New Simple Wipes & Moisturizer

I love these products!

The lovelies at Simple sent me some items to review, and I was so excited! I'm a big fan of Simple, and have reviewed them here and here. Today I have wipes and a moisturizer to review. Let's check them out:

Radiance Wipes--These cleansing wipes help to remove makeup and refresh my skin. Perfect for traveling, too. I love these because there is no sticky residue left on my skin.

Oil Balancing Wipes--So many of you have asked for wipes suggestions for oily skin. You'll love these. Since I don't have oily skin, I gave half of the pack to a friend who does. She loved the wipes and experienced NO breakouts. I used the other and noticed no drying or irritation.

Protecting Light Moisturizer--Now that the weather will be getting warmer, I've switched my heavy moisturizer in favor of this one. It's just enough for my dry skin, and other skin types will enjoy it as well. Plus, it has SPF 15!

Eye Makeup Wipes--Sometimes you don't want to waste a whole wipe to remove your eye makeup, so these smaller wipes come in handy! They don't irritate my super-sensitive eyes, either.

I was also sent the Pond's Exfoliating Cleanser, which I reviewed here

Check your local stores for Simple!


  1. I love the wipes. They are so convenient for travel or in a gym bag.
    Have a great week Elle.

  2. I love the convenience of wipes. I have sensitive skin and usually use Oily ones that I love. I will check these out.

  3. i go the face wipes from these guys and loved them. Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. Useful. I'm looking for better makeup removal wipes.


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