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I admit it--I'm drawn to odd beauty products! Some of them are awesome, and some are flops, but testing products is part of the fun. I'm sharing three products I've picked up sometime between December and March. Enjoy!

these look like one-eyed planarians 

Hot Buns
Yup, saw these on tv and had to try them. The beloved sock bun doesn't work on my hair, so I usually use a donut bun. I thought Hot Buns (really? that name!) would be a faster alternative. It comes in two colors I believe (I chose blonde because it was the only offering) and two sizes are inside the box. I used the larger size. Essentially you roll your hair under, then fasten into a bun shape, and use the elastic to hold it all in place. It sounds great but the snap is SO HARD to fasten. Maybe it's my sensitive skin, as I have pain opening/unfastening most anything, but I was only able to fasten it twice after twenty tries. I give. You want 'em? It did form a bun as pictured that did last, but it was so frustrating to use.  $9.99/stores & online
VERDICT: I don't recommend this!

There are five rollers because a certain pup destroyed one.

Ball Sponge Rollers
I've b;pgged before of my love for Asian beauty products--they're so creative and the packaging is cute. I'd seen these around and for about a dollar on Ebay, I had to try them. They come in all sorts of cute shapes, like fruit (!!!) but I wanted the ball ones. These are similar to the sponge rollers my mom used on my hair as a kid. Anyone else remember those? It makes a great heat-free curl. You just roll your slightly dampened sections of hair into them and let them air dry.

                                                   they aren't burgers, they're rollers!

I rolled just my ends under for a slight curl, but you can easily get ringlets if you roll tighter/higher. Placing them at the roots will give roots a little lift. I suggest seeking larger rollers if you have longer hair. $1+/Ebay, online, some Asian beauty stores
VERDICT: These aren't a beauty necessity, but I love them!

The pic isn't blurry, the fibers are all over the package, making it look blurry!

Essence Volumizing Lash Powder
A lot of you ask for mascara reccs for thicker lashes (I'm sharing a video of my fave mascaras tomorrow!) so I thought I'd try this product. First off, it says right on the bottle to avoid if you are a contact lens wearer. Oops. Because I like to live on the edge didn't read the directions, I used it anyway. There is a small bottle of white flocking powder (I use flocking powder in my fuzzy nail tutorials) and a spoolie. You apply a layer of your chosen mascara, and while the mascara is still wet, dip the spoolie into the powder and apply to the lashes. Then, seal the powder by applying another layer of mascara.

trying to hide my bare nails! look at the fluffy powder!

So how did it work? The powder gets everywhere, even when I applied it with my eye closed. The result looks very clumpy up close but from far away, lashes look huge. I suggest using another spoolie to apply the second layer of mascara, so the fibers won't get into your mascara. This reminds me of Too Faced Better Than False Lashes, but at a much cheaper price, even if it's much messier.
VERDICT: I'd rather use false lashes or mascara combinations, so I don't recommend this. However, if you don't have sensitive eyes and do have small/thin lashes, you might want to try it. $3.49/Ulta

extreme close up

with powder, with bare lashes

Would you try any of these products?
Do you like odd and interesting beauty products?

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  1. My mom used to put "Perm for a Day" sponge curlers in my wet hair overnight so I had fun, bouncy curls in the morning -- before I turned 13 and my hair became crazy curly anyway. :) I'm glad to see they still make these! They worked really well for me.

  2. Those sponge curlers looks so cute. and they came out really good too! What a bargain for a dollar!

  3. I've always admired women with a bun that perfect. Thanks for the verdict. When I saw the photo I wanted to immediately get one until I read your review.

  4. Haha! Love the name 'Hot Buns'. Those round rollers are pretty cool looking.


  5. Ugh Hot Buns. The commercial makes me die inside a little every time I see it. I mean I know infomercials are tacky, but this one ranks reaaaaaal high up there, lol. That said, I was still curious about the product. Glad to know I'm not missing too much.

  6. The sock bun was a major fail for me, too. I'm really curious about this lash powder now...

  7. I think I'd try the ball rollers out of all the items:D

  8. I like the donut buns myself, those hot buns look like a nightmare! Those little balls are odd, but I can see how they would be effective! I would pass on the powder. It looks like it would just make such a mess.

  9. Those little ball sponge rollers are pretty cute!

  10. These products look so fun! I really want to pick up the ball sponge rollers now. Great reviews as always.

  11. My daughter loves hot buns. It makes it so easy to get her hair up in a bun for dance.

  12. The sponge hair curlers look fun!

  13. I've been looking at those rollers for a while. Now I saw the type of curl they give, I'll definitely get some. Thank you for the review and photos!

  14. I love the sponge rollers! They seem like a much better option than regular rollers. I'll have to make an ebay purchase soon.

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  15. I've seen lots of beauty bloggers using those rollers.. lol kinda wanna try just because they seem like fun :)

  16. i love the idea of the hot buns. sounds like it would be easy to use (i use the donut when my hair is long(er))....bummer that it was hard to clip!

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  17. I used to have curlers like these. I hope you had a great weekend

  18. I think I like that curlers since it does not heat on hair and my hair is not too thick and curls pretty easy. My fav mascara is L'oreal too. Thanks for sharing this beauty finds.



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