How To: Inspired by Chanel's Rouge Coco Ad

Chanel Rouge Coco

The moment I saw this ad, I ripped it out of the magazine, and immediately had to recreate it. It's a quick, simple, and pretty look. It's also great for those of you who rarely wear or don't want to wear a lot of makeup. I used all drugstore products to replicate the look, but I believe Ms. Agren is wearing Chanel Rouge Coco in Candeur ($32.50). It takes around 5 minutes to do--seriously! Here's how to do it:

H O W  T O:
  • Start off by applying concealer & foundation to a clean face. I used Physician's Formula Youthful Wear because it gives a smooth surface, similar to the inspiration photo. I also used a light shade to look similar to the ad, but when I wear this look out, I wear a shade that matches my tan.
  • To further enhance a smooth visage, I brushed on the ELF HD Powder. It comes with a puff, but I used a huge powder brush to apply.
  • For the peachy pink cheeks, I dabbed Hard Candy Cheek Tint and rubbed it in. Feel free to use the lipstick of your choosing as the blush. I was on a cosmetics shopping ban when I wrote this, and was trying to use up my stuff!

  • It appears as if she's wearing eyeliner in the picture, so I used a gel/cream liner and smudged with a brush. Use a makeup cotton tip applicator if no brush.

  • Apply a couple of coats of mascara. I used the Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express, but any volumizing mascara will do. I can do a review on this mascara, if interested.

  •  Finish up with a lipstick or gloss that matches the Chanel photo. I used ELF Hypershine Gloss, which is similar to Stila's Lip Glaze, but is only $1.

No, that's not a mug shot! 
That's my best Serious Model Face, 
and another reason why I try to avoid posting pics of myself.

I know what you're thinking...TWINS!
But seriously, the colors are the same in person.
Try it out & send me pics!

PS: Today would've been my Sugar's 96th birthday. She passed away in January & I miss her so much. Just keep me in your thoughts today. She would've loved the pink makeup!


  1. This look is absolutely perfect for summer. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that coral lip! I recently bought a darker orange/coral lip stick. it's revlon's siren & it is amazing! if you like that trend i recommend checking it out! I wanna re-crate this look using siren. you did a fab job btw (:

  3. i love love love this look! you look so pretty! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  4. I must say that I tried this at home and I didn't turn out as pretty. I may have to switch to Maybelline.

  5. i've always loved the simplistic look; that's what i usually do every day (only because i'm too lazy to spend too much time on my face/makeup).

  6. You totally nailed the look! I need to go out and buy that shade of lipstick...like yesterday!

  7. Love the look, though my skin tone being a very Indian one, can't possibly play with these colors. But yes, great basic technique...

  8. Nice job with the makeup! I like it! Perfect for June!

    Happy Birthday to your dear Sugar. Sorry for your loss!

  9. Love the lip color especially, very pretty.

  10. This is just the kind of look I love for summer--rosy cheeks and peach lips. Gorgeous!

  11. so pretty, I love how you did the eyes (I like yours better than the ad's). Fantastic!

  12. This looks sooooo good on you!!! I want that gloss now:)

  13. Thank you for sweet words on my blog:) I can recommend chanel lumiere foundation..ITS THE BEST of all(and belive me Ive tried all:)
    chanel rocks my world on a bad faceday.

    LOVE M

  14. Totally twins! You look great!

  15. Such a great tutorial! You look just like the photo. Keeping you in my thoughts!

  16. It's amazing!!! You even look better than she does. Fresher and more gorgeous. And I like your serious model face :) Just beautiful!

    And I'm definitely keeping you in my thoughts today. Nice that you posted the beautiful makeup for her. xoxo

  17. You did such a great job with this look.

  18. You are in my thoughts today. And this look is totally for me - the nonmakeup wearer

  19. You did a great job recreating the look. Thanks for sharing!

  20. So simple and super cute!! Perfect :)

  21. Hi Elle, I love your last two posts. When I get out of the hospital I will try this look, I think it is so perfect for summer.

    With regard to your last post...I have been using those "bun cheaters" for years!!! I love them. They work so well. And I also just discovered smaller ones that are perfect for my daughters that are younger and have less hair. I hope the ladies will try this because they can make for a messy bun look or a more refined Audrey Hepburn bun look. Love it, take good care,

    Shauna. Xoxoxoxoxoxo

  22. please come do my makeup, you're amazing.


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