Frends Beauty Haul #2! Video!

Are you an after-Christmas shopper? That's when I do my shopping for myself! And one place I had to stop by was Frends Beauty. They're a beauty supply store located in N. Hollywood, but since I'm nowhere near there, I shop for the goodies online. Frends Beauty is the professional industry's one-stop-shop, because they carry practically everything for hair, makeup, and nails, but they're open to the public! And their customer service is amazing. My last haul from them was back in the summer (see it here) and this time I'm back with more supplies. Check out my video haul:

Items mentioned:
-Skinlite Patches
-Airbrush Cleaner
-Prtty Peaushun
-Ben Nye Color Wheels, Correctors, Coverals
-Brush Cleansers/Shampoos
-Eye Brushes
-Eye Patches
For more about each item, please watch the video. Thanks!

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*I purchased everything and was not compensated--just a huge Frends Beauty fan!


  1. I am an after Christmas shopper, but mostly for Yankee Swap gifts for the following year & stuff for the kids. I never really buy for me.

  2. Post-holiday shopping is the best! Use the gift cards, stalk the sales. Done! I can also appreciate that you purchased all of this yourself and the post/vid are not sponsored. Refreshing to see in a bb! ;)

  3. o nice! it's like another christmas!! i usually shop for myself after christmas too (this year i used gift cards at sephora) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. I think I have an artist discount code from them, so I should really look into their site. They have all the great lines like RCMA:D

  5. I'm an after Christmas shopper for sure! Glad you're still enjoying Frends they're awesome!

  6. Just what I needed... another online store to become obsessed with. Thanks a LOT Elle! ;P

  7. I do a lot of shopping after Christmas, too! It's so hard not to when there are so many great sales going on. You got some really great stuff!!

  8. What a haul!

    Hope you're staying warm- this crazy cold front is seriously cramping my style, haha.


  9. you have so many great things going on, awesome, Elle!

  10. Ooh--eye brushes! Those I definitely need to replenish--and soon! Enjoyed viewing your haul! :) T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  11. I do loads of shopping after Christmas too...however, it's preparation for Chinese New Year! Grrr....super broke in Dec and Jan. :-(

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  13. nice haul somehow i never heard of this brand ever!

  14. Oh what a great haul, I might have to stop by that place next time in North Hollywood just to check them out. But yeah I've never heard of solid brush cleansers. I would love to see how you use them in a post. :)


  15. Do an airbrush demo/review, I've always been super curious about them. I have used the brush cleanser in the past and loved it! I use the beauty blender solid cleanser and I love. Can't wait to hear a review of the Pretty Peaushun - is is better than the drugstore alternatives? I'm really wanting to try the new BB body lotion from Jergens I think.


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