April Chit Chat Plus Q&A

I can't believe the year is almost halfway over! April flew by so fast! Today I'm sharing my monthly vlog. It's a great chance for you to get to know me better, as I share my month in review. This month will be different because I'm ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS! Yes, watch the video to see if your Instagram got a shout out and if your question was answered!

Some of the things I talk about:
  • Mug of the Month!
  • my trip to Charleston
  • 2 special birthdays
  • confidence in pictures/video
  • fave products
  • how I get my teeth so white
Um, I'm not selling this, am I? Well, then how about a pic of my Thrilled Special Guest?

Still not interested? How about a Blooper? You want real life? Here ya go:

You're just not gonna watch the video, eh? I worked hard on it, y'all! Then I leave you with 4 fantastic giveaways. Enjoy.

PS: I've got another post today! Check out my reviews on NYM new hair products!


  1. I always love hearing your accent in these posts!! I totally agree that wearing sunscreen is the best beauty tip!!

  2. your doggy dog is so cute!
    Un abbraccio,
    Eva e Valentina The AnarCHIC

  3. I love this video, but even more - sleepy little munchkin at the end. So adorable... :)

  4. I was OK with it being May until I read your note that the year is halfway over. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  5. thanks for the great question and answer session!! I appreciate you answering my IG question! I am also encouraging my teen to wear sunscreen daily!! What type is your favorite? Happy Thursday! Susan

  6. Can't wait to see that post about conturing! And YES to the sunscreen!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday you your sister and Charlie. I love watching your video. I even watch your 90 facts. Still can't believe you don't like cilantro.

  8. The mug is super cute, and I always love watching your videos :) You seem like such a sweet person and your videos always make me smile

  9. What a cute puppy ! great video !
    Simply Sutter

  10. Awww, Elle you are just so darn cute!!! XOXO, Sissi

  11. that mug is adorable! you are too cute.

  12. Aww cool post and video! Your dog is so cute! =)



  13. Happy birthday Charlie! Loved this month's chit chat, Elle! :-)

  14. Great video! Happy Birthday to Charlie! I need to look into that whitening product!

  15. What an adorable mug and pup! Ugh love Charleston!!

    <3 Shannon

  16. Loved the video and your pup is really cute!

  17. I'm headed to Charleston for a work conference in June and I'm really excited- I've never been! I hear it's beautiful. :)

    Happy birthday this month to Charlie! Muffin (the super fluffy pup of my 3 little hellions) is 4 and turns 5 this fall- where does the time go?


  18. I love your monthly chats! Score for getting the mug for free : )

  19. This is what I get for doing my blogging at work - can't watch the video! Haha I'll have to catch up soon :)

  20. i love your monthly recaps! and dogs they never want to take photos when we ask them too

  21. i need to look up novawhite. that blue looks awesome on you elle. love your Q&A from your readers.

  22. I love these videos. I didn't know about growing up in the salon and the commercials is too funny. Prep work for later. ;) Charlie was so cute and sleepy. I've been fighting thus virus all month so I hope you are kicking yours too.


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