Beauty DIY: Peaches and Cream Milk Bath

Y'all, I am back from the beach! Thanks again to my guest posters! There's a vlog on my trip coming next week, but in the meantime, I posted 39892 beach pics on Instagram. I'm slowly getting back on schedule, dragging my mind and body along as I do. The salty air has left my already dry skin, extra dry and itchy. A sure-fire way to end all of that? A Peaches and Cream Milk Bath, of course! I'm not just recommending this because I'm a born-and-raised Georgia Peach, nor because peaches are my Second Favorite Smell (Coconut is first. Duh). I love this milk bath because it's easy, smells delicious, is wonderful for the skin, and it makes a great gift (especially a last minute one). I've made at least a dozen different versions of this, two of which I'm sharing today. So don't even unpack the suitcases from your trip. Leave the laundry for tomorrow. Light a peach-scented candle (Bath & Body Works Peach Bellini is a fave), pour this bath, and relax. Peach smoothie or peach iced tea, optional.

Method 1--aka the Fancy Way

N e e d:
1 c powdered milk
1/2 c peach tea (not brewed)
vitamin E (optional)
peach essential oil (optional)

D o:
  • Take the peach tea leaves out of the bag and grind them with a food processor. This isn't a requirement, but I know not everyone wants pieces of peach/tea leaves on them, plus it makes it easier if going down a drain.
  • Mix with the powdered milk.
  • Add to bath, stirring the water as you pour.
  • Soak at least 20 minutes and rinse away.
T r y:
  • To make skin even softer, add 3-5 drops of vitamin E.
  • For extra scent, add a few drops of peach essential oil. I prefer to mix with the vitamin E so as to not cause irritation to the skin, as essential oils can do.
  • This makes a really cute gift! Leave out the oil or use bath salts instead of powdered milk and then add oil(s).

Method #2--aka the Lazy Way

N e e d:
1 c powdered milk
5 peach tea bags

D o:
  • Pour the powdered milk into your bath.
  • Tie the tea bags around the faucet so that the water will flow through them, allowing the tea.
  • Soak for about 20 minutes.
  • Even easier? Pour the milk and just toss the tea bags in the bath water. 
F Y I:
  • Milk helps to soothe and soften skin. 
  • Peaches have so many vitamins to nourish, refresh, and brighten skin, plus they're full of antioxidants.
  • I have used peach teas that are green tea or black and liked both for different reasons!
Actual Peaches & Cream Milk Bath in Progress :)


  1. This sounds AMAZING. I love the smell of peaches, and my skin desperately needs some moisture. Glad you're back and that you had a good trip! :)

  2. This milk bath sounds absolutely divine! We only have a shower here in Paris but as soon as I'm home, I'm going to mixing myself up some of this :)

  3. Mmmmm... peaches. :)


  4. I love all your Instagram pics:) And this milk bath sounds really "yummy" :D

  5. What a perfect summer treat! I bet this smells amazing.

  6. sounds amazing!!! I will definitely have to give this a try!
    {love jenny xoxo}

  7. this is such a great idea! i actually need this right now, and it's so great that milk has so many benefits for the skin :) thanks for sharing!

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO
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  8. welcome back elle! so glad you had a great time. this milk bath sounds delightful.

  9. Haha - I'd probably do it the lazy way :)

  10. omg this sounds so decadent!

  11. Welcome back! Glad you had a great time at the beach!! This peaches and cream milk bath mix sounds great!

  12. Mmm thus sounds me a delicious recipe and of course a softening one too! It looks we are both wrapping up vacation - hi from Switzerland!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  13. Are you missing the beach as much as I am?

    This peaches and cream milk bath sounds like it would be so relaxing.


  14. Welcome back! Looked like you had a great time :)

    Hmm I love bubble baths so I may have to give this a try

  15. wow wow wow! I love this! sounds dreamy!

  16. it must smell amazing - really want to try it now! :)

  17. mmm, I love the smell of peaches, so I bet such a bath would be super relaxing!


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