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The holidays are already up on us, and once they're over, reality sets in and so do those resolutions. The most common resolution is losing weight. No surprise there, right?
Are you currently losing weight or planning on losing weight? When it comes to losing weight, we all have our reasons, like being healthy. But what about those real reasons...the ones that you don't tell anyone? Those secret reasons? Slimfast likes to call those Slimfessions. Some examples of #Slimfessions are losing weight for vacation, for those upcoming holiday parties, for love, looking good at your class reunion and more. They're even more personal than those!
Slimfast has a new page on Tumblr where you can share those reasons for wanting to slim, and it is completely anonymous! Have you heard of  this site? You can share your own Slimfessions or read those of others. Don't worry--we can keep a secret! 
To encourage you to visit, I (bravely, haha) made a video where I shared my own reason for getting slim. I wonder if you can guess what it is? If you want to see my super-quick video, then visit Slimfessions.com
Share your #Slimfessions completely anonymously by visiting Slimfessions.com. Be as bold as you dare!

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  1. Looks like a good diet drink. I often see it advertised.

  2. I used to drink Slimfast for a bit, should get back on it!

  3. I have not tried this personally but I know people who have and liked it. I do like the idea of having a community to reach out to! What a great idea and wonderful thing. =)

  4. love this idea!! i'm still working on #slimmingdown haha through my clean eating :)

  5. Elle, we gotta see that NY dress:D
    PS I drank Slimfast when I was in high school, and it actually did work for me!

  6. I always say I'll diet, but I love food too much!


  7. Sounds fantastic. Ill have to visit them.


  8. I think it's nice that people can share anonymously. Weight can be such a sensitive subject... this way people can get support. :)

  9. Cute video, Elle! And a cute slimfession ;)

  10. Seems great honey, must know more about Slimfast!
    thanks for sharing!



  11. I don't think we have this here, sounds really interesting.

  12. I think it is very interesting, thanks for sharing!!

    ciao ciao

  13. Its been years since I have heard the word SLIM FAST... maybe its a good idea to lose a few pounds so you can gain them again in December.


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