Rants + Raves

Hey you! How was your weekend? Mine flew by, as usual. I'm currently listening to it storm outside. I just finished some homemade Spaghetti Aglio E Olio and thought I'd give a quick recap of the week. Enjoy.

  • I debated sharing this, but since none of my friends read my blog, here goes: I have a good friend who was celebrating an accomplishment and wanted to meet up. She invited me and was bringing other friends with her to celebrate. I waited an hour. Every text was that she was "almost" there. She got there just as I was leaving. I was really hurt. No apology, no reason, no excuse, nothing. I felt so unimportant. I get that traffic/life happens, but come on. An hour?
  • I'm mad at myself for majorly screwing up some behind-the-scenes blog business. I hate making mistakes. I took steps to insure it wouldn't happen again.
  • I'm disappointed a big project fell through, but everything happens for a reason, right?
  • Apple cider donuts--ok, this was from last week's apple picking adventures, but they're still on my mind. I'd never had one before and had one last week. There's an apple orchard in Ellijay, GA, but they won't let you pick apples!
  • Today is my cousin Amy's birthday! We are super close and love you! xo
  • My week was really fast. Was yours?
  • I finally got my eyebrows done! When I was sick, I pretty much let everything go, so I was glad to look a little more like myself. The little things, right? Are you a waxer? Threader? Tweezer?
  • The lady who waxed my brows (I usually thread) thought I was in my 20s (!!!) and told me I had beautiful skin! Those two things never happen! That pretty much made my week right there! ;)
  • Early birthday gifts! My birthday isn't until the 18th, but I received a cute scarf from Darla and Tiffany, and a birthday card from Amy Fashion Blog! Pics tomorrow when there's light!
  • YOU! For every comment, link shared, visit, and more. Thank you for making my blog a part of your daily routine. I appreciate you!
What are your Rants + Raves of the Week?


  1. I would've done the same thing and felt the same way about the situation with your friend... it always stings when people treat you like your time isn't valuable-- friend or not. Glad to hear your week went by quickly-- mine didn't! Hopefully, this one will :) Hope you have a great week!

    Diary of a Debutante

  2. I had a similar situation with a guy friend of mine and his group of friends (mixed gender). Apparently they are all chronically late and he picked up the habit from them. I made it clear to him I wouldn't be hanging out with them any time soon. =P Luckily he was never late with me.

  3. So sorry about your friend situation. You have every right to feel hurt, I wish I knew the right words to make you feel better about it, it's never easy being hurt by those we care about. Hope Charlie Brown gave you extra loves once you got home. :)
    I have another Rave for you: Our GEORGIA BULLDOG WIN. Coach Richt was right on when he said that he was 53 when the game started and he felt like 63 once it was over. I felt like I had been hit by a truck when I woke up this morning due to all the anxiety I had during the game yesterday.
    Hope you have a great week!

  4. Now I'm thinking of apple cider donuts!


  5. Hi Elle!

    First and foremost, I'm sorry that you got stood up like that... I feel that an apology is owe to you from your friend =(

    I believe that when one door shuts, another (and even better) door is going to open for you soon! I'll be keeping my fingers cross for you that more greater opportunities go your way!

    I've never had an apple cider donut before! I love hot apple cider in the fall/winter... I'm definitely going to have to look around for these donuts!

    So happy to hear that your week went by fast! I need to get my brows threaded! hehe! Happy Birthday to your cousin!

    I hope that you have an amazing week! xoxo

  6. Advanced Happy Bday, Elle:) You do look young!
    And I hear yah on the first rant. I have a close relative that constantly does that:(

  7. ughh I hate having to wait like your first rant -- and why aren't your friends reading your blog?? it's great! :)

  8. Sounds like the raves outweigh the rants, thankfully. Sorry about those rants though. They are major!
    I tweeze.
    My weekend was great! My husband won the Tourism Award in Laughlin, Nevada, and my dress was stunning. :-)

  9. Ugh. So sorry about your friend standing you up like that. I have a friend that I used to invite over to my house once a month, and every time I did she would show up about two hours late with no good excuse or apology. I decided not to invite her over again, because she obviously doesn't care about my time. Hopefully you can patch things up with her!

    Oh, and I tweeze my eyebrows -- but I used to get them waxed by my aunt, and I miss that! It lasts so much longer.

  10. Everything definitely does happen for a reason...so don't sweat it! And I am sorry about the incident with your friend...I think I would have totally lost it!

    Courtney - http://sartorialsidelines.blogspot.com

  11. Ugh! Your friend should apologize! I hate peeps who have zero respect of my time, it's just too annoying. And about the big project falling through, don't worry about it hun....others will come and yes, everything happens for a reason!

  12. I totally agree with you about the waiting. Of course you´ve got to give a little marginal to a friend, but also the friend should plan their life better in respect of other peoples' time. xo Caroline

  13. Bummer about your friend! I hope that doesn't happen again because those always suck. And I LOVE apple cider donuts! I haven't had one this fall yet, but I'm seriously craving them!

  14. Life teaches us who is who, I had a friend, I gave her money when she didn't have, I gave her a lot of my clothes I supported her always but finally she chose to blame me rather then those who was guilty in this situation...

    Have a great week ahead, thank you for lovely comment on my blog

  15. You DO have beautiful skin! That really stinks about your friend. Did she ever give you a reason?


  16. Hang in! When one door closes, another opens (is what I tell myself). Sounds like you had a fab weekend! Hugs, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  17. Mmm... that's my favorite pasta dish. Sorry 'bout your friend: an hour late is rude. And let's start celebrating your birthday!

  18. I so feel you! Coming 1 hour late? This is bad- hate this! Loved reading this, XOXO, Sissi

  19. Yeah. Being an hour late is no bueno!!!! I would have been upset too. I'm sorry that happened :(

    On a lighter note, my birthday is on the 19th! October twins! :) Hehe.

  20. Hey, you're an October birthday girl, too (mine's on the 28th)! And apple cider donuts? Umm, they sound so delicious!

  21. Ugh, I cannot tolerate "flakey friends"! I've grown apart from quite a few of what I thought were "close friends", but in reality they just wouldn't give me the time of day! Excuses after excuses of why they "couldn't make it" or "something came up". Honestly, I wouldn't be mad if they were just blunt with it and said "I don't feel like leaving the house today". Finally I just stopped trying! Guess we weren't so close after all.

    Today I am thankful for my, few but very honest and loving, friends :)

    xx -b.

  22. Can't believe your friend did that to you, and no apology at all!! So sorry.

    Apple Cider donuts---yum!!!

    I usually Tweeze my eyebrows, I've never waxed or threaded...to scared lol!!

    <3 Lily | beautywithlily.blogspot.com

  23. I'm a super prompt person, so I get you being upset at your friend that was late. But I've come to realize that other people don't value time and might be really oblivious! I mean, and hour is really late, but I bet she wasn't trying to disrespect :) Food for thought...

  24. I really need to get my eye brows done. I get them waxed and always say I'll keep up with tweezing and then never do!

  25. Love this post, its honest and apple cider donuts have me intrigued does it taste like apple cider vinegar? because at this point that's all that comes to mind.

    Meg | Meghansilva.blogspot.com

  26. I have a friend who is always late. I waited four hours for her to come pick me up once. She was "on the way" for four hours, when she lived 10 minutes away. That's just how she is though. She doesn't do it to be mean, she's just really slow. She does apologize though. I think you deserved an apology at least.

  27. I hate when people are crazy late, annoys me to no end. I can't believe she didn't apologize. Even more annoying. But on a happy note? Apple cider donuts - count me in!!!

  28. I hate when friends do that! and I have to try those cider donuts :) happy early birthday! xo


  29. I would also have been very hurt about being left to wait like that. It's just rude!

    And wow, what a compliment on your skin :) That would make the whole week worthwhile!

    Funnily enough, I've also let my brows go--haven't tweezed in some time because I felt like crap and couldn't bother. Then when I went out yesterday to get my hair done another girl at the salon randomly turned to me and said, "Your brows look great!" and I was like, Erm...thanks? Maybe I should leave them alone now? LOL.

  30. I'm going to try apple cider doughnuts for the first time this weekend!


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