What's New At The Drugstore: Wet N Wild Beauty

Wet N Wild is one of my favorite brands when it comes to drugstore beauty. I've picked some items over the past couple of months (I've shared some pics on Instagram and Twitter) and thought I'd share them with you. Everything was $5.99 or fewer, with some items on sale! Enjoy!

First up is the Coverall Foundation--This gives excellent sheer to medium coverage. Oily skin will really like this foundation. It was around $3 for 1 oz. and worked so well! I was very surprised at how much I liked this and how long it lasted. I'd repurchase.

From the MegaLast Collection:
MegaLast polishes in Tropicalia (pink) and Club Havana (coral/orange)--I can't wait to rock these spring/summer!  Repurchase!
MegaPlump Mascara--I'm pretty sure these are the same mascaras but in new packaging. I fell for it! I really like this paired with the mascara below but would not repurchase.
MegaLength--If you like a wet lengthening mascara for a good price, this is it. It does clump a little, but I use a spoolie if needed. Repurchase.
MegaImpact--This promises 8x the volume. I don't care for this mascara, but love wearing it with the MegaLength.  No repurchase
MegaLast Liquid Lip Color in Do I Make You Blush? I average around 6-7 hours of use, and the formula is very dry. Chapstick or lip gloss on top helps keep the moisture. This stuff does not come off! I have to scrub using a makeup wipe. I'd repurchase this in another color if I needed another long-lasting lipstick.

lipgloss and lipstick swatches

From the Fergie Collection:
Eyelid Primer--I'm fairly certain this is the first primer from WNW. It works really well! Repurchase
Creme Lipstick in Penthouse Sweet--A super pink perfect for nights out or spring weather. It's matte and lasts quite a while. There are 10 shades, including black! Repurchase in a different shade
Shimmer Palette in Rose Golden Goddess--There are three shades of these, and I use it like a blush or highlighter. I like the shade I chose and it reminds me of  MACs MSF; not a dupe, but an inexpensive alternative. Repurchase

Rose Golden Goddess

PS: Next week is ASK ELLE week! Any burning beauty questions you need answered? A technique you've always wanted to learn? Let me know! I've got some great ideas lined up, thanks to you!


  1. My favorite drugstore (as you call it- we say Chemist...) find was Loreal million lashes. It's the best one I've found yet. Haven't tried any of your stash!

  2. I have a couple of Wet n Wild lipsticks. While they are not my favorites, I'm always impressed with their pigmentation, esp. since they're so inexpensive!

    Haven't tried any of the other stuff on here though!


  3. I like those bright, happy nail polish colors! Perfect for Spring & Summer.

    always, koru kate

  4. I have to be honest, I haven't had much luck with Wet & Wild products in the past, but you definitely can't beat the price.

  5. I do love WetNWild and it's time to try some more stuff. TY for the review:)

  6. I love Wet N Wild MegaLast nail polishes! I'm not a big fan of the last FastDry one that I tried though.

    I have a few of the lipsticks too...for the price I think they're great!

  7. I'm intrigued by that foundation - I should definitely try that!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  8. I actually have a question for Ask Elle...

    I already have some fine lines on my forehead. Is there a non-makeup solution to making these better (I rarely wear makeup)? Either by eliminating the appearance or (fingers crossed) actually minimizing the lines for real?

  9. nice! i have been meaning to try some fergie stuff. a lipstick and a couple polishes. and that reserve your cabana bronzer that is actually a highlight. and those new 8 pan palettes. i still want the ones from xmas and nye and now i want to spring ones too. i love wnw <3 erica


  10. I think this series is one of my fave posts from your blog haha :)
    good to know the eyelid primer is a good one :)

  11. @erica Jackson
    That is my favorite highlighter! The original formula they had was better (different name, can be purchased on eBay) but it is still really good! Store it flat as it cracks easily.

  12. wow you made out well!! i love wet and wild, but some stuff really is hit or miss. Although since im not a makeup guru or huge make up wearer it tots does the trick!!

  13. I usually buy my makeup at Target, and I can't find WNW there. But you've recommended so many products I just need to get my butt to Walmart (I think they have it there) to try some!!

  14. I love those lip colors, such pretty shades!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. Love Wet n Wild! I picked up the lightest Fergie blush pan to use as a highlighter, and I love it. I wasn't impressed with the liquid lipsticks though--they're waaaaay too drying for me.

  16. I love WNW products because they're so cheap! I need to give their lip pencils a chance and I like the swatch you shared of penthouse!

  17. I love your drugstore reviews- I always ending up putting products on my to-buy list! :)


  18. It's awesome how far Wet 'n Wild has come as a company, I love their products!

  19. they do that? they put old brands in new packaging?

  20. Great post. I love the WNW primer, shimmer palettes and nail polish.

  21. Hey Elle! I love Wet N Wild lips and nails. Thanks for the push to job my memory, hahahaha.

  22. Wow, I need to his Wet 'N' Wild! The colours are so pretty! :)

  23. That bronzer is a pretty color!

  24. nice! i really want to try out megaplump


  25. I actually didn't know Wet N' Wild made mascara! That's good to know. I may have to try it out.

  26. I've recently bought some wet n wild makeup, the colours are so nice and pigmented.. now looking for a lipstick!

  27. That is quite a haul! I am thinking about getting a few NYX products - do you have suggestions?

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  28. Loving the nail colours! :)


  29. Any foundation recommendations for dry skin??

    P.S. wanna follow each other on bloglovin?


  30. i haven't used wet and wild since i was a teen! and LORDY that was long ago! the prices are certainly good so i'll have to try again!

  31. Penthouse Sweet is a really nice color!


  32. Too bad they aren't sold in Italy.
    Lots of love hun :-)
    Stop by whenever you like and share some love!
    Coco et La vie en rose

  33. I like this brand, inexpensive but works wonder. I love the Rose Golden highlighter, might buy one soon! Thanks for sharing dear.

  34. i love wet n wild too. so affordable and i liked the few things i've tried over the years. thanks for the reviews!

    mobile morsels


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