How To: Apply Bronzer

I'm headed to the beach until Monday--don't worry, I've got posts all week! Even if I'm not at the beach, I'll use a bronzer to fake that beach glow. Bronzer is designed to give certain areas of your face a bronzed glow, but having a dark bronzed, glittery face that doesn't match the rest of your body doesn't look great. Am I right? Here's how to apply bronzer:

Pick a bronzer or powder a couple of shades darker than your skin tone (see my quick tip).
Using a flat brush, swirl brush in the bronzer. 
Mine is from Coastal Scents, $3.98
ELF makes a decent powder brush that's similar for $3.

Tap off excess and swirl brush in the lid. 
This will avoid the horrid first brown spot--
you know, the first spot where you apply bronzer 
that is always way too dark and hard to blend?

You're going to create a 3 or butterfly on your face with the bronzer.
Note the grey areas are your guide.

Start at your temples and brush down to cheekbones.

Then from cheekbones to under the jaw. 

It makes a 3 or reverse 3, depending on the side of your face.
Repeat on the other side.
Use a big fluffy powder brush to blend out any harsh lines.

A  F E W  O P T I O N S :
I'm not a fan of sparkle, (doesn't look natural to me) but there a few brands that I like:

  • Rimmel $5-6
  • Hard Candy $7-9 (sparkle)
  • Milani $7-9 (sparkle)
  • NYC Color Wheel (a couple of you have broken out from this, but I've not) $5
  • Two Faced Chocolate Soleil (there are 2 versions, with the lighter Milk Chocolate version being the more wearable version for most than the Chocolate. Both smell so good, I like them both, & are my 2nd choice) $29
  • Nars (my favorite high-end bronzer) $34

 T I P :
  • Skin showing? Brush on d├ęcolletage or shoulders for a bit of added glow.
What's your favorite brand of bronzer?


  1. I usually add a tiny bit to the tip of my nose, so it looks sunkissed!

  2. Another great tutorial, Elle:) Have fun at the beach:)

  3. I usually add a bit on my nose and forehead... Great tips!

  4. i also add a tiny bit to my nose as well. my fav is Nars bronzer in Laguna

  5. you reminded me that i need to buy a new one... mine is all in pieces!

  6. Thanks for the tip! I recently started using bronzer and love it.

  7. I don't really wear bronzer, but I had no idea you were supposed to apply it with a 3 or butterfly shape. That does really help for whenever I do plan on wearing it.

  8. I use bronzer year round because I am so pale. Great tips!

  9. Another beauty trick I have yet to master. I'm going to try it. Now if only I had a beach...

  10. Great tips! I have some bronzes but since I'm so pale I get gunshy about it. I'm going to try this!

  11. I had no clue about this! I wear bronzer every morning (Neutrogena), and come out looking like an Oompa Loompa. Thank god for you...

  12. I honestly had no idea that this was the correct way to apply it! Thank you...I'm sure it will make a difference!

  13. bronzer is my one piece of make-up I use daily! great tips!

  14. Thanks for the tips! I have bronzer, but I hardly ever use it because I'm never quite sure where it should go!

  15. Great tips. I sometimes use my bronzer as my blush!


  16. Forever 21 makes a baked bronzer that I like. it is a little shimmery but its not too harsh at all. I swear by baked bronzers and blushes- its easy to build and makes great, long lasting, natural- looking color. I won't use anything else!


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