March Birchbox vs. MyGlam

And we're back for this month's battle between Birchbox & MyGlam! Who will win?

First up is Birchbox...so let's see what I got:
  • Miss Jessie's Original Quick Curls....This product tames frizz...just run it through damp hair
  • Kusmi Tea....a detox tea that was perfect for post-St. Pats.
  • One Love Organics....I love a multi-use product! This one is a cleanser and moisturizer, and it's made in St. Simons, GA, close to where I grew up.
  • Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel.....this cleanser softens fine lines, but I've not noticed just yet.
  • Deborah Lippman The Stripper to Go....these are scented mitts that remove polish quickly. GENIUS!
  • Stila Smoky Eye Card....this card has three shimmery shades and directs you where to put them. I had enough for a couple of applications.
My favorite product?
The Quick Curls! This product is AWESOME.
I put it in my wet, naturally wavy hair, sans scrunching, 
and I had beautiful beachy waves that weren't crunchy.

Birchbox, you've redeemed yourself. I loved this month's box.

And now is this month's MyGlam:

  • Pur-lisse Pur-Lip Comfort Daily Lip Nourisher...I use this before bed.
  • Cute, spring bag...I still love the bags! Some I use and some I gift.
  • Keracolor Color-Enhancing Leave-In Treatment....I forgot to test this! I'll update this post when I do.
  • Pur-lisee Pur-Protect SPF 30 Essential Daily Moisturizer....way too strong for the face, but perfect for feet or legs.
  • Murad Eye Lift Protector....I didn't really notice any difference using this.
  • Dermstore $25 gift card....haven't used this yet.
  • MyGlam Crease Brush & Case....I like the brush, but the case only fits travel-sized brushes.

Favorite product?
I really liked the Pur-lisse Lip Nourisher

I was really disappointed.
 MyGlam always prides itself on deluxe samples, 
and these were anything but deluxe.

Would you like tomorrow's post to be an outfit or a hair tutorial?


  1. I definitely love your birch box. You got a great one.

  2. i hate it when my brush is too long to fit in a case :(

  3. We got the same Birchbox! I'm obsessed with the One Love Organics beauty balm. It smells amazing and takes off every stitch of makeup and leaves my skin totally moisturized. I've got the curl creme in my hair now :) It also smells heavenly, I can't wait to see how my hair looks after I've slept on it.

    I was kind of disappointed with the MyGlam contents. I got a bronzer, which...ehhhh. I'd so much rather have gotten the lip treatment! I liked the brush but those other samples were so teeny!

  4. Hair tutorial!!! lol

    Those look like great products!

  5. Great products, I wish we had a similar beauty box service here...it must be so fun trying out all these products.

  6. Oooo...Imma gonna try that Quick Curls!

  7. so much fun stuff to try out! I'll have to try that hair curling stuff. i have naturally wavy hair that I try to beat into straight submission... ha ha.

  8. It's lucky you get both! Each box looks like so much fun. :)

  9. Sorry that MyGlam disappointed this month, but the Birchbox collection sounds great!

  10. That first product for hair sounds amazing! And tomorrow should be an outfit! with your picture :)

  11. I've got wavy hair, too- thinking about trying the Quick Curls. ALWAYS on the hunt for a product that will bring out the beachy (and minimize the crunchy)!


  12. Quick curls?! Sign me up! xo style, she wrote

  13. My vote: outfit! I enjoy reading reviews of these monthly subscriptions. I've been considering signing up for one, but I'm still kind of on the fence but it's nice to have a few different options.

  14. Hey Honey, I found your Blog, Nice Blog. I follow YOU, i hope you follow me back. Kisses from germany ;**

  15. I've heard Birchbox is the way to go. Been reading so much about them these days. I wish I woulda thought this!

  16. i'd love if you did something about easy and cute ways to tie up your hair... need some ideas!!!

    happy weekend!

  17. I have naturally wavy hair, but it's weird. In some places it's wavier than in other. I wonder if this quick curls would help me? I want to try, I'm really curious now. Thanks for everything.

    I really like your hair tutorials. Have a great weekend.


  18. Cute! I like the pouch! xoxo

  19. YAY...You got some really cool new goodies.

    <3 Marina

  20. My Birchbox was completely different this month (I got the Teen Vogue one), so it is great to see what was in the other box. Looks like it was a good one too.

    My MyGlam box had a full size face wash in it (that retailed for like $50). I think you got a full size lip nourisher instead.



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