This or That: Seche Vite vs Out The Door Top Coats

For January, I'm starting a new series called This or That. I'll be putting two similar beauty products to the test to see which one is better. One will be high end, and the other product will be a less-expensive alternative or a possible dupe. I hope you enjoy it!

I admit I really slacked off with my nail polish posts over the last year, so that's why I wanted to start off with a polish post. First up, I have a comparison between Seche Vite and INM Out The Door, two popular fast-drying top coats. Both can be found in stores and online.

Seche Vite
  • Seche Vite™ dry fast top coat is widely acknowledged as the world's finest top coat. Specially formulated to penetrate through nail lacquer to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail plate for a much more durable finish. Guaranteed not to yellow while leaving nails silky, stronger and resistant to chipping and peeling. --via site
  • Dries fast
  • Minimal chipping
  • Glossy, almost gel-like finish
  • Price $7.99+/- for .5oz
  • Shrinkage around nail/polish
  • Strong smell due to crazy bad chemicals
  • Formula thickens quickly, about halfway through the bottle. A polish thinner needs to be purchased and added to get through bottle.
No chipping after 1 week.

INM Out The Door Fast Drying Top Coa
  • America's #1 super fast drying top coat! Out The Door's long wearing, high gloss finish will not yellow. Use alone or over any polish to accelerate the drying time--via site
  • Price $4.49+/- for .5 fl oz
  • Dries quickly
  • Thinner consistency means you can get through the whole bottle
  • Not as strong of a smell
  • 5 days without chipping
  • Not as gel-like of a shine
1 week with chipping on pointer finger.
  • I am wearing 1 coat of a white Julie G polish followed by 1 coat of a glitter Sinful Colors polish, with a top coat of Seche Vite on my left hand, and Out the Door on my right. You results will vary depending on polish used. 
  • I did this specific test twice, alternating the top coats on both hands, as I am right-handed and my nails always chip faster there. Does that happen to you?
  • Seche Vite was the winner as far as shine and lasting power; however, Out The Door was so close.
  • So which one is better? This is really difficult as I can argue for both:
    • Seche Vite: 
      • Would repurchase but not anytime soon
      • Love the gel-like finish
      • Can't stand how it thickens up to the point of being unusable 
    • OTD: 
      • I paint my nails very often, rarely keeping the same polish on more than 4 days, so a week-long top coat is not a priority. 
      • Would repurchase
      • Despite what the results were, this is my personal winner,

Which one do you like best?
Which products would you like me to test next?

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  1. Happy New Year, Elle! I love this idea for a new series! These both sound great overall.

  2. I use Seche Vite now but took forever to decide to buy it because of the higher price and now it's starting to thicken. I definitely going to try OTD next!

  3. this is great! i just ordered out the door online about 2 days ago! ($3.95) Also, I heard the out the door one didn't have all of the toxic ingredients the seche vite has although I haven't really researched that part so I'm not 100% sure.
    Love this new series :)

  4. I always hate spending so much on top and base coats, but it is definitely worth it for your nails sake!


  5. I haven't try either brand out. I have been using sally hassen top and base coat. Which all my nail polish last a week but chip. Right now I have gel nail polish on.

  6. This is a cool series! Good to know!

  7. love these pretty nails!! xo jillian

  8. These are my favorite types of posts- I'm so glad your doing a series! I haven't tried either of these polishes yet. I didn't try seche vite because of the price, and I didn't try out the door because I heard many people talk about it. I think I'm going to give the out the door top coat a try though!


  9. i love this new post idea. i will have to think if i need any comparisons in the future! ;)

  10. So glad you did this post as was debating between the two which to buy!

    mybeautysleuth x


  11. LOVE this post. I've used Seche Vite forever and might not have tried a new top coat (even though it drives me nuts that I only get to use half the bottle before it's thick as molasses!), but now I totally will! Trying OTD next time. You are awesome!

  12. Great post, Elle.
    I rarely used top coat in the past, now it is my essential like no other and birthday nails stayed untouched all night long and more. Can't wait for more THIS OR THAT xx


  13. We sadly don't get these brands here but this is a brilliantly researched review. Hope you're having a fantastic start to the new year!

  14. I haven't tried OTD but I definitely wasn't as impressed with SV as I thought I would be... everyone always raves about it.

  15. For me, the biggest deciding factor in a top coat is the gel like finish; thus, I would have to go with Seche Vite :) Haven't tried it yet, but I will definitely be looking for that as my next top coat!


  16. Girl I always love reading your posts and opinions. I didn't love SV like I assumed I would after all the rave reviews. I will have to try the other brand for sure!

  17. Man, I thought the whole thing with the Seche thickening was just me. I'm glad it wasn't! (It's not just the top coat either - the base coat does it too, even worse. At least I could take the brush out of the Vite bottle...)

    I'll have to keep an eye out for Out The Door, I really need a top coat that isn't going to make my polish peel off.

  18. Okay, I gotta try OTD! I love SV, but get sick of tossing it out halfway through (never bought the thinner). I love that it makes my nails look like glass though!

    I also change my polish a lot, so I don't need it to last more than 2 days. I am all over this! Thanks!

  19. I adore the thought of a gel-like shine; so, I'd likely opt for the SV. T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  20. I love the glossy and rock hard finish of Seche Vite, but I agree that stuff is expensive especially since it thickens so easily. I've managed to work my way to about 1/4-ish of the bottle before it was totally unusable. Currently I'm using Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri topcoat (it's the red bottle), it's not as glossy as SV but it hardly chips and I use my hands a lot at work. I'll have to try out OTD sometime though!

  21. Love the this or that. Will be purchasing otd

  22. I love Seche Vite but with some polishes, it doesn't do a thing. This is a great comparison!

  23. I can't believe how long they both go without chipping - I don't think I've ever worn nail varnish that has lasted more than 2 days!

    Corinne x

  24. I've heard everywhere the Seche Vite thickens badly..! Thanks for the review..! I've wanted to try the Seche Vite bit people have mentioned the thickening.. I may skip it..! The Posche I just purchased seems to be working good so far.

  25. I like this idea! Thank you for always being so helpful! Anything that helps my polish last a week has to be good!

  26. I must admit after Seche Vite, I've never really tried anything else as I love love love this topcoat.

  27. I wouldn't like how Seche Vite thickens halfway through the bottle so I'd definitely go with the other one. I love this series idea, by the way!

  28. I love my seche vite top coat and haven't tried the other so I can't compare. I have heard that Sally Hanson's topcoat is comparable to seche vite.


  29. Interesting... I may have to try out OTD. I've always used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and have never had an issue with it but I'm totally open to trying something new!

  30. I like Seche Vite because it doesn't smudge nail art but I don't like the shrinkage and it chips horribly on me. I've actually been using Sally Hansen Insti-Dry and I really like it, it does smudge nail art though.

  31. I love seche vite! I use it every time I paint my nails!


  32. Stellar idea!! Great review and research!

    New follower *hearts*
    The Working Girl's Shoe Closet
    blog: www.workinggirlsshoecloset.com
    fb: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Working-Girls-Shoe-Closet/157318177643118
    twitter: WGsShoeCloset

  33. i like out the door better. I think Seche makes it thicken so you'll buy seche restore -_-

  34. I don't think we have those brands here! I should look on eBay sometime :)

  35. I don't think my daughter has ever used either of those brands. I have a question for you - my daughter's nails are taking a beating from all the polishing she does. What do you do to keep your nails strong and healthy?

  36. Great review. Thank you for comparing two similar products. I think your this or that post will be very interesting and informative. Good luck with it.

  37. What a great series--sometimes it's hard to choose between this and that! I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other--please join my GFC and I'll follow you right back!


    xo Jess

  38. Ooh good new segment! I love reading ur reviews for certain beauty products :)

  39. Wow this is a great review!! I love the review between 2 products!

  40. This is a great new segment, love it! I'm a Seche Vite fan and have never heard of the other brand. Maybe just not available here...yet. :-)

  41. A con for Seche Vite is the chemicals, which OTD doesn't have. It's OTD for me :)

  42. Good overview! But I think a big downfall of Seche Vite is all the warnings on it! If it says a pregnant woman shouldn't wear it, then how is it still okay for non pregnant people? It must be full of a lot of harmful chemicals! that's one of the major reasons i switched to OTD. I don't think 5 days of no chipping is a con, but a perk! I can usually go a full week.

  43. Love this! I'm always wondering what top coat to use...

  44. I am a huge fan of seche vite compared to other top coats that I've tried. But I've never heard of the other one you reviewed but since you compared the two and they seem similar enough, I have to look more into that top coat! :)


  45. I have the Seche Vite base coat and it's AMAZING!! My nail polish lasts twice as long! Love that stuff.

    xo Denise


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