DIY: Neon Bracelets

From the Lost ElleSees Files: I started this DIY post about a year ago and never posted it. Oops. The pics weren't the best quality & I can't find all of the pics, as I originally showed around 6 different bracelet ideas. If you'd like to see the rest of the bracelets, let me know, and I'll do a tutorial. In the meantime, enjoy these really easy DIY Neon Bracelets. 

Need to spruce up those summer accesssories? Make these easy neon bracelets--use the colors and designs you like, as these are just a few suggestions. Make one, make more, and stack them. The best part? You probably have most of the tools already. Here's how:

Neon thread
beads (I used silver, and make sure the beads are large enough for the thread)
jump rings

Washer Bracelet

  • Loop thread around the middle of your hand about 6 times.
  • Cut in half. You now have two pieces.
  • Take piece one and half that.
  • Push the looped end through the washer.
  • Take the other end and bring through the loop, making a knot.
  • Take piece two and repeat on the other side of the washer.
  • Tie the ends of each piece together and trim excess.

Looped Bracelet

  • Wrap thread around your palm 6 times.
  • Fold and cut until you have 4 even pieces.
  • Tie one end of 4 pieces together and tape down.
  • Take one piece and thread jump ring through.
  • Tie a knot through it.
  • Move a little further down and add another ring. Knot it.
  • Repeat at least 2 more times on the first piece.
  • Repeat process on remaining 3 pieces of thread.
  • Tie all ends together in knot & trim excess.

Braided Beaded Bracelet

  • Wrap thread around palm 6 times.
  • Fold thread and cut until you have 3 even pieces.
  • Tie pieces in a knot and use tape to secure them to table.
  • Braid 3 pieces around 3 times, and then slide a bead up the middle piece.
  • Braid 3 times again (you can braid once or more, but I randomly chose 3) and then add another bead.
  • Repeat process until finished.
  • Knot pieces and cut off excess.
Finished bracelets with my Swatch Watch & sunnies from the 80s!


  1. This is such a cute idea. How fun for summer!

  2. Cool! I love these ideas! They are fantastic!

  3. Pretty! I love them all stacked and layered- perfect for summer. :)


  4. Fun! I've been seeing a lot of ideas like this lately. Wish I had the time.


  5. These look fun and easy--I love the bright colors too!

  6. Too cute! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  7. They turned out super cute! Love the neon, and so on trend.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  8. loved it!! so cute idea.


  9. I'll take one of each. Do you deliver ;)

  10. What a nifty little DIY - great tutorial! Bright bracelets is such a great way to get a bit of colour into an outfit! xx

  11. Very cute - I love re-purposing things like this. Thanks for sharing :)

  12. great blog! :)

    xx, rebecca

  13. I love how the same bracelets we've been making since we were little are selling all over the place this summer :p

  14. I'm glad you posted this! It doesn't look too hard either! Looks like you were ahead of the curve on the neon bracelet trend!

  15. What a great and trendy idea to update our accessories box!

  16. Those are cute! One of my mom groups actually did something like that, but it was for a necklace.

  17. They're darling–don't you love discovering those half finished blog posts?

  18. Love it! The green bracelet with the small, thin rings is so dainty and cute!

  19. Very cute ideas!! I love the beaded bracelets :)

  20. Ohh very pretty! I need some more arm candy :)

  21. That's really cute!


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