See What's Possible

"There's no way I can do this," I muttered under my breath.

"This" was Stone Mountain. The family I work for had invited me along for the day. They decided on a hike UP the mountain. Not around it, not taking a trolley, but up.

"Yeah, I definitely can't do this. Impossible," I said a bit louder this time. I have an extreme fear of heights and I don't exactly have the physique of an avid hiker. I love the outdoors...through the view of a window. I'm joking, but yeah, a hiker I'm not.

As I turned to join the family, I was immediately startled by the then 5-year old, who I almost bumped into. She was behind me, like my shadow. She still is like this a year later. She had heard everything. I could tell when I tried to fake a grin like everything was cool. She looked confused. She ran off to her mom and told her she had changed her mind. She was scared, she said. 

After taking care of kids for years, I know they are like little sponges, absorbing everything they see and hear. And she had heard me. I should have known better and realized my words of doubting myself had an impact. I had to erase that doubt.

Think of a time when you were doubted or when you doubted yourself. It's the worst, right?

But it's the best when you feel empowered through others, and especially yourself, to see what's possible.

Speaking of what's possible, I wanted to share about a new campaign I'm thrilled to announce:
  • After thousands of hours meeting with women around the world, Neutrogena uncovered a universal truth – women are stepping back to examine what’s possible in their lives so they can pursue their dreams
  • Neutrogena was inspired to launch its first-ever global campaign: Neutrogena See What’s Possible.” This will make its its broadcast debut at the 88th Academy Awards on Sunday Feb. 28 (7 p.m. ET /4 p.m. PT on ABC). The ad is voiced by Brand Ambassador and creative consultant Kerry Washington and features real women following their passions.
  • The empowering video brings to life the brand’s point of view on beauty – what really makes a woman beautiful is the ability to look in the mirror and know that anything is possible.

You can view the campaign here, and join in the conversation by sharing your personal stories and words of encouragement on social media with the hashtag #seewhatspossible.

As a nanny, who takes care of two adorable little girls (slightly biased), I'm ecstatic that in the US, Neutrogena has forged a partnership with the Girls Inc. organization, whose mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. More empowerment and possibilities!

So back to my story: you better believe I climbed that mountain and held her hand as we ran across the top. 

Think words don't have an impact? Just this week, she decided she wanted to be an eyeball when she grew up. Yes, an eyeball. Last week it was an astronaut. 

When I questioned her about this, she said, "You told me I can be anything I wanna!"

And she's absolutely right. I can't wait to see what she wants to be next.


This post was in partnership with Neutrogena.


  1. Such a great story! That's awesome that you hiked up the mountain. I love this campaign Neutrogena is doing!


  2. Love this story. I'm glad you climbed the mountain.

  3. What a lovely story Elle! I think it's great that you climbed the mountain! What an accomplishment!

  4. What a lovely post, Elle:) You are both learning from each other....that's the best kind of relationship.XOXO

  5. What an awesome campaign and lovely story, Elle! xo

  6. This sounds like a great campaign and those two little girls are very lucky to have such an awesome person to look up to!

  7. This sounds like such a great campaign for empowering girls and women! I love that the girl you watch knows that she can be anything she wants to be!

  8. love that this campaign is tied to a philanthropic cause! I'm a huge neutrogena fan and this makes it even better.
    xx, lauren

  9. SO. DANG. TRUE. This is something I think about often when I am beating myself up about my body or appearance or...anything really! I always remind myself that I would never ever want any future daughter I may have to follow my example and end up thinking that about herself. Also, I absolutely love that she wants to be an eyeball. :)

  10. You are amazing! Way to go! I always try to push myself and do things that make me uncomfortable- it is the only way to grow!


  11. Good on you for conquering your fears for her...! Amazing! And I love how she wants to be an eyeball!!

  12. Great campaign by Neutrogena

  13. This is such an amazing post, dear Elle, wow! I loved the story and the fact that you climbed the mountain and told the girl she can be anything she wants! yes, kids absorb all! I loved this campaign by Neutrogena, I think we definitely can be all we want!

  14. Good your conquered you fear. Also what an amazing campaign. Have a great weekend.


  15. You are amazing! I'm glad you conquered your fears and climbed the mountain! I love that she wants to be an eyeball! :)

    Doused In Pink

  16. Ahh - you tied that in so well together.
    I love Neutrogena is partnering up with Girls Inc too - that makes me want to support them even more.

  17. Very inspiring post, Elle. Our words truly do have an impact on those around us, especially children. I try to always be mindful of what I'm saying in front of and to my children, because I want them to know that the possibilities are endless and they can dream as big as the sky.

  18. Aw... love this. So inspiring! Have a good weekend!

  19. oh my heart! "you told me i can be anything i wanna" - i just love! so proud - good for you chica :) happy friday!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  20. So glad you conquered that mountain!

  21. This is such a great post Elle! That is awesome you were able to climb that mountain and show the little one that you could! The neutrogena campaign sounds amazing! And I love that she wanted to be an eye ball because you told her she could be anything she wants lol!! That made me smile

  22. I'm so glad that you climbed that mountain and that the 5YO joined you--what a great, inspiring story! This sounds like a wonderful campaign too! (And I LOL'ed over "eyeball")

  23. So great to hear you made it up the mountain and encouraged the little one to join. She sounds like a character!

  24. What a wonderful story to inspire courage and overcoming fears! I love that she's taken the phrase "You can be anything you want to be" completely to heart! ;)

  25. Oh my goodness, this post has me all teary eyed! This is SO true how kids soak up everything we say! I'm so glad you climbed that mountain with her! What a huge and awesome impact you are having on these kids!

  26. Beautiful post! So inspiring what a great role model you are to those two girls!

  27. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story! I'm so glad that Neutrogena is dedicating resources to empowering girls. We need to see more of this in the world!

  28. I love that you both soldiered through and that she taught you such a great little lesson that day


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