Beauty Blunders: How to Stop Mascara on Lids (Video)

Every week in November, I'm sharing a quick video in which I answer some of my most-asked 
beauty questions. I hope you watch, learn, and enjoy!

Today's video is how to stop getting mascara on your lids. 
And I threw in a bonus tip of how to get rid of mascara on your lids. 
This 1 minute video can be viewed above, or click the link below:
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  1. I love this, Elle, and definitely hope you'll continue it beyond November! These types of quick and simple tips are perfect for me. From now on, I'll be sure to tilt my head back when putting on mascara.

  2. I watched the other mascara video & was so pleased to hear you mention that Maybelline has a dry formula, best for oily lids. That's what I use! It's nice to have validation from a pro like yourself :)

  3. Great tips, doll. Your accent is so cute, I love it.

    And definitely letting mascara on the lids DRY FIRST before you try to remove it is a pro tip- otherwise it's smudge city. :)


  4. i had the mascara-on-lids problem this morning!

    my co-worker has this issue every day.

    PERHAPS i can sit her down and we can watch it together. lol!

  5. ok, that is a good tip. i never would have thought to do that!

  6. Great tip!! Looking forward to this series. You are so cute!
    -Natalie (www.11thThread.com)

  7. Mascara is my favorite makeup item. This video is a huge help for me.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  8. Great tips! Mascara's a must for me--every day! Hugs, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  9. Great tip:) I find the tilting helps a lot.

  10. Oh im excited for this month series of tips! You know I always saw people tilting there head back when putting mascara but never knew why, now I know. lol But yeah I will be sure to try that out now. :)


  11. I like quick and useful little tips like these. Must try this one when I next have a mascara problem!

  12. I love it babe, it's very interesting and helpful <3



  13. Very beautiful colors. I always like the natural looking ones! Thanks for sharing. XOXO, Sissi http://www.beauty4free2u.com


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