Beauty DIY: Flocked Nails

I had some flocking powder leftover from a scrapbooking phase (let's not discuss that). Unfortunately, I only had enough for a couple of trial-and-error nails. With coupon in hand, I headed to Michaels craft store and got this pack for $5 (Martha Stewart just had a huge pack of flocking powder on clearance--maybe look for that first?). These colors are summery, and I wanted to recreate an effect similar to the original, but velvet nails would look rad with autumnal colors (velvet makes me think cold, dark colors. you too?). Here's how I did it:

  • flocking powder
$5 fr Michaels
  • polish in similar color to flocking powder
  • tiny brush (I used a blush brush from a compact--a great way to reuse an otherwise discarded object. Check out how I reused another beauty item here).
  • bowl (to catch excess)
  • funnel (optional, but helps to put excess back in bottle)

  • Paint base coat & allow to dry (optional).
  • Add second coat of polish--keep it clean because the powder will stick where ever the polish is.
  • While nails are still wet, pour flocking powder on top. This works best over a bowl to catch excess. You can dip the wet nail into powder, but I've found the pouring method works better.
  • Tap powdered nail to insure smoothness & evenness.
  • Use brush to brush away excess.
  • Repeat on remaining nails.
  • Allow to dry 15 minutes. 
  • If desired, pour excess back into bottle. In the first pic, it looks like the bottles are brand new, but I've used them all a couple of times. It really doesn't take a lot of powder!

Q & A
  • How long does it last? A few days. This is just for fun (and kinda reminds me of a Muppet)! If you avoid products (lotions, soaps, etc) directly on your nails and wear gloves when washing, you'd get closer to a week. The most I've gotten is 5 days; the least is 3.
  • Can you wash your hands? Put in contacts? Yes and yes. I was super careful when doing so. If you rub your finger across your nails, the powder doesn't really come off. For experimental purposes, I washed my hair with my fingers, not scrubbing with my nails, so it can be done, but I'd use gloves for that.
  • My nails only lasted like 5 minutes. What happened? Too thin/thick of polish, not long enough drying time, not enough powder, excess not tapped down.
  • Do you have to use the same color polish as the powder? No, but it looks better. I did try black polish with purple powder and it looked cool. Plus, if you lose powder, you can add a drop of polish & re-powder.
  • Can I use a top coat? Sure, but it will look crazy & you won't like the results. Don't try it. 
  • I have kids/pets. Is this safe? If feeding kids/pets by hand, try gloves when doing so, just to be extra, super-duper safe.
  • Further questions or requests for pictures of other colors? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial & your weekend!
Be safe, behave, and be well. 

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  1. omg, so cool! this is the first time i've seen velvet nails! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  2. That's a first - I have never seen these before - they look amazing
    Melissah from Scrapbook

  3. It turned out great! I'd probably mess them up within minutes if I did those on my nails. haha. I love the lavender colour that you chose.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Elle,

    I've heard about this and I can't wait to try!! Your nails look lovely btw.

    Happy weekend pretty girl!!

  6. Love this idea for winter, you are so creative to turn it into a DIY!

  7. So fabulous! I still haven't tried it. Now that I'm back to reality I have to get on it. I've been wearing color changing nail enamel for a few days. I feel like a little kid. It gets me so excited watching the color change. I'm constantly running my hands under water to get the cool effect. LOL

    Happy weekend, sweetie! xoxo

  8. How cool! I hadn't seen this before, will definitely try it out sometime :)

  9. I have been very curious about this, but not completely sold on it yet. Your nails look really good though and I love the color!

  10. Those are so cool. Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. How interesting and unusual. You have much greater skill at such projects than I do.

  12. great tutorial! I was going to do one as well, but velvet nails on me looks absolutely awful so I figured I would spare everyone the pictures. I really like the look on your nails though! xo

  13. Oh I haven't seen this yet but you were really clever with your DIY

  14. Ooh I never heard of velvet nails before! I still like matte polish and Zoya has a few matte nail polishes!

    <a href="http://chicncheapliving.blogspot.com>Chic 'n Cheap Living</a>

  15. ahh that is so freaking cool!! isn't it crazy all the nail things they have now?


  16. You really have the best tutorials! This is pretty neat and I heart Sephora! Happy weekend.

  17. I really have to try this - it seems like such a rich nail look for the fall.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  18. Interesting... I don't know that I'm going to hop on the velvet nails train, but I'm super impressed you figured out how to make them yourself!

    Hope you have a great weekend love!

  19. This is such a cool DIY! So much fun!! Happy Friday!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  20. Wow, those turned out so cool! I've never heard of flocking powder before, but the texture looks really interesting!

  21. Yeah, I'm definitely getting a muppet vibe. Not sure this ones for me, but its neat

  22. That looks so cool! The close-up picture really shows the details well. Unfortunately with my kids and pets, that style probably won't work too well for me.

  23. what will they think of next! i've never heard of velvet nails. awesome job elle!

  24. this is a fun idea! i'm constantly washing my hands, but maybe i could do this on my toes!!


  25. I use lotion on my hands all the time so this really wouldn't work on me at all, but I still love your DIY. I hadn't even heard of velvet nails. Maybe I'll try out your DIY version some time...I do have a gift card to Michaels that I need to use.

  26. That is so kewl!
    I have to try this! Wish me luck!

  27. Cool DIY. I get the muppet vibe too :p

  28. I'd definitely be willing to try if I found some on sale!

  29. What a great DIY and thanks for the step by step instructions love! Love how your nails turned out and this looks like a fun experiment to try! I'm usually bad about doing nails on my own but it would sure save me some $!

  30. Very cool although I'd never be able to do it, working in a restaurant I was my hands WAY too often.

  31. Looks so good! I'm so boring when it comes to nail colours so I'd love to do something different like this.

  32. This looks awesome! Pretty unique. I have seen the caviar nails on sephora but haven't seen the velvet ones yet. Might give it a try one of these days.

  33. This is so awesome! I may attempt the next time I give myself a manicure. Love.

  34. omg this is SO cool!!!!!!!!
    i love velvet and im obsessed! you should start a business doing this!!!


  35. So cool! Does it feel weird? haha If I tried, my nails would probably last a day cause I would end up touching them often lol.

  36. Love this! Well done - you achieved what looks like exactly the same effect! I do love the color of that Ciate polish though!

  37. omg i just discovered ur site and ur nail tutorials r so helpful an awesome!this will be my new go 2 site thanx =)

  38. flocking powder???Im new to this word :((..did some googling :) and have a rough idea about it :)...will check out at the local paper store...thank you ^_^...kisses


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