Try It Out: Angel Contacts

It's Product Test Drive Wednesday! I'll have two new products I'll be reviewing today. Enjoy.

Whether it's for costume dressing up, like Halloween, or just for a change, colored contacts are a fun way to go. I was sent some circle lenses from Angel Contacts, and since I've worn colored contacts in the past on the blog, I thought I would review them today.

About Angel Contacts:
  • cosmetic GEO circle lenses that enhance the color, texture, and size of your iris
  • come in a variety of styles and colors
  • lenses are 14.2mm in diameter, which means they give you a natural and noticeable enlargement to your iris. 
  • available in prescription

Additional Info:
  • meet US FDA 510(K) regulation
  • completely safe to wear
  • circle lenses have an expiry of up to 1 year after opening. 
  • full refund within 60 days of your purchase, minus return shipping costs (for more details, visit site)

My Thoughts:
  • They have so many styles and types to choose from, like Special FX or lenses with all sorts of cool patterns on the iris. 
  • I chose the Angel Lenses in brown, and with my prescription! Most everyone in my family has brown eyes, and I have blue green, so it's kind of a little joke that I don't "match" everyone else. Now I can! Haha. 
  • This is what the lenses look like, which I thought would be too light, but Angel Contacts know what they're doing:

These are $25 per pair, but Angel Contacts has discount codes on the site.

And here's how they arrived:

Inside this cute little box are two vials of my lenses and a contacts case.

And this is me with brown eyes:

I'm using bright lights here, so my pupils are small in this pic.
Some of my friends noticed and a couple didn't at all!

My review:
  • My lenses arrived really fast!
  • These lenses are comfortable and caused my sensitive eyes no irritation.
  • If you're into changing your look (or into Cosplay, acting, etc.) then give these a try. It's fun!
Brown-eyed girl

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    1. They are really cute darlin, I love the final result in your eyes <3



    2. I've always wanted to try coloured lenses - I may take the plunge soon and will definitely check this site out.

      Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

    3. Wow, your eyes look really cool! I like the subtle look!

      Chic 'n Cheap Living

    4. I've never worn contacts EVER and have really wanted to try one for Halloween. Good to know these ones are safe, unlike the other ones I've seen on the market. Will keep this brand in mind.

    5. I wear contacts but I've never tried colored lenses...fun!

      The Tiny Heart

    6. They look very pretty. And you picked a great week to try them out- right around Halloween!

    7. I would love to give them a try, but I am not sure if it's safe after my eye surgery. I have implants (in my eyes, yes :-P)

    8. Pretty interesting! I am sure it would be fun to change your eye color for Halloween etc.

    9. great review! I've been wanting to try out these lenses for awhile and I'm thinking its time to give them a shot!

    10. Wow... amazing result on your eyes!!!!

    11. Amazing result on your eyes!!!!

    12. Although I think the Angel contacts look good on you, I'd be too scared to try these for myself. Placing contacts on my eyes freaks me out.


    13. having brown eyes myself, i always think it's funny when people actually want them. you look so pretty (either way)....what a cool product!

    14. Hi Elle, the contacts look really natural and suit you so wonderfully.

    15. wow it is wonderful on you !!!

      ciao ciao

    16. They look so pretty and natural on you! I wish contacts didn't freak me out.

      Rowena @ rolala loves

    17. I've actually heard of these lenses before on YouTube and people have generally really liked them. I have been wanting to try them forever!!

      xo, Sarah
      Hustla, Baby.

    18. These would be fun to try! It's great that they come in prescription... I'm blind without my glasses/contacts.

    19. Lovely eyes, Elle! Hugs, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

    20. This looks like a fun way to change up your look! I'm not sure I could put in contacts though.


    21. I wear contacts everyday because I don't like wearing my glasses so I'm always looking for new places to get contacts. I will definitely check out the website! But yeah the contacts look great on you! :)


    22. Wow! I am just not brave enough I guess! I am not gonna do that! I had one time lenses in my eyes and could almost not get them out anymore. LOL! But you look cool! http://www.beauty4free2u.com

    23. Wow! These make your eyes look so luminous and pretty (not that they're not always pretty). Did you use them for Halloween? :)


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