ingredients.

  22. I bet this smells wonderful! Cottonseed oil just sounds fun haha.

  23. You have at the best DIY. Enjoy your getaway.


  24. Oh, I bet this smells so good!! Congrats on the FB call out from Goody!!


  25. YUM! I use a lemon salt scrub right now, but I love anything citrus. I'm pinning this for later! Have fun on your weekend getaway and congrats on the Goody love!

  26. This sounds so amazing, and I always love a good salt scrub! I hope that you're enjoying your mini vacation!

  27. I've used a scrub like this before and it was heaven. It wasn't self made though, so I really need to try this! It will save me a lot of money, haha

  28. It just LOOKS like it smells good. Is that weird? I think adding the color was a good call!

  29. This sounds great, I will have to try it out!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  30. Ah, so lovely! I bet it smells like summer in a shower! Thank you for the recipe, Elle! x

  31. Oh, this looks positively incredible - especially for spring!


  32. This scrub sounds fantastic! It looks like orange sherbert :)

  33. That's so awesome that you were featured on Facebook! I can practically smell this through the computer. If anyone can figure out how to recreate something, it's you!

  34. So awesome that you were able to create a similar scrub for your friend! :) I bet this smells amazing too :) The colour looks great as well.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  35. This sounds amazing. My lips feel softer already just from reading this >_<


  36. I would use this. I love the scent of orange. So refreshing.

  37. Look at you lady! This is incredible, I wish I could put together something like this, I wouldn't even know where to find half of these ingredients!


  38. So so good ;)


    Mónica Sors




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