Asian Beauty Haul!

Hey you! How's your week going so far? I have the day off, which will be spent catching up on blogs, running errands, and cleaning--the usual. No shopping on this day off, I'm afraid. I'm on a shopping ban for June, so I'm reminiscing about recent purchases from months past. And today I have an Asian Beauty Haul! Everything was purchased by me online, like on Amazon or Ebay.

Products Mentioned:

  • Heat sleep eye mask
  • Tony Moly Petite Bunny Lip Crayon
  • Tony Moly peach lotion
  • Tony Moly Cappuccino mask
  • Feet mask
  • Tony Moly Pore Eraser
  • Tony Moly Moist Mist
  • Etude House Lip Gel
  • Polish removers--video exclusive
  • Italian washcloths--video exclusive
To learn more about each product, how to use them, and my reviews, click to watch the video I made you!

What products have you been loving lately?


  1. Asian products are always fantastic, huge fan of Etude House :)

  2. I have always wanted to try out Asian makeup and beauty products! The bunny lip crayon is so cute!

  3. I love Asian beauty products!! Especially Korean products :)

  4. How fun! Those products look really different! Thank you for sharing! Can not believe you are on a no buy! Good luck- lol!!! www.beauty4free2u.com

  5. Good luck with the shopping ban.

    I'm always so impressed when people can actually follow through with those because I totally never can thanks to blogs like yours hehe.

    Looks like some fun new products as well!

  6. Love all the packaging! And we used to use those washcloths when we lived in Korea and loved them. I will have to get some for myself and my mom! I really want to try that feet mask now, too!

  7. How cute are these products! I want to try a few of these out- like the bunny lip crayon! Too fun. :)


  8. They look really different! Love the packaging. So cute

  9. I wish American beauty products had such cute packaging!

  10. Can't wait to watch the video - I want to know how that pore eraser works! The maybelline kind that I tried was terrible! Happy Tuesday!


  11. I love asian products. They really work like magic on skin. Sheet face masks are my favorite. Loved the haul. Eager to see detailed reviews on these :-)

  12. i'll have to watch the vid later (no sound at work!), but i'm curious about the egg!!

  13. I haven't tried ANY asian products. I think I need to do a little purchasing soon. Where do you buy these online? That coffee masks sounds nice and a heating mask...I get headaches ALOT so that might be useful for me. BTW I LOVE your braid and look nice and tan :) Is that a 5 strand braid?

  14. The packaging would get me too, so cute! I would be so afraid of not being able to read te directions. The peach lotion sounds good.

  15. I have the day off, tomorrow, and plan on playing catch up a bit, too! :) Peach is a fave scent of mine. Peach lotion sounds heavenly. T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  16. Asian beauty product always interest me. I should try more.

  17. i'm on a spending ban too (trying)! these products look cool!

  18. Awesome haul, Elle:) And way to rock that lip gel...hahaha.....

  19. Heart-shaped eyes *-*
    The baby bunny is to die for! I love it *-*



  20. i've been loving these korean face masks lately! they're super hydrating and smell amazing and my skin loves them. a perfect addition to my skin routine.

    Vodka and Soda

  21. It is funny-- I live in Asia, but I don't use any Asian beauty products. I guess one of my biggest reasons is I don't want to lighten my skin and a lot of the products contain some sort of bleaching agent (whether or not listed), and I am scared I will accidentally buy something with that sort of content.

  22. You totally had me cracking up at the beginning of this video with "looks like a butt." lol All of this stuff is soooo cute! I can't get over it. I may have to check out ebay for some Asian products.
    xoxo Lauren | Will Sing For Makeup

  23. Oh I loved this haul because the packaging on some items were cute and it really made me want to many of the things you showed. I really need to try those feet masks and that coffee face mask sounds awesome. I have the peach thing but it's a like a chapstick, it really does smell great. I've see the lip mask before but it was a paper one not a jelly one, might have too look into that. Great haul Elle! :)


  24. This is cute! Just a question, how do the eye masks heat up?

  25. Those products sound unique and cool. I haven't done an eye mask in almost a decade. What do you recommend?

  26. I need to just try that foot stuff, I've been a little afraid of the peeling, but I need to just get over it and give it a try! Okay and only us down here in this area of the country will get this, but that peach looks just like the peach watertower near Gaffney, SC off of 85! It makes me LOL!


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