Rants+ Raves


  • I didn't pay my car tag on time. I thought I had the whole month, so late fees it is. Lesson permanently learned.
  • I apparently had a virus on my blog for a few weeks. Thanks to everyone who emailed and contacted me to let me know! So frustrating, but completely remedied.

  • IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY FRIDAY!! Usually everyone forgets my birthday, but luckily I have Instagram to remind everyone! Haha. I am still feeling all the love from everyone. Thank you so much! You know how to make an old girl feel special.
  • It was Charlie's 3rd anniversary of being rescued! I'll be sharing the full story later this week. Love that little guy.
  • I have lived in Atlanta for a few years, but there are so many tourist places I've never visited. I decided I would do that for my birthday weekend. Did you see my Instagram pics of Atlanta?
  • A few times a year, I have this blogging crisis, where I think everyone hates the blog and that I should just throw in the towel. Am I really helping anyone? How do I prove that I'm truly knowledgeable about all things beauty and that can help if just given the chance? But the next morning, I had random emails from strangers saying this or that post helped them and that my blog is helpful. It was serendipitous. And all the confirmation I needed.
How was your weekend?? 
Share you rants and raves in the comments, if you'd like!

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  1. How did you figure there was a virus on your blog? I feel like I've been having issues with my blog and keep thinking it's a virus, but I have no idea how to tell!

  2. Don't throw in the towel... I LOVE reading your blog! You feature things that EVERYONE can afford. There are so many blogs where every single product is fancy and I just don't have the money for that. Also, you keep it real which I love.

  3. i hope you had a great birthday!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. So glad you had a nice birthday and got to do some adventuring! Your pictures of the city are beautiful as are your pictures of Charlie. Such a handsome guy.

  5. Happy bday again, Elle:) And I love your last rave:)

  6. Visiting the tourist places in your hometown sounds like so much fun! And Charlie is so adorable. Glad you had a happy birthday weekend :)

  7. uuuu happy birthday !!
    rave: it was weekend. nothing more needs to be said
    rant: it's over



  8. I loved seeing your pictures of Atlanta! Hope you had a great birthday. And please don't ever stop blogging! As I'm hopelessly clueless when it comes to beauty products, I really look forward to your posts. You always know what's new and trendy, but you offer easy tips for girls like me who can barely put on mascara. :)

  9. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Loved seeing all of your photos. And I didn't even know blogs could get viruses.


  10. Happy belated birthday - and I'm glad you don't give up on the blog...because it's awesome!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  11. I hope you had a great birthday! And happy rescue anniversary to your sweet Charlie! <3

  12. Happy Birthday!! :) And where did you live before Atlanta?

  13. Loved seeing all of your pictures on Instagram! I'm glad you had a great birthday!

    I'm having one of those months where I feel like you do sometimes. Am I helping anyone...do people even care what I have to say...yep that's me this month!

    xoxo, Lily | beautywithlily.blogspot.com

  14. I love reading your blog! I think as bloggers, we all feel that way sometimes! You are very talented!!

  15. Don't quit! I love reading your blog and your comments to me always brighten my day a little more. I'm so glad you had a great birthday - I loved seeing your photos and it made me want to travel to Atlanta!


  16. Happy belated birthday! We don't have car tags in the UK but we do have car tax (which I think is a similar thing), mines due on Wednesday so I'd better not forget it!


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