Beauty DIY: Toner

I'm convinced August is the worst month of summer here in Atlanta. Or maybe it's the effects of July heat finally catch up to me in August. Whatever the reason, it's the one time of year where I'm ready to chop off and hair, and my very dry skin is a gross, oily mess. To help my skin, I love using a toner. A toner is simply a skin cleanser used on oily skin. I use this only on the oily areas, as my skin is sensitive and generally dry. It takes a minute to make. Here's how:

T O O L S:

  • 1 tbsp water
  • 1 tbsp witch hazel
  • 1 tbsp vinegar (I've used with distilled & apple cider)
  • Spray bottle or bowl
  • Cotton ball or round/square

M E T H O D:

  • Pour ingredients into bottle and shake.
  • Spray onto cotton ball and wipe on face. 
  • You can also spray it onto the face and wipe off. 

N O T E S:
  • The vinegar is an anti-bacterial agent and the witch hazel is an astringent, which serves to clear the oil from the skin, give appearance of tighter pores, and makes skin feel tighter.
  • I like to use the spray bottle so I can keep it in the fridge, avoiding spills, and it keeps it nice and cool.
  • This mixture lasts about a week if kept in the fridge.
  • Just another reminder, I only use this on my oily areas, as astringents can be harsh on sensitive skin. I also only use it occasionally. As with anything, use with caution.
PS: Want more Beauty DIY for your face?
Have a great weekend! Be safe, behave, and be well. Love, Elle


  1. Chop the hair off? If so, send it to me.

  2. Why did I never think to do this? Love it. Have a great weekend girly!

    xo, Emily

  3. I love all of your DIYs! I am going to be on the lookout for witch hazel - this sounds like a great idea.

  4. Toner isn't something I usually reach for but I definitely need it at this point in the summer!

  5. Love this and I already have witch hazel too! Happy weekend to you!

  6. I think I've done this before but without the vinegar. Will start adding it now:)

  7. I love toners. I have an organic cucumber one. My fave!


  8. Sounds like a great idea! I am not enjoying the August heat here in DC either and am definitely ready for fall.

  9. You have the best home made DIYs. I have dry skin so I don't really use a toner much anymore as it just makes my skin even drier. But I do agree that August is probably the hottest time of year. It was the hottest month in Phoenix.

  10. Ohhhh dry skin! I'm in NC so I totally get that! :-)

  11. Totally get that same feeling over here in Augusta! Yuk! That's why my hair has been in a ponytail since like June :o) I usually use witch hazel as a toner. Love it!

  12. i cant find witch hazel to save my life. I'm gonna try and locate a bottle again this weekend at CVS. It seems like a great product to have around.

  13. I like toners in spray bottles, it's refreshing after a long humid day outside. I'm really enjoying your DIY beauty care posts.

  14. I am so trying this, what an awesome idea!

  15. Toners are so refreshing, aren't they? You should escape on up here to NY for the month. It's hot but I'm sure not quite as bad :)

    Have a great weekend, love! xoxo

  16. That sounds like a great DIY toner!

  17. i am going to have to try this! my skin is naturally oily and i try everything and nothing really works!!thanks for the tips!!


  18. Between moving to Germany and pregnancy, my super oily skin seems to have dried up. But I'll have to remember this for if we ever move back to the South. Toner is definitely a necessity for me there!

  19. I have all of this in my pantry! That is awesome. Thanks for the tip.

  20. hey, elle! i totally remember making my own toner with witch hazel in high school. great DIY concoction. :) i'll attempt it again using yours. :)


  21. Hello Elle Sees, I've nominated you for Liebster Blogger Award :)

  22. Thanks for the beauty tip.
    So useful.

  23. I must admit Ive been really lazy to use toner lately, this was a good reminder!

  24. I've been hearing about the heat in Atlanta. I definitely feel for you Elle. Awesome that you can make your own toner.

  25. I love this idea thank you. I will have to remember it for summer time here. My skin always gets so oily then. x

  26. ugh, my skin is a mess this weekend - ineed this
    Xo Megan

  27. I never use toner, or thermal water.. maybe I should try, see if it benefits my skin..

  28. Amazing post,honey!;)

  29. I was just looking for a toner recipe using witch hazel - thank you so much! :D



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