How To: Lana del Ray Retro-Inspired Hair Tutorial

In yesterday's post, I asked if you wanted to see an outfit or hair tutorial, and hair won! I thought I'd mix up today's hair tutorial with something a little different: retro waves. These are inspired by singer Lana del Ray and are easy to achieve:

I N S P I R A T I O N:

T O O L S:
  • Large curling wand (this is the one I own)
  • or large hot rollers
  • Recommended: heat protectant, hair spray, boar bristle brush, root lifting spray or volumizing powder

M E T H O D:
  • Start with a side part and separate hair into two sections.
  • Take the curling wand, holding horizontally, and start as close to the root as possible--this will add volume.
  • Wrap and twist hair around the barrel, not leaving space around the barrel. This will create an "s" curl and create the retro waves. Hold for about 10 seconds.
  • Catch and hold the curl as you release it from the wand to cool the curl and help it last longer.
  • Repeat until finished. Use hairspray if desired to hold.

O P T I O N S:
  • Use large hot rollers if you don't own a large curling wand--I used the wand because I don't have large rollers and the large barrel curling I own isn't long enough.
  • Need more volume? Try a root-lifting spray (on damp hair) or volumizing powder.
  • If your hair loses curl easily, use a smaller wand. As the curls fall, you'll get those waves.
  • You can brush underneath the hair to soften the waves.

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I miss curling my hair like that! lovely waves!


  2. Looks great! I love that style!

  3. Looks gorgeous - how do you make everything look so easy

  4. looooove this look! You make it look so easy :) xx

  5. I need to try this. Too bad my clipless curling iron barrel is too small.

  6. gorgeous!! i'm definitely going to have to try this look this weekend!! thankfully atlanta's humidity will work with this hairstyle. win\win happy weekend!!

  7. Pretty! I have a hard time achieving the same look. Thanks for the tips!


  8. Oh my gosh, your hair looks amazing!! I need to get some more volumizing spray, I'm almost out. I just got a large barrel curling iron. I have to try this hair style out!!

  9. Looks awesome Elle! You have great hair. :D

  10. Lovin the retro waves!

    Enjoy your weekend my dear:)

  11. really nice - very fresh and relaxed - enjoy your weekend le xox

  12. Sooooo pretty:) I love how make the instructions so clear.

  13. i love to curl my hair but i never had this kind of curl so i will try this one! thanks for tips..
    have a nice weekend dear. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  14. no can do for my short/medium hair.. but since I'm letting it grow, here's hoping that would suit me when I try it :)

  15. This hair style is great for thick healthy hair. Adoring your finish look. :)

  16. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I can't wait to try that. I've been trying to curl my hair every other day so I don't have to wash it as much. My hair thanks you ;) Hope you're having an amazing weekend :)

  17. Oh mY...one amazing and much needed hair tutorial. I love how your curls are so gorgeous and romantic looking.

    <3 Marina

  18. i'm just blog walking and very surprise when we stopping here, cause you has a beautifull blog. Congratz.

  19. what a cute hairstyle! love it! so vintage!

  20. I don't think my rollers are large enough!

    Perhaps that will be my next investment.

  21. Gorgeous. I really need to step up and buy a curling wand. I love this look.


  22. So pretty! I can't wait until my hair is a little longer to try!


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