2 Mascaras Worth the Splurge

2 mascaras worth the splurge

Hey you! Happy Friday! What are your plans? I'm heading to my hometown for a certain nephew's birthday! Of course I'll be packing mascara. Yesterday, I shared 3 Mascaras Under $4, but I know not everyone is a drugstore fanatic like I am. I thought you might enjoy these high-end mascaras that I've been loving. They're seriously so good, and they just might be your next favorite mascara.

LORAC Special Effects--I received this in my Hautelook Summer Essentials Bag (I'll be reviewing that next week) and was instantly in love with it. It has a primer, which is white and thin in consistency. It helps to give length. But the star here is the actual mascara itself. The formula is thick, almost of a hot fudge consistency. Normally, a wet mascara would instantly have me assume it would be clumpy. Not this mascara! It gives length and definition to lashes. My lashes were separated and there were no clumps, no matter how many coats I tried. I've never had a mascara that worked this well on separation and definition. $23

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Too Faced Better Than Sex--I know I'm old, and this will make me sound like a prude, but that name. I mean, really? The name is certainly is an attention-grabber, but what about the mascara? First up, the packaging is cute and pink, and it's a little heavy, but not like it's a weight or anything. The wand itself is hourglass-shaped, which adds to the sexy factor, and was inspired by blonde bombshells. Better Than Sex mascara delivers long, curly lashes with lots of volume. I'm obsessed with it. $23

I know this is a shameless #carselfie but look at those lashes!

Would you try either of these?
What is your favorite mascara of all time?

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Have a great weekend! Be safe, behave, and be well. Love, Elle
Lorac Special Effects, Too Faced Better Than Sex Reviews


  1. Wow, the Lorac mascara makes your lashes look absolutely AMAZING! Not clumpy as you said but full of length and definition!

  2. oo00ooo, you are evil, Elle! I am a mascara junkie and you are teasing me with 2 mascara posts back to back! LOL!
    I agree with Emily, Lorac mascara makes your lashes look AMAZING!!!

  3. A great mascara is so essential to me, I love how awesome your lashes look.

  4. Wow, those long eyelashes speak for themselves! So fab! x

  5. Thanks for the review! Lorac sounds really cool and I'd try it some time!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. my ultimate fav that only works on me is shu umeura precision waterproof mascara..it's the ONLY mascara that holds the curl of my lashes; the others straighten them :(

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Impressive results - no clumping and keeps the lashes separate. My favourite at the moment (well has been for a while) is Chanel Inimitable Intense.

  8. Lovely selfie! Those lashes are to die for! Hugs, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  9. Ive heard so much about Lorac lately! Dying to try some of their products!

  10. Good to hear these two work so well for you!

  11. Happy bday to your nephew:) And I'm like you. With kids, that Too Faced product will be a big no-no in the house just because of the name:(
    My all-time fave mascara splurge is a Chanel one, which is so pricey I've only bought it once. It's really amazing though...sigh....

  12. Mascara junkie here and I'm pregnant so I should really be buying other things...like all the baby stuff I don't yet understand!
    But I understand mascara and love these suggestions so who knows, maybe I will buy myself a present!!
    My favorite all time mascara is benefit "they're real." I love everything about it! I work in a hot & steamy restaurant and it last through the day, the brush is fantastic, and it gets every single lash. If you've never tried it, I'd highly recommend it!

  13. I'm a cheapskate haha, so I'll probably stick to the drugstore mascaras. I do LOVE Two Faced eye shadows though so I'm not surprised that their mascara is amazing too. :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Target Giveaway!

  14. Great effect!

    I like your blog, I'm happy that I found it!


  15. I am all about no clumps! I will have to check this out. $23 is really not a lot of money if you get a quality product and it does what it promises to do.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  16. i am constantly looking for a good mascara that doesn't end up under my eyes by the end of the day. so far, i have only found a few that do that! i might check these ones out. thanks! have a great weekend!

  17. These sound great and definitely worth the splurge. Have a fun weekend!

  18. oh my I really need those mascaras, wanna try them!

  19. Oh man, that too faced mascara looks AMAZING on you! I think that name is a little much too, I mean sex doesn't have to sell to women for us to like it. If it works, we love it!

  20. Holy lashtastic! My fave mascara is DiorShow. The price is not a fave though :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  21. Wow, it really looks great on you. I like Agnes b. and Dior recently. :)

  22. You look absolutely great!


  23. I keep meaning to pick up the Better than Sex mascara and may have to do it when my They're Real one runs out.

    Have a great weekend!

  24. They actually both look pretty amazing, I would invest in one of them for sure! I appreciate your kind words, wishing you a wonderful sunny weekend!

  25. Great review dear. My favorite mascara comes from Lancome.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  26. My lashes are always playing hide-and-seek with me; with more of the hiding. The car selfie makes me want to steal your lashes!

  27. I'm a drugstore beauty gal personally, but these both seem to be amazing!


  28. looove your lashes! I am really sold to try out those mascaras, I must add it in my Wish List =)

  29. You know, I think mascara is the one thing I wouldn't splurge on or go high end just because I've found ones at the drugstore that I've loved for years. That being said, these make your lashes look absolutely amazing!

  30. Yes. Those lashes are AMAAAAAZING! :-) lol

  31. These are awesome! Seriously, I was going to send you a message asking about your all-time favorite mascara. I need to restock but want something different.


  32. Wow impressive results! I have to say I love love love Lancome mascaras but I don't splurge on them too often :(


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