Reader Request Week: How to Wear Red Lips

Hi! This week I'm posting YOUR requests, in honor of my 3rd blogiversary. Enjoy!

There's just something so classic about a red lip. But it seems so intimidating to apply or to pull off. Today I'll show you it really is easy to wear a red lip. Just use the steps below:

1--Choose your product.
stains, glosses

Stains--These are the easiest to apply for that just-bitten, natural looking red. These can be dotted on the lips and rubbed in with a finger and the color is buildable. Plus, lip stains can be used for cheeks, too, making them a good value. The staying power depends on how much stain you apply.

lip balm stain, lip butters

Lipgloss and lip balm stains--These are also easy to apply, and can be applied to bare lips or over lipstick. The color payoff depends on the brand.

blue-based red is better for medium/darker skin tones, orange-based is better for fair skin

Lipstick--This is the one I'm focusing on for this post. Red lipstick can be matte or shiny. There are blue-based reds, orange-based, and "true" reds. I say to pick out a couple and see what shade looks best on you. Usually these can be returned to the store with a receipt (check beforehand). In general, blue-based reds are far too intense for fair skin. Orange-based reds tend to pop. I usually wear darker reds (wearing left lipstick as shown).

2--Exfoliate and moisturize
This step is crucial before applying any lipstick. I'm using the $3 lip exfoliator from ELF, but I make my own lip exfoliator. Then apply a lip balm and allow it to soak in for a minute.

3--Apply a base
Wipe off extra lip balm and apply a drop of creamy foundation or concealer. I use this as a "primer" to make sure my lipstick lasts.

4--Use matching lip liner
Outline lips and lightly fill them in with a matching lip liner.

5--Apply lipstick
I don't suggest applying red lipstick like you would Chapstick. Either use a lip brush to apply the color or dab the lipstick onto lips, gently pressing lips and then blending with your pinkie finger. A clear or matching red lip gloss can be applied, if that look is desired.

6--Clean up
Once you have the color how you'd like, it's time to clean up. Using a concealer or "everything" pencil, like this one from Studio Gear Cosmetics, outline outside of the lip to clean it up. This really makes the difference and helps with bleeding lipstick.

7--Blot and set
The easiest way to ruin a red lip is when it travels to teeth. Blotting will help stop this. Also, dust some translucent powder onto a tissue and blot lips with it to set the lipstick.

With red lips, the rest of your makeup should be minimal (no red blush!!!). However, the eyes need to balance out the red lips. I use lots of mascara and a slight winged liner.

What's your favorite red lip product?


  1. This is a great tutorial! I always wonder how to wear red lips! This looks great!

    That Sassy Girl
    Follow That Sassy Girl on Bloglovin

  2. Wonderful tutorial! My favourite shade of red is Revlon's True red, but I don't think it's available now. I tried wearing red lips, but eventually found that I prefer a slightly tonned down red, sort of like cherry mixed with strawberry. :)

  3. i love the idea of that exfoliator stick from elf! had no idea they had such a thing!

    mobile morsels

  4. This colour looks really good on you, Elle. My fave is a cheap one from NYC but I can't remember the name right now.

  5. I was so intimidated by red lips at first, but now I love wearing red lipstick! I need to try a lip exfoliator like the one you mentioned.

    star-crossed smile

  6. I love a red lip! Great how-to. :)


  7. I didn't know that ELF had a lip exfoliator! Thanks for that tip!

  8. I adore red lips! It's my "signature" color :) I agree on finding the perfect shade for you - not all red lipsticks are created equal!

  9. Great tutorial! I need to exfoliate my lips and prime them more often, I always complain when it comes off midday!

  10. Great tutorial! I love that ELF lip scrub and I agree certain reds look better on some skin tones than others! Hope you're having a great day!

  11. wellllllll i am sort of scared of red lipstick. i have full lips so it looks like to giant lips coming at you if i wear any dark shades. AND it is very difficult to find the perfect red. i never have! i think i would need help in this department! i usually just go with nars lipgloss. fast and easy and it works for me. but a nice red would be fab for special occasions. maybe i should renew the search!

  12. I've always wanted to wear red lipstick!

  13. My mom gave this fab red lip tutorial in my comments once–and she'd NEVER shared it with me!

  14. I like red lipstick and when I just started my blog I used to wear it all the time. My fav is from Mac and revlon. You look lovely.


  15. Red lipstick and lots of mascara is one of my favorite looks.

    I really need to start exfoliating my lips more often. I admit I almost never remember to do this.


  16. So important to do and choosing the right shade! Great post Elle!

  17. Exfoliating is sooo important to get a good red lip! I make my own exfoliator, too, and I think it's safe to say I like it more than the store-bought kind.


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