Elle's Quick Tips: Keep Your Curls

How has your week been going? This week has been a warm-then-cold-and-rainy one here in Atlanta. I wish a little snow would fall already. Regardless of the weather unpredictability, I'm keeping my chin up! Ok, that's not a serious thing to complain about, but a legit complaint: curls falling out of hair! I've gotten many emails (I'm always happy to answer beauty/hair questions, so please ask away!) about this, and here are some quick tips you might want to try.

Situation 1: Coarse, dry, frizzy hair loses curl and gets frizzier
Solution: I was always taught that a hairstyle ends in hairspray. Weren't we all? It wasn't until I once ran out of hairspray in my 20s that I learned that wasn't true. My hair had never gotten so many compliments. So if your hair is like mine in that it holds curl, but gets frizzy, avoid products that have alcohol--this is mainly prevalent in aerosol sprays, but check the ingredients on your hair products.

Can you tell a difference in the left vs right sides of my hair?
I used a curling wand for loose waves in my hair and added hairspray to the section on your right.
The right side instantly frizzed and the wave fell out, especially on the bottom layer.

Situation 2: Fine hair curls but loses curl quickly
Solution 1: Try the "curl, catch, roll, and pin" method. Simply curl your hair, gently catch the curl as it leaves the iron, roll the curl back into the original curled shape, and pin it. By allowing the curls a chance to cool, they won't fall out as easily.

Check out my How to Curl Hair Without Hot Rollers tutorial, 
where this technique was featured.

Situation 3: Coarse hair won't curl/fine hair curls but loses curl quickly
Solution 2: Buy a new curling iron. Technology has wonderfully changed in the world of heat tools for hair. The barrels are made of different materials and they get hotter--for my hair, it won't curl at all unless I am using a very hot tool. For fine hair, it (usually) curls easily but falls out fast due to the iron not being hot enough. Many curling irons just aren't hot enough, so check the temperature setting before buying.

Don't forget heat protectant before using heat tools!
My curling iron brand recommendations: Hot Tools (pictured) and Babyliss. 

Solution 2: Use a flat iron to curl hair. Flat irons get very hot and therefore do a better job of holding curls. For a tutorial on how to curl hair with a flat iron, click here.

A flat iron with rounded edges works the best for curling hair.

Hair curled with flat iron

PS: Want more tips on how to help hard-to-curl hair? Click!


  1. I'm going to attempt curling with a flat iron!
    Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. loved how you did this for different hair types!

  3. I love this post. So good to know about the hairspray. I'm going to try these tips for sure. My hair is a lot like yours I think.

    Also, I love your 52 project!! I am going to do this!!!! I think this is such a good idea because it helps to see progress and progress leads to change and success!!!

    You are great. Thank you for all you do. Love,

    Shauna xoxoxo

  4. Your hair in that last picture is so pretty! I wonder what tips you have for using something other than hairspray to hold curls. Since my hair is naturally curly, I've always used hairspray to keep it from losing volume, because I find that it goes flat when I only use gel. My hair is still a mystery to me. :)

  5. I love when you do hair posts. Great tips.

  6. I am situation #2 - thanks for the tip! Thank you for reading TSB! Nice to meet you! Following you on GFC!!

  7. I wish I could curl my hair with a flat iron but I am absolutely hopeless! Your hair looks lovely in those soft waves :)

  8. You should write a beauty book, Elle...seriously!

  9. Great tips dear! I would love to get a curling iron that works here and need to pick up heat protectant too!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  10. great tips! my hair holds curl pretty well, so i'll have to try the no hairspray thing...!


  11. great tips! btw, did you darken your hair?

  12. Love the curls! Nice post!

    Following you now on GFC and Bloglovin! hope you can do the same:)

  13. The dark hair looks nice, it really brings your face out well.

  14. hi Elle! Very nice beauty work. You look so cute.

    Too bad you can't have just half of our snow this year. We haven't been dumped on like this for several years.

    Did you see my mountain pics today?

  15. This is a great hair tutorial, thank you for sharing. You look pretty. I am with you on this weather in Atlanta. I want to see some sun. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts. I hope we stay in touch. I just followed you on GFC.


  16. The curl, roll and pin method seems to work brilliantly for you - you must have a lot of patience as well :)

  17. Elle! these are great tips!!! the first one I learned the hard way but it is so true! :)

  18. Great advice! I am definitely a victim of Situation 1.

  19. These are great tips! You have beautiful hair.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  20. Hi Elle, I feel like this post has me in mind, curls never stay on my hair but I am going to try your great tips in future.

  21. Great tips! My curls never stay, ha... great advice :)

  22. Oh man... I don't know if I can put down my hairspray. But I'll try...

  23. I love curled hair and these tutorials/tips are great!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  24. such great tips!


  25. Curled hair is my absolute favorite hairstyle. It's very girly and flirty. Thanks for all these tips! I'm fortunate with my hair because it holds curls really well. I rarely use hairspray.

    Enter to win a feather hair extension from Hair Extension Deal!!! :)


  26. Wow, thank you Elle!I agree on the hairspray!xx

  27. Hmmm... I always use hair spray. I will experiment with skipping it, or only using it to keep the part in place... and see how my hair looks!


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